URGENT UPDATEGeorge Zimmerman NOT Guilty On All Charges: HERE

UPDATE #2: Perhaps the most insightful comment on the Trayvon Martin ‘culture’ – plus 2nd round of Tweets found: HERE

UPDATE #3George Zimmerman granted $150k bailHERE


(Courtesy of Doug Ross, as seen @ I Own The World)


trayvon martin photo media george zimmerman photo bias sad hill news

(Image courtesy of Moonbattery)


UPDATE: Doug Ross just sent an email stating [re: image above], “That photo of Trayvon doesn’t appear to be the correct one. That one is a younger Travyon from Savannah GA (middle school and gang name match Savannah)…”

Thanks Doug! Will let Moonbattery know.

UPDATE #2: See Dave Blount of Moonbattery’s comprehensive response – HERE – which includes these images (below) of Trayvon Martin, before and after “mainstream” media doctoring:


UPDATE #3: Trayvon Suspended From School Over Drugs

(Sanford) Miami Gardens teenager Trayvon Martin was suspended from school because he was caught with an empty plastic bag with traces of marijuana in it, the boy’s family attorney has confirmed.

Trayvon was killed while serving out the suspension in Sanford Florida, where his father’s girlfriend lives. A community watch volunteer who thought he looked drugged out and suspicious called police and later wound up in a fight with him.


UPDATE #4: Meet The Real Trayvon Martin – ‘@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA’

(Pat Dollard) It’s becoming more and more clear however that the innocent appearance the mainstream media is so desperate to apply to Trayvon isn’t at all accurate. The picture we’re used to seeing to represent Trayvon Martin appears to be a far cry from how he actually looked once he was a few years older. Extended School Suspension

There has been a lot of analysis about the character of George Zimmerman in the media, and surprisingly little about Trayvon Martin.

For instance, a few days before he was killed, Trayvon was suspended from school for ten days.


It seems that Tray was also on Twitter, but his account seems to have been recently deleted by his family or friends.

His screen name was “@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA, as you can see from the twitpic account screenshot [below]. He was also a member of a twitter hash group #team4dat.

At first, I was skeptical that anyone would maintain an account with that sort of derogatory slur in the title, but after doing some research, it’s apparent that it was Trayvon’s account.

The account was in existence long before the shooting occurred a few weeks ago, and was deleted only recently, there are still dozens of references to @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA in google’s cache.

The associated twitpic account matches the account name and is still online at the time of publication. Most of the pics were uploaded months ago, so this account was associated with Trayvon long before the shooting took place.

Several of Tray’s friends have been very open about referring to Trayvon using that account as well. His cousin, who is quite active on Twitter, refers to Trayvon more than a dozen times using the @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA nickname.

Violence & Gang Activity

There seem to be several allusions to violence on Tray’s Twitter account.

His friends posted supportive messages using it as well, about how happy they were that Trayvon whooped Zimmerman’s ass before he died.


Much more: HERE


UPDATE #5: The last Tweets From “@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” (Trayvon Martin): HERE

Here’s a quick look inside ‘innocent’ Trayvon’s mind…

@_no_limit_nigga trayvon martin tweets obama if i had a son sad hill news-2


The Last Tweets Of Obama’s ‘@No_Limit_Nigga’ Trayvon Martin_-2



The 5-year-old (child-like) image of Trayvon Martin and the mug shot of George Zimmerman mainstream media is trying ‘to sell‘ everyone:

trayvon martin photo media george zimmerman photo bias sad hill news-1


Yet 2 days ago Obama – the President of the United States – let the world know if he had a son, ‘he’d look just like Trayvon Martin‘:

obama if i had a son he'd look like trayvon birth certificate sad hill news 2

Better UPDATE the photo of Trayvon Martin that Obama is holding with a more accurate image…

obama if i had a son he'd look like trayvon birth certificate sad hill news 3

Much better.


Any questions?

YES. I have one. How is it the Black Panthers can put out a $10,000 bounty on someone – in this case George Zimmerman – without being interrogated? HERE

Guess it’s Open Season for bounties in America, huh?!


Perhaps the most insightful comment on the Trayvon Martin ‘culture’ – plus 2nd round of Tweets found: HERE

Black men issuing contracts and ‘soft’ hits on George Zimmerman – Feds could care lessHERE

‘Racial Murder’ statsHERE

Trayvon Martin’s thug-like Tweets released: HERE

BREAKING NEWS: liberal ‘mainstream’ media releases new photos of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman: HERE

But Sad Hill, how can we profit from all the Trayvon Martin race-baiting?HERE

Washington Post and CBS receive $2 million in ObamaCare Taxpayer subsidiesHERE

Unhappy public ‘not sure who to blame for high gas prices’: HERE

Pain at the pump — media lap dogs silent: HERE

MSM, ‘Never mind Obama’s fishy birth certificate, help us investigate Sarah Palin’s emails: HERE

15 Questions MSM would ask a ‘republican’ Barack Hussein Obama: HERE

Inside the Black Panthers: HERE

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443 Responses to The Trayvon Martin Our Government-Subsidized Media Won’t Let You See…

  1. S338 says:

    That pic of Martin has been debunked all over the internet.

    • Sad Hill says:

      Thank you S338. Got it from a reliable source much earlier today. Made the update, asap.


      • Nick Jensen says:

        5 bucks says the author is white, and didn’t even take the time to see where one of those photo’s came from…

        (The one with the black kid flipping birds, not even the real trayvon martin)

        GJ way to make yourself look real intelligent…

        • DA says:

          Hey Nick, -Before you make your assuptions get the facts yourself. Go to facebook… (Trayvons profile is public) Look at his albums and then call yourself an ass. The photos you may not want to think are of him because the media is showing childhood pictures. The police report is also public. Trayvon Benjamin Martin died age 17 at around 7:30PM for severely attacking a man with a gun. 6 foot tall 160LB baby boy with tats and gold.

          • Chris Brown says:

            The profile the picture was taken from can be found here http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001791912868 or as DA says above you can just search Facebook. The problem is in March that Trayvon Martin added 312 friends (at time of posting). Is this someone who knew his password and if so why didn’t they do what you’d expect most friends to do in light of the way his life ended? Also, he lists his school as Myers Middle School which I believe is this one http://www.greatschools.org/georgia/savannah/341-Myers-Middle-School/ (Note: that’s a personal belief based on assumptions not facts so could easily be wrong). Have a nice day.

            • Ben says:

              is it possible he had sent out friends request & they were just confirmed?

              • PISSED OFF BLACK MAN says:

                that’s bs…so they all replied over a year after he was brutally MURDERED by that p***y a** Zimmerman if I knew where to find him, I would sell his f***ing head to the panthers for .1% of that $10000. For all you dummys thats $10 just to put on my books while Im in the pen…#REALTALK!!!!!!!!!1

                • Anonymous says:

                  you are an idiot..and you are the problem with your race…fix your culture and if it is something that you think doesn’t need fixing just look at the black music and tell me if you still think your culture is fine.

            • Missy says:

              That’s not his page…smh. I know we all look alike, but that’s clearly a different kid. smh.

              • purplezebra says:

                Yeah it was some kid from Georgia

            • Missy says:

              Middle school in Savannah? The kid was in high school in Miami? Look at how you’re smearing a dead person…and for what? You people go to ridiculous lengths to defend a murderer just because you’re the same race? smh. I would never defend a murderer just because he was Black. I would hope they would crucify his a** in the media, court, prison…wherever. smh.

              • @Liestoomuch says:

                yeah you are 100% right

                • nunofyobuisness says:

                  I agree that all of these stupid killing for nothing needs to stop but by the way you saying it you making it seem like white people are the ideal race cause they don’t have riots…well guess what your wrong cause they go crazy just like every other human being on earth.. And maybe they didn’t riot because they were too scared to speak their minds…now think about that next time you decide to type anything as offensive as this EVER AGAIN!!!!!>:(

                  • Kyle Fagan says:

                    Have you ever been to Europe? They riot all the time, for no reason. They are literally going swat gear + tear gas and fire hoses daily, over stupid little protests. Just a different culture. White people here used to have riot mobs, with torches and pitch forks, but we’re too rich and fat* to give a fuck about anything now adays.

              • mmsherman says:

                So is it ok that because of this and the NAACP creating riots that 2 white people have died? 2 black people took a ball pin hammer and beat a 50 year old man to death just because, and again today another black person picked off some 76 year old man and almost beat him to death. Do you see a bunch of white people rioting because of this? Why aren’t they making a big deal of this? I think its all crap and it needs to stop.

                • D'Wayne says:

                  honestly the two black guys you were speaking of needs to be in jail as well and you are totally missing the point. the point is not just that he is black, but the issue resides on the fact that he was a kid. a child with a future. and another thing just you said its crap and it needs to stop, but just think if you were trey’s parent. how would you feel if a man of any race killed your child. but i guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. have a great day!!!

                  • John Lavery says:

                    “issue resides on the fact that he was a kid. a hild with a future” If you look at the recent pictures he was not a child. I don’t feel bad for his parents, they raised him, and he liked acting like a thug. The way you live can predict the way you die. Simple.

                  • anon says:

                    I think it’s funny everyone keeps calling him a kid, and yet at that age everyone tells you are young adult. Also, I’m not sure about Florida but here in Detroit if you are 17 you can be tried as an adult. Therefore the point I think this article is trying to make is the media. And a few special interest groups are distorting the truth to get people to lean a certain way. Another good point is if trayvon was afraid for his life he could have ran away instead of confronting Zimmerman. It sounds like a very unfortunate incident but the law in that state will let Zimmerman walk free. Now instead of protesting because Zimmerman will be acquitted, protest to have the law changed so this doesn’t happen again. Have a good day and be safe.

                  • Kyle Fagan says:

                    What about if you were G.Z., how would you feel? What if you were the one on trial? If you killed someone in the heat of a passionate struggle for self defense? What if there was no evidence either way, it came down to he said she said? This isn’t a racial issue, the fact is that nobody knows what happened. And this is the way the law works, you are innocent until proven guilty. The fact is that G.Z. can’t be proven guilty, there is very much reasonable doubt.
                    This is America, and we believe it is better to let a guilty man go free than it is to allow and innocent man to loose his freedom. Obviously that complicates things when horrible crimes, like murder, rape, or theft are commited, because of the possibility of letting a murder, or a rapist, or a bank robber walk free.
                    And you all have a valid point about racial disparities in the law, racism does seep through every facet of culture. I’d even say that there are many innocent black guys in prison, and many guilty white guys walking free. That is horrible, but two wrongs don’t make a right, and it would be wrong to indite G.Z. just because of racial dynamics.

                • purplezebra says:

                  wtf??? That doesn’t make it ok! So if we can’t kill white people, why is it ok to kill black people?? Whoever wrote this article is just some stupid white ass republican. Those pictures weren’t even that bad like wtf i flicked people off today and I’m not even black, so now it’s ok to kill me too?

                  • Tyrone says:

                    The thug got what was coming to him..

                    • Anonymous says:

                      It might back fire

                  • golf and beer says:

                    i would just like to say you are the dumbest person on this website.
                    also, i feel bad for the kid and his family. that is all.

                    • golf and beer says:

                      not you tyrone, purple zebra.

                  • Anonymous says:

                    BS. Trayvon was asking for trouble when he confronted GZ. And GZ was wrong to disregard advice of cops. Both at fault. Not ABOUT RACE DUMB ASSES. Its about GUN CONTROL.

                    • Greenfox says:

                      This has nothing to do with gun control. If GZ had the intention of shooting Trayvon he would not have ended up on his back getting punched in the face and his head slammed against the concrete. If he didn’t have his gun he would probably be the one dead

                  • nunofyobuisness says:

                    All of y’all are stupid.. no matter Tyrone,golf and beer,and especially you anonymous …no matter what race you are all teenagers do stupid crap no teenager can say that they didn’t do a couple of drinks or smoke or whatever at least once in their life.. and thins young boy did not deserve to die.. if you honestly think that your life is more precious than his than maybe it should have been you!!! when your dead do you want people saying that you got what was coming to you? No I don’t think so… so y’all need to shut that up!!!!!!!>:(

                    • nunofyobuisness says:

                      Anonymous if you don’t know what’s going on then you should be saying anything cause they already stayed that Zimmerman disobeyed the police and followed tray in his car and the got out of his car and perused him. If you had somebody following you that you didn’t know at night would you be scared especially if you are just a child!!!! And being followed by a man! Zimmerman had no proof that tray was doing anything wrong that night! He perused him for nothing!!!!!

                  • Anonymous says:


                • not white says:

                  Yeah, a future in prison. Where most black males end up eventually.

                  • AnotsuSagami says:

                    ^This comment is not dripping with racist stereotypes, nosirree!!

                  • nunofyobuisness says:

                    There are still a bunch of white people in prison too.. they are nothing special . It was a white man that took a gun and went into a elementary school and shot a bunch of innocent 5 and 6 year olds. And it was also a white man who shot up and killed a lot of innocent people in a movie theatre that was premiering a new bat man movie!!!!!>:(

                    • Greenfox says:

                      Sadly it seems like most crazy people are indeed white. Black people generally always have a reason for doing what they do even though often times it isn’t a very good reason

                • jackie says:

                  the naacp is out their because he is a black child yes a child he is under 18 and if you want to bring out race crimes who just killed 12 people and injured over 50 yes that right a white man

                • PISSED OFF BLACK MAN says:

                  that’s bs…so they all replied over a year after he was brutally MURDERED by that p***y a** Zimmerman if I knew where to find him, I would sell his f***ing head to the panthers for .1% of that $10000. For all you dummys thats $10 just to put on my books while Im in the pen…#REALTALK!!!!!!!!!1

                • PISSED OFF BLACK MAN says:

                  White people do worse than riots…They MURDER citizens of their own country. F*** all you racist mfers who think they are better…we riot cuz we gotta kill a few of you mfers for us to get yall attention and get something done. We didnt steal a country and kill off the natives. We didnt make another race build the country we stole and not pay a dime. We did not promise reparations and then back out. We dont constantly kill young kids and get off free. GZ deserves to die a painful death after watching ALL OF HIS FAMILY(kids and babies and elders) tortured to death before someone decides to even start torturing him. He was wrong. Yall know it. Its only justified by Trayvon Martin being black!!! Im GZ’s age so it would be okay if I shot and killed a WHITE high school junior cuz he looked suspicious and he protected himself cuz I was trailing him through the neighborhood. Everyone is tripping cuz we,BLACKS, were raised to be cautious around WHITES, but we have right to. On the other hand, MOST WHITES were raised and taught to hate ANY OTHER RACE ESPECIALLY BLACKS, and do your best to hold them down. What is the difference, you might ask. Well we have right to be cautious (AS YOU SEE ANOTHER BLACK BOY…NOT MAN…BOY!!! DEAD!!) undeservingly. While you all HATE US for no apparent reason, and it has been like that since the beginning of time. JUST REMEMBER WE (THE BROWN PEOPLE) ARE GODS CHOOSEN PEOPLE. We ARE ISREAL, just spread across the world. We will always be the more powerful and intelligent but we are cursed to serve as slaves to our brothers as long as this old world tarries…dont believe me read your bible. Just know we ALL came from the same blood line, so why all the discrimination and hate. I would ask can’t we all just get along, but that would never happen, and I, quite frankly, dont care. Not even sure if I want us to…just TOO MUCH BS, PAIN, AND DECEPTION IN THE PAST…I DIDNT EXPECT AND STILL DONT EXPECT ANY JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON, CUZ ITS #JUST_USFOR TRAYVON….

              • robert says:

                OJ Simpson? Is that you?

              • Anonymous says:

                darn mexicans

          • Alexis Johnson says:

            Just because someone takes pictures flipping the bird or have gold teeth or even smoke marijuana does not mean they’re a bad person. There are 17 year old white boys that do the same. The facts are that zimmerman assumed that trayvon was suspicious because he was black and wearing a hoodie… Has it ever occured to you that because zimmerman wanted to play police officer and follow him then tried to detain him that trayvon could have been fighting for his life? If your going to hold those pictures against trayvon then zimmermans mug shot should be held against him

            • David says:

              But these white kids aren’t severely beating people with a gun!

              • purplezebra says:

                Some of them are! And if they do, should we shoot them?

            • JR says:

              No He assumed he was up to no good becasue htere had been recent breakins and when he confornted Trayvon, Trayvon attacked him. Listen to the non-edited 911 tapes, the ones where the 911 operator has to ask him is he black (all the prompts by the operator where edited out to trick the ingnorant and uneducated like you). Then listen to the 911 tape where Zimmerman is screaming in the background as trayvon is beating his head against the concrete. Actaully learn about the story before you comment on it, you can’t trust MSNBC.

              • jerry says:

                @mary,I quote.
                you speak about this story as if you were therw personally. Didn’t you recieve your information from some type of media as well? ..POINT BEING MADE IS THE AMOUNT OF PPL COMMENTING, THAT JUST HEARD EVERYTHING THRU WORD OF MOUTH..so… wouldn’t that make you as uneducated as the person character you just tried to demean? ..NO,POSTER DID HIS RESEARCH..if Zimmerman hadn’t followed the kid, this whole situation may have been avoided.HE WAS ON TOWN WATCH,IS TO WATCH SHADY LOOKING PPL,SCOPING HOUSES AND STUFF,WHICH IS WHAT CAUGHT GZ ATTENTION.ALSO,SAME CAN BE SAID OF TM,IF HE WASNT SUSPENDED,HE WOULDNT HAVE BEEN THERE…what would you have done if somebody of any color started following you?IF I WAS SCARED,TM HAD CELL,WHY DIDNT HE CALL POLICE AND SAY HES A CHILD BEING FOLLOWED BY CHILD MOLESTER,ETC.ASK THAT QUESTION… what would be your reactions..CALL COPS^^ OR RUN,OOORRR, TURN AND BEAT HIS AZZ,LIKE IT HAPPENED.Bottomline the whole thing is sad, but this was no child,he was a man by his actions and looks. No matter who is following u,or staring at u,you have no right to assault them till they put their hands on you.TM playd toughguy and paid.

                • 86ree says:

                  That thug paid the played tough guy n paid the price? Wow!!! That’s some stupid shit to say. If GZ would stayed in his place this would have never happened. By that i mean he is a neighbor hood WATCH…key word fool WATCH. No were in there did i say neighbor hood follow who u dont know. If TM did hit GZ thats what his ass get. Either way a life was lost and can never be replaced. Now if TM would have been the killer in the situation ur ass would be singing a different tune…u dont have to say shit, i know im right. Showing love all the way from Texas…rip Trayvon. Prayers go out to the family

              • peoriaboy says:

                If I heard right Martin went looking for Zimmerman when he could of just as well got the hell out of the complex hje was casing for an open door before he headed home with his goods, he had his girl friend on the phone to create an alibi. Zimmerman had all the rights to be there as he was the night watchman due to break ins and more likely Martin was the so called baby boy doing the break ins

            • Rebecca Olesen says:

              yeah 17 year old white trash boys. My son never did any of that shit. Zimmerman didn’t even know what race Trayvon was, and when asked by the 911 operator, he said “I think he’s black”

              also what is this shit with the hoodie? zimmerman never said anything about it; geraldo rivera did, and I am sick of hearing about it.
              Zimmerman DID NOT try to detain Martin and that’s already been proven.

              Did it ever occur to you that because he’s a THUG then there is a greater likelihood that HE attacked zimmerman?

              • Nicole says:

                You are very callow, did you not hear the tape, the 911 operator told him not to follow the victim. A black man has a right to walk down the street and not be harrassed, stalked, and murdered. You idiot! Let us not forget that Zimmerman was arrested for resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer, therefore what right did he have to be carrying a weapon. That coward chose use a weapon to win a fight that he initiated by stalking that child. If he had taken the life of my child he would also be 6 feet under. I believe in an “eye for an eye.” We would probably be better off if GZ chose to murder churlish buffoons such as yourself!

              • Frank says:

                Remember, Mr. Martin was not doing anything wrong that evening. He was being followed by man, who happened to be armed. He had the right to “stand his ground” too, you know?

            • Thalia says:

              Zimmerman wasn’t the one who jumped him. He was headed back to his truck. Sure, it was stupid of him to be out there in the first place, but Trayvon wasn’t “fighting for his life.” Zimmerman was fighting for his.
              I think it’s horrible that Trayvon died so young. But if this were the other way around and if it were a white kid who was killed by a black man the whole issue of race wouldn’t be brought into it at all!

              • Nicole says:

                The boy was stalked by Zimmerman, who was told not to follow the Minor. He was not authorized to follow that child, who was reporting the entire incident to his girlfriend because he was in fear of his life, nor was he authorized to take that child’s life because he couldn’t win a fist fight that he initiated. He wasn’t being beaten to badly if he had the cognizance to pull out a weapon. Im sure he had his hands on that weapon throughout the entire dilema, he probably threatened Tray von with the weapon in addition to stalking the Minor. If not, why carry the weapon. His plan was to murder that child and gain notoriety, and because he implemented his strategem successfully, your leader/mentor/role model is forever infamous !
                If he decides to stalk someone while he’s in prison, I wonder if he will have a weapon to defend himself against his true peers, not some underage child. He picked this battle, now enjoy your ride George Zimmerman, you admitted cowardly MURDERER!

                • klansman X says:

                  Nicole… You have to be the most ignorant CUNT I’ve ever seen… I don’t know your race or age… but I’d bet you’re a young nigger gal… if not, i’m sure you’re a nigger lover… your comments ooze “dumbass” with each syllable.. consider your ass lucky that baboon monster is gone… at least he won’t rape you or kill your daughter… zimmerman is a hero..

                  • WOW says:

                    GO AWAY TROLL!
                    It’s easy to talk crazy when you have that screen to hide behind isn’t it?

                    Nevermind… live your life lol. Have fun.

              • FOH says:

                no, white people would have taken the euphemistic words like thug and subbed them out for nigger, coon, monkey etc

            • nunofyobuisness says:

              I agree with you 100 percent Alexis Johnson it was all because he wanted to play cop!!!!!!

            • Anonymous says:

              Gz was doing his fin job. How ever it went down…they got into a fight…Trayvon lost this fight. What kind of life was he going to really have…Had a gun,hangin with gang bangers, suspended from school, fighting all the time, kicked out of moms house, friend just got shot doing gang activity…..Fuck em,..Oh….Georgie just got let go,………NOT GUILTY!!! Weeeewheeew

          • purplezebra says:

            That picture wasn’t Trayvon, it was a kid in Georgia with the same name.

          • Kevin says:

            So if someone has tats and gold in their mouth then they deserve to be killed. Nevermind that the guy who did the killing was stalking Trayvon. Nevermind that if your 6ft tall and 160 you are frail and can be handled without a gun. Nevermind that Zimmerman physically stopped Trayvon in the middle of the night to question him and had no authority to do so. If someone is following you at night and they are in regular clothes, and then when you try to get away from them, they chase you down and physically stop you to question you, your not gonna tell them to go f&*% themselves? Get real! Anybody in Trayvon’s position would’ve beat Zimmerman’s ass too if they were being harrassed that way. I mean if Trayvon was white, white people would be saying he had no business chasing anybody down if he Zimmerman was such a pansy and a lightweight. Seriouly, Trayvon was 6ft tall and 160 pounds. i’m shorter then Trayvon and have 20 pounds on him and i’m skinny, so i can only imagine how skinny he was. Zimmerman is a clown and should go to jail for a long time.

          • Trayvon Martin's defense says:

            See that’s where you are so wrong
            1. Trayvon had nothing but a pack of skittles
            And an iced tea
            2. Trayvon was severely attacked by a man
            Who thought “who is this black boy in my
            3. Either way it goes GEORGE ZIMMERMAN
            IS GUILTY G-U-I-L-T-Y GUILTY Trayvon is dead gone perished never coming back to life because of George Zimmerman

            Now if you have anything more to say please email me @ Tjferguson7@gmail.com

        • sean says:

          whats up with the pics??? who cares about his twitter name!…someones child is dead!….hopefully justice will be served!…go read a book….find something to do with ur time!

          • Rebecca Olesen says:

            You go read a book, tell those million hoodie marchers to read a damn book, bitch. Why are you telling us to ‘ignore’ what is happening, EVERYONE is somebody’s child regardless of age, and this kid is way old enough to be a thug, a gangsta or anything else.

            • anonymous says:

              rebecca i am a 17 year old girl of african-american decent i have been reading your comments and think they are absurd and i think you might be a little racist im also if you note teenagers do that all race and ages they are teenagers and its the year 2012 learn a little about teens before you talk about it i am offended about some of the things said on here why are adults so hard headed kids dont care about race anymore like i said its 2012 my bestfriends are white and we dont see nothing on it so please stop bringing race into the point is somebody died so something has to be done there was a death if somebody died in your family im sure you would want something done so stop being hard headed please

              • Thalia says:

                “please stop bringing race into [it]”
                You said yourself that you are and I quote “a 17 year old girl of african-american decent.”
                What does that have to do with anything?
                Who cares what race Trayvon is?
                Who cares what race you are?
                What I’d like to see is you using some capitalization and punctuation. You’re seventeen for crying out loud.
                It’s freaking horrible that he died. It’s freaking horrible that anyone dies these days. Death is bad. But would you condemn a woman killing a rapist in self defence? I mean, that rapist was somebody’s child.
                I’m sixteen year old hormonal girl so I might not have all of my facts straight but neither do a lot of adults.

              • TheGreatAnon says:

                “i am a 17 year old girl of african-american decent” haha, well good for you. we cannot have a debate over whos innocent and guilty without someone using the race card. most likely anyone using race to validate theyer arguments are probably racist themselves. i dont give a sh* if trayvon martin was a striped panda. most people are not defending zimmerman because hes white, in fact zimmerman is hispanic so chances are a white racist would want him dead along with trayvon martin, that would probably be considered a win win. i cannot believe that trayvon was innocent because
                1: all his pictures have been doctored and or are of his younger self.
                2: from what im reading he has had a history of drug abuse.
                and 3: he was found in a neighborhood wearing a hoody thats already had some very recent break-ins.
                do these things make him guilty? hell no, but it doesnt make him seem like the innocent precious and naive 17 who likes to have a tea and skittles picnic in strange neighborhoods. so maybe its possible that we had a fool playing cop, taking the law into his own hands and a punk thief, playing gangster.
                i believe these two fools where playing out some grand fantasy of cops and robbers when shi* got just a little too real for the both of them.

                • dennis says:

                  best comment EVER! TM was no sweet innocent little kid but GZ was no pure as snow neighborhood watch hero either. Very sad that a young man lost his life! GZ is not guilty of murder BUT I agree, I think he overstepped his boundaries and was playing cop. I wish they would leave that stuff to real cops who are trained and have many other resources available other than shooting you!

                • WOW says:

                  HA! Best unbiased comment I’ve read so far.

            • Nicole says:

              I agree with sean, read a book, it would probably assist you with your language barrier, because you are decoding the above message improperly; In the future, try to read between the lines. You are very callow and illiterate, and when your life is stolen from you and your family for committing the act of walking down the street with a bottle of tea and a bag of skittles while wearing a hoody or being of African descent, the rest of us will dance in the streets in jubilation!

            • JohnB says:

              I’m very sorry about your daughter. But do you think the outcome would be different if your daughter Derrinesha Clay did not brake into Bank of America in Lansing and when she was found hiding in the bank by the police officer if she did not lunge at the police officer with a knife?

            • fin says:

              I call bs

              • fin says:

                On Marry that is bad things don’t just happen there is usually a chain of events and bad decisions that lead to those bad things. It does not matter if you are black or white (Zimmerman was neither) there were 2 people there that is it. Someone on the phone repeating things he hearsay. I know we are think of our children as “our babies” but 17 by law is a child be we all know they do not act like children. I think they were both in the wrong and things got out of control. This whole thing turned into an over played race game to see who would win… well guess what no one won! I feel bad for both parties and their families… no one in this case is innocent… they were both wrong.

                • peoriaboy says:

                  If I heard right Martin went looking for Zimmerman when he could of just as well got the hell out of the complex hje was casing for an open door before he headed home with his goods, he had his girl friend on the phone to create an alibi. Zimmerman had all the rights to be there as he was the night watchman due to break ins and more likely Martin was the so called baby boy doing the break ins

            • Frank says:

              Sure, he was old enough to be a thug, I agree, but he was actually just buying snacks. Very thuggish, that.

              • Greenfox says:

                Yup, because as everyone knows, when you are afraid someone might be following you for your skittles you don’t run away. Instead, you turn around and attack your pursuer

            • klansman X says:

              your daughter fucked up royally… Your lawsuit is adding to the problem.. you fukkin coons wanna get paid for everything… including committing crimes i guess… sure, rob a bank.. get caught.. attempt to kill a cop.. get put down like the nigger criminal she was… and somehow the taxpayers owe you money?? that’s fucked up.. you should be held responsible for raising a criminal… just reenforces the notions that niggers as mostly all scum..

          • jerry says:

            sean says:
            whats up with the pics???ASK THE MEDIA THE SAME THING.. who cares about his twitter name!…I DO BECAUSE CHILDREN,GOOD ONES, DONT HAVE THIS TYPE OF NAME..someones child is dead! AGAIN,THIS WAS NO CHILD,HE WAS SOMEONES SON,STOP THE DRAMA.….hopefully justice will be served!…go read a book….find something to do with ur time!


            • Frank says:

              One does not normally use all caps when writing “Have a nice day.”

              But I digress. Do you really think that African-American leaders and clergy don’t care about gun violence in their communities?

              And Mr Martin was a child--he had not reached the age of legal majority. That’s not to say that older children are perfect--far from it--I’ve known a few. But Mr Martin was doing nothing wrong, and Mr Zimmerman (who was an adult) was asked by police not to give chase. He gave chase anyway.

              They fought, and neither I nor you know who was more scared. But only one of them committed homicide, and it wasn’t the one who started off being chased.

        • Rachael says:

          Actually it was him flippin the bird, they were trying to cover it up, and a few weeks ago it came out that it is indeed Martin.

        • Bob Mier says:

          You do realize that Zimmerman is half Hispanic right? Before you go around saying that the white race killed one “man”, getchyo facts straight.

          • Frank Cruzero says:

            If the logic of calling Mr Zimmerman white leads to him being white.. then Mr Obama is white… I dont think Obama knows this link in knowledge and he is a pretty smart man.. pity.. could it be that this thread in logic is not accurate..could it be that blacks and every one else that apply this logic believe that Obama is following a white agenda and that they really want a “black’ president… this sounds pessimistic and perhaps that Mr Bush was supposedly such a bad president that Obama was a shoe in… Mrs Clinton would not look so good in convincing the masoginistic Muslims. Of course not all Muslims are masogonistic but their leaders are… anyways I now could see that a one term Obama is unacceptable and the black man was elected to keep our interior, especially the big cities that have a concentration of black safe from more riots. Blacks are the only ones I know to have rioted on a large scale. I guess Im white too.. I wish someone would have told those mean “white boys” that wouls always called me spic that… It would have saved me some confusion and frustrations that lead to my growth in this country’s ‘pursuit of happiness’ to not come to fruition.

        • Rebecca Olesen says:

          Of course the author is white -- black people don’t care about ‘the truth’ -- they just want to hang zimmerman, because they think he’s white.

          • Gabe says:

            You are so racist, you make me ashamed to be white, you have no knowledge of teenagers at all. Everyday so many minority teenagers are frisked by cops and detained for many different things such as possession, etc, etc. There are a huge amount of white kids who are doing the same EXACT things as minority kids, and the white kids are not frisked, and are not searched and detained. I know this from experience, because i am a white teenager and i have seen many of my black or hispanic friends been searched while my white friends haven’t been. These photos and everything regarding Trayvon have nothing to do with the actual case, he is no different to most teenagers white or black, and the fact that they are even mentioning that he had recently gotten in trouble for marijuana possession is ABSURD. What makes your son better than anyone else, I’ve been reading your comments, and the fact is, you do not know what your son has done while you were not with him, so you have no right to say anything bad about Trayvon. i shudder to think that this is how people still think in the 21st century, when all of the teenagers and kids mostly do not care about this, and i as well as many other teenagers have many friends of many colors.

            • relaist says:

              You sound like one of the people that would make a great victim for a black mob, You seem so trusting -so white, just like the people in the following article in the recent upsurge in black on white crime in the name of racism: http://www.wnd.com/2012/05/wave-of-black-mobs-brutalizing-whites/

              • Will says:

                If you get offended by this post, this is for you.

                You guys are so typical/predictable/laughable. Ridiculous. When blacks get beat/killed, they must have provoked it. But when whites get it, they’re innocent little victims. Give me a break. Appears that blacks are starting to get fed up too. Imagine if a grown black man was pestering your child. Yeah, the ones with piercings and make-up, lipstick, etc. You see where I’m going with this? Take it as a sign that WE ALL need to get our heads out of our asses. But I’m pretty sure that you’re too arrogant/”not intelligent enough” to use logic; You pretty much proved that already. That self-rightous white BS has got to go. It’s only a matter of time when shit really gets real.

                TM was standing his ground in what appeared to be mutual combat. Unfortunately, Zimmy chose to use a gun when the TM was getting the best of him in a fight that he GZ started. What a putz.

          • Frank Cruzero says:

            If the logic of calling Mr Zimmerman white leads to him being white.. then Mr Obama is white… I dont think Obama knows this link in knowledge and he is a pretty smart man.. pity.. could it be that this thread in logic is not accurate..could it be that blacks and every one else that apply this logic believe that Obama is following a white agenda and that they really want a “black’ president… this sounds pessimistic and perhaps that Mr Bush was supposedly such a bad president that Obama was a shoe in… Mrs Clinton would not look so good in convincing the masoginistic Muslims. Of course not all Muslims are masogonistic but their leaders are… anyways I now could see that a one term Obama is unacceptable and the black man was elected to keep our interior, especially the big cities that have a concentration of black safe from more riots. Blacks are the only ones I know to have rioted on a large scale. I guess Im white too.. I wish someone would have told those mean “white boys” that would always called me spic that… It would have saved me some confusion and frustrations that lead to my growth in this country’s ‘pursuit of happiness’ to not come to fruition.

            • Will says:

              Blacks are the only ones “that you know of” to start large riots. Pick up a history book bro. That whats wrong with people, they make ridiculous assumptions without even doing research. Don’t be an idiot and at least try to sound intelligent.

        • Marty says:

          I dont know, it looks as though he was maturing into a fine young gangsta, mom and dad were surely proud and attentive. That might be why the only pictures they wanted to show were that of a child. Hopefully the facts and curcumstances will become clear at trial, in whatever direction they sway.

        • B hatr says:

          YYAA ….you must be afro-american…DAWG!! right? loser

        • enubus says:

          George should get a medal for putting this dog down. No more no less! If this trial turns into a travesty, it is because of people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the leftist Media and fearful politicians! As Harvard professor Alan M. Dershowitz, the state prosecutor is an idiot and has no case.

      • FTE says:

        Yeah because everything you read on the internet is true. I believe ZImmerman to be in the wrong but lets not get out of hand blaming everyone else for what happened. Sadly only two people kow what happened and one is dead. The truth will out ledt the legal system handle it.

    • Chris Hagen says:


      It was even debunked by the poster, see above

    • Rebecca Olesen says:

      Yes, that ONE photo has been de-bunked, however, there are several more of Martin flipping the bird with one and with both hands, as well as holding out money and throwing gang signs; so big deal.

    • Jennifer says:

      I think the true moral of the situation is maybe all “dem niggas be thinkn double time nex time dey rolln up on a honky cuz he jus be packn sum heat an popa cap in dat blak azz”

    • Latwian says:

      yall talking about a murderer like he’s innocent

  2. Idham says:

    Well, they need evidence for a trail or else he walks. They can’t arrest Trayvon Martin without cause because they wouldn’t be able to hold him there. They took him in for questioning, he passed the questions, the eye witnesses reports must have matched his so they let him go until they had something substantial to charge him with. (would be my guess)

    • Bill Ayers says:

      There are no plans to arrest Trayvon Martin.

    • David Tracy says:

      “Idham” simply confused Trayvons name with that of Zimmerman. Flip the names and you will see he is correct. I just want the facts and that is how I found this site. Thug or child? Gold teeth? Great dental through his (great)parents or just(ICE-TRAY)von is making his “chedda” by other means.

      • Sarah says:

        All kids in this wonderful country of ours inspire to be like someone famous, whether it be a rapper with a gold grill or a trashy kardashian. WE have chosen who to honor in this country, so lets not blame our kids for immulating them. Having gold teeth doesn’t make you a criminal.

        • john says:

          Not a criminal. Just a dirtbag.

          • Shawn says:

            That comment is idiotic sand disrespectful. someone lost a CHILD. You couldnt/should not be a parent and you are the dirtbag. RESPECT the innocent.

            • Robert says:

              Yes a 6 foot 130 lb child who broke a mans nose and then got shot. Yep sounds like a “CHILD” to me. Yes someone lost a son but I would not use the word “Child”.

          • Jaiden says:

            I am not a fan of gold teeth but being called a dirt bag for your choice of jewelry is BEYOND moronic.

            • not trayvon says:

              Ok, do he isnt a dirtbag. You people who are speaking in defense of someone who may have in fact provoked the physical confrontation with george zimmerman. You were not there, and niether was I, but from his twitter posts, I will make the assumption that that is a possibility. Maybe Zimmerman is a bit to nosey for his own good. Appearance is a major problem with this whole situation though. The media, the family, and the black community rallied around the shining image of wonderful child. They did neglect to mention Trayvon’s moronic rants on social media sites, and his failure to still look and act like a respectable member of society. Stereotypes are in place for a reason. It is not societies place to ignore them, but for people to keep themselves out of them. Its all about image. Everything from the teenage girl that sleeps with a couple guys and shes labeled a slut, to the guy the lives out in the country and city people call them a hick.

              Jaiden, have you ever said a woman looked trashy because of her clothes. Bad tastes in attire doesnt make you trashy…

              Shawn, its a shame that a 17 year old is dead, but is it his own fault. If I looked like that, my parents would have said I look like a dirtbag. The parents of this person are in mourning but you are saying respect the innocent… Who is innocent? Did you see what happened?

              • Goldbug says:

                Aren’t we pretty certain that Zimmerman stalked Martin? Wouldn’t Martin be in the right to take any action necessary to avoid serious harm or death by a dude stalking him?

                I don’t understand this logic of “what if Martin punched Zimmerman.” If he was in fear, why shouldn’t he “stood his ground” and fight?


                • cullen says:

                  he didnt “stalk” him. Stalking is repeated actions like following that ma a victim feel threatend. The most GZ followed TM was once.

                • cullen says:

                  he didnt “stalk” him. Stalking is repeated actions like following that makes a victim feel threatend. The most GZ followed TM was once.

            • jo brown says:

              have any of you heard the tapes george zimmerman is told by police to stop following him claims the kid has a weapon. its a classic case of mall cop wanna be a supercop.

              • chase says:

                sure, have you heard the tapes, he said “Ok” after the cops told him to stop following him and he was on his way back to his car, when Martin came back for Zimmerman instead of leaving.

                • Frank Cruzero says:

                  Zimmerman appears cautious and was not making it known where he (Zimmerman) would be because he was not sure where the”fucking coons’ ran off to. He clearly said fucking coons and this could be linked to how he said he looks black. We all know that blacks have superior in many respects the ability to exert themselves physically… the way he walked and the fact that he ran like a fox would frustrate anyone but he is half white and half Latino from Peru. Perhaps saying coons was both frustration and wanting to get the person who ‘ sounds’ white to help him . ‘They always get away’ doesn’t mean that he believes all blacks get away ( unless the prosecutor has Zimmerman saying or stating on paper that he has seen blacks steal in the neighborhood)and condoning such a statement goes against police policy and a recorded one at that… so he meant it as frustration that his fat ass could not catch Martin.

                  • Merik2013 says:

                    “We all know that blacks have superior in many respects the ability to exert themselves physically…”

                    WOOOOOOW… You sir, are racist as all get out. Did you ever actually consider that the comment, which was under his breath and muttered on his way back to his car, occurred simply because on his way back to his car he had an encounter with an ACTUAL raccoon? They’re not that uncommon. You have NO IDEA what all could have actually occurred that night, so PLEASE, stop trying to inject race into it.

          • sean says:

            dirtbag???….that comment is just as ignorant as u r!

        • frosini says:

          yes children aspire to be like someone famous but its up to the parents to teach them how to be their own person … where were his parents to tell him not to act like a thug

        • jerry says:

          Sarah says:
          All kids in this wonderful country of ours inspire to be like someone famous, whether it be a rapper with a gold grill or a trashy kardashian.((I can see you are full of white guilt or you are black, just by the rapper/kardash quote,RAPPER GOLD GRILL= GOOD, KARDASH=TRASH)) WE have chosen who to honor in this country, so lets not blame our kids for immulating them.(( BLAME THE EFN PARENTS OR PARENT)) Having gold teeth doesn’t make you a criminal.(( BUT BEING LIKE KARDASH MAKES YOU TRASH)) I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU..KIDS ARENT SUPPOSED TO BE IMMULATING RAPPERS,GRABBING THEIR NUTS,CALLN WOMEN HOES, AND HAVING GOLD TEETH AND HUGE TATS WHEN THEY ARE UNDER 18.I’D HATE TO SEE YOU WITH KIDS.YOU ARE A LIBERAL ARENT YOU?

  3. BROTHA LENCH says:


    • Nigel says:

      Read this, and tell me why it didn’t make national news.

      • Annie says:

        JB -- you might want to check your facts before you try to sound knowledgeable….it makes you look rather silly.

    • jb villelanc says:

      It’s not a mug shot.. He’s wearing an orange collar.. There is no height measurement in the background

      • Annie says:

        George Michael Zimmerman is pictured in this handout booking photo taken July 16, 2005 and obtained by Reuters March 20, 2012. Zimmerman was being charged Battery on a Law Enforcement officer, and Resisting Officer with Violence in 2005. The U.S. Justice Department opened an investigation March 19, 2012 into the shooting of a black teenager Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watch captain Zimmerman, who escaped arrest.
        Photograph by: Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Reuters

        • T says:

          Odd if true as I thought he had CHL and that charge would have barred him from having one.

    • Serg says:

      This kind of mentality is exactly what got @no_limit_nigga killed in the first place….if I as a citizen asked you what you were doing in my neighborhood are you going to kill me too? Or try to? Then when your attempt ends with a glock .40 round in your heart, will Big AL and ol Jesse two timer come down to Chinatown and praise what a good man you were and how evil I was for defending myself from an idiotic attacker? Violence is only met with more violence and the second you ATTEMPT to strike someone you forfeit your rights by attempting to violate someone elses. Remember that before talking so tough….as DMX would say -- its hard to digest with the size of the hole in yo’ chest…..talk is cheap

    • john says:

      Innanet thug is … thuggish.

    • john says:

      CAPSLOCK is gangsta!

    • FTE says:

      your response here is exactly the problem in this Nation. You sit there and publicly claim you would kill someone for following you? First amendment only goes so far.

    • Johnny says:


      Great point! Maybe Trayvon thought the same thing and that explains why Zimmerman ends up with a broken nose.

      • Annie says:

        I’d like to see a Dr’s confirmation that those injuries even existed. Funny, how that story never came out until days afterwards

        • Chloe lane says:

          Annie, that stuff is coming out in such a deceptive light..about both men ON purpose!! ..& was the point of this thing we are reading. WHO benefits from slapping MLK in the face and resurrecting a racially divided country?? Who ??? Whites are being attacked verbally, and there was NOT a white person involved. sMh..Which of YOU can read minds? We don’t know anything..and that IS what the media wants! Division, for political purposes in November and Ratings. This should be about justice, but it IS NOT. Trayvonn is being USED. its a disgrace. think about it. The Black Panthers are just the same trash as the KKK. They should all be locked in a cement room (together) with no escape.

        • chase says:

          Srsly? its not like they have photo proof. but its funny how this simple story exploded to such proportions a few days afterwords when the real evidence was being scrubbed and “media evidence” was being made up.

      • Tomko says:

        So you would kill someone that’s been assigned to protect the neighborhood from suspicious people loitering around the back of condos where there had been several break ins.

        Do you believe ALL neighborhood watch patrols should be killed? If you saw someone casing out your house in the back alley dressed in a hoodie, wouldn’t you at least ask what he’s up to?

        • Fact checker says:

          Do you believe any stranger walking through your neighborhood should be stalked, questioned and shot? I have kids I don’t know walking through my neighborhood a lot that doesn’t mean they deserve to be harassed. The cops told Zimmerman to stop following Trayvon, the kid was just walking down the street, heading home from the store. Zimmerman could have just watched from a distance but instead he decides, against police directive, to accost the kid. If he got shoved or hit, it’s no surprise. We teach kids to be wary of strangers. For all Treyvon knew, Zimmerman could have been a pedophile, intent on kidnapping him.

          • mememe says:

            pedos dont go after 17 year olds bro

    • jerry says:

      BROTHA LENCH says
      WHY IS SOMEONE WHO HAS A MUG SHOT ALLOW TO BE A NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH CAPTAIN? Very confusing to a blackman ,huh.”how he,what da ,maaan dat sum bu shyt”.
      This my little boy, is the same exact thinking that put TM 8ft under, SAME EXACT black thug THINKING. This is what RAP MUSIC does to ppl who listen to it.YOU WILL BE JUST ANOTHER STAT ON THE DOJ WEBSITE. geo zims of the world eat guys like you for a snack.I’ll bet u r one of those gangsta shooters,u kno, holdn the pistol all sideways and shyt,am i right.its playas like you who miss day targets and shoot some baby.

  4. Oh Really says:

    @Brotha Lench

    Nice name you chose there. You must be the leader of you mob, I guess.


    I can’t help but assume all of these outraged mobs are comprised of people like yourself. Based purely on hearsay, you assume Trayvon is holier than thou, while “this white guy” is pure evil (when in fact he is Hispanic, but for argument’s sake, everyone is now claiming there’s no such thing as Hispanic, just whites [I doubt any Hispanic will jump in the crossfire to make the distinction, and I don't blame them, 'cause who's going to listen anyway]).

    Even though the above photo is a fake, I would still like to see a picture of Trayvon at age 17, not 12. Kids grow up fast, and using old pictures is pure propaganda that the masses are gladly being spoon fed.

    To answer your question about mugshots, if you have been arrested (wrongly or rightly), you have a mug shot on file in FL. Having a mug shot does not mean you were convicted. Anyone can be arrested for anything, regardless of any facts. In Florida, even if you are found innocent, unless you have your record expunged, these pictures remain public record.

    My advice is simple, don’t dress like a thug, if you don’t want to mistaken for a thug. It’s sad that so many good kids are emulating these thug rappers. White or Black, if you hop over my fence in the middle of the night wearing a hoodie, don’t be surprised when you’re staring down the barrel of my Mossberg 12ga.

    Kind regards,

    Oh Really

    • joseph says:

      WOW, I can’t believe there are still level minded people out there in this evil world. You hit every powerful and truthful point.

    • MEstrada says:

      @oh really, Beautifully stated!

    • Dawn says:

      Where’s the “Like” button?

      • David A says:

        “Oh Really” knocked that out of the park, right on! And Brotha Lench… Your name is stolen/taken from the grossest gangster rapper called Brotha Lynch. His lyrics speak of killing babies and eating slabs of human meat and feeding it to his son. Im glad to have a better understanding of what you appear to want to emulate. Oh, and Brotha Lench… You speak to an informed world on the Web. Not just your ghetto lemmings.

    • Nicci says:

      Ma’am you’re an idiot, if only for “holier than thou” comment and the prejudice remark, that one “shouldn’t dress like a thug.” First of all unless Zimmerman was a psychic, he had NO clue of who Trayvon was, holy or evil, so he had NO right to approach him, especially since he isn’t even a registered neighborhood watchman. Second, criminals don’t have one standard of clothing, unless you’re referring to the KKK and the unibomber, now they all wore hoods. But other criminals or thugs as you say, probably dress like you. Last I checked, Victoria’s Secret sells hoodies as well as baby Gap, are they providing thug wear?? Your logic is flawed. Keep your driscriminating thoughts to yourself.

      • Eliza says:

        Thank you NIcci!

      • Marilynn says:

        @Nicci he is a registered neighborhood watchmen.. he is the captain of the neighborhood watchmen..get ur facts straight

        • Insearchofjustice says:

          Ummm…Actually, it came out that Zimmerman was a “self appointed” captain!!! So, maybe it is YOU who should get YOUR facts straight!

      • Playrighter says:

        Zimmerman was NOT “on duty”. He was on his way to the store, and told police he saw a strange person in the neighborhood who appeared to be intoxicated. (If he had actually seen Trayvon’s twitter account, he might have had other ideas, but he hadn’t.)

        Evidence points to Zimmerman being attacked, calling out for help, and then doing what he (tragically) had to do to prevent Martin from taking the gun and shooting him.

        Let’s see what happens when ALL the evidence is analyzed.

      • jerry says:


        You are W-E-A-K. Last time I checked, if it dresses like a ho, talks like a ho, and looks like a ho, IT MUST BE A HO.

        TM, dressed like a thug,(hoodie up when its warm out,baggie pants,ass hangn out) talks like a thug,(look at his chats on twit,myspace,etc talkn drugs,calln girls ho’s) and looks like a thug, ( just turned17,huge tatts,gold teeth,previous descrip) BY GEORGE WE HAVE THE POSTERBOY FOR WHAT A TYPICAL THUG LOOKS LIKE. Listen kiddies, dont emulate this,it will be your downfall.

    • Well Actually says:

      Coincidentally, the last few sentences of your reply is the crux of the opposing problem:

      “My advice is simple, don’t dress like a thug, if you don’t want to mistaken for a thug. It’s sad that so many good kids are emulating these thug rappers. White or Black, if you hop over my fence in the middle of the night wearing a hoodie, don’t be surprised when you’re staring down the barrel of my Mossberg 12ga.”

      Trayvon Martin was not hopping over anyone’s fence in the middle of the night; he was walking home from a convenience store and was followed by a man who was told by 911 dispatchers to leave the child alone. In many states, you would have the right to defend yourself against an individual trespassing on your property, even to the point of physically harming this person (if necessary). However, this isn’t the case between the altercation with Mr. Martin and Mr. Zimmerman, and therefore, your conclusion is irrelevant.

      I will ask you this: Does a woman who dresses in a mini-skirt and gets raped “have it coming” because she was scantily clad? With your logic, it would be yes, because, “If she didn’t want to be mistaken for a slut, she shouldn’t have dressed like one.”

      Teenagers are extremely prone to peer pressure and are going to emulate who they deem are their heroes. This doesn’t mean we should shoot young men dressed like “thugs” or rape girls dressed like “sluts.” The problem does not lie with the teenagers, it lies with the media for projecting these images so readily and obsessively.

      • “WOW, I can’t believe there are still level minded people out there in this evil world. You hit every powerful and truthful point”. That is where your reply should have been! Not under a reply from someone who used constant contradictions in their comment. however, to each is own.

      • Sarah says:

        AMEN Dammit! Do we not remember what our parents thought of us in the 80′s when we wanted to dress like Madonna or how their parents reacted when they wanted to dress and act like Elvis…. Elvis was the Devil, remember?
        I guess everyone in this country is just too damn good for everyone else.

      • Tired says:

        A woman who dresses like a slut will be looked at and treated like a slut. The pervert nutcase that attacks her is in still completely in the wrong and needs to be treated as such…..but she still looks like a slut and she will attract more of those weirdos than grandma might. Common sense. A man who dresses like a woman will be looked at and treated as a weirdo. A stranger walking in my neighborhood who dresses like a thug will definitely be looked at like a thug. If I’m walking through the forest and I see a bear, I see an animal that can rip my head off and so I act accordingly and get the hell out of there quick.

        Being cautious and prejudging (prejudice) a situation or person(s) and even animals is a completely normal biological trait of any animal, humans included. Nature eliminates those that don’t. Very very few people are that oblivious to their surroundings. Those who are, have a serious problem that the laws of nature will take care of for them. My point is that I’m sick……no disgusted with all of this PC crap that gets tossed around saying that we shouldn’t judge someone by such and such. Why not? I’m judged everyday for how I look and act. I don’t have a problem with it because I do the same damn thing. And yes, I understand that some people will not like me because of how I look. Oh well, I just let them see who I am by the content of my character. Just as in business, the way I act, speak, dress and present myself to them is a an advertisement, a billboard giving a hint of my character. Sometimes the ad is wrong, but most of the time it’s not. So enough with this PC garbage that people shouldn’t judge. If they didn’t they wouldn’t survive.

      • Chloe lane says:

        The problem does not lie with the teenagers, it lies with the media for projecting these images so readily and obsessively.

        And THAT is the only real fact we have without pretending to ‘know’ what anyone was doing, or who approached who.. Did you hear Zimmerman trying to breathe? He couldn’t catch this kid, so he could make sure police found him and checked him out..but the kid could have made it home. Zimmerman followed him on foot, I am sure he wishes he hadn’t. Please reverse the race in the situation and tell me if it would be the ONLY murder case being made into a race war? Trayvonn is being used, along with the masses. Racial division only helps Barack get votes..based on race.

      • jerry says:

        Well Actually says:
        Trayvon Martin was not hopping over anyone’s fence in the middle of the night<<yes he did techically,it is a gated community)); he was walking home<<it wasnt his nor his fathers home)) from a convenience store and was followed by a man who << lived there and knew the neighborhood))was told by 911 dispatchers to leave the child alone.<< typical liberal twisting for drama effect.WAS TOLD," WE DONT NEED YOU TO DO THAT",NOT DONT, NOTHING ABOUT A CHILD) In many states, you would have the right to defend yourself against an individual trespassing on your property, even to the point of physically harming this person (if necessary). However, this isn’t the case between the altercation with Mr. Martin<<didnt u refere to him as a child,now hes a MR.)) and Mr. Zimmerman, and therefore, your conclusion is irrelevant.<<AND YOU TWIST FACTS)

        I will ask you this: Does a woman who dresses in a mini-skirt and gets raped “have it coming” because she was scantily clad? With your logic, it would be yes, because, “If she didn’t want to be mistaken for a slut, she shouldn’t have dressed like one.”NO,BUT DID SHE INCREASE HER CHANCES BY DOING SO,YES.

        Teenagers are extremely prone to peer pressure and are going to emulate who they deem are their heroes.<<WITH UR THINKING, WE'RE IN TROUBLE, PARENTS ARE TO CONTROL THIS WHILE "CHILDREN" ARE UNDERAGE,NO SLUTTY CLOTHES, NO THUGGERY) This doesn’t mean we should shoot young men dressed like “thugs”<<UNLESS THEY SUCKER PUNCH YOU,AND ATTEMPT TO TAKE A LEGAL GUN U R CARRYING AND USE IT AGAINST YOU) or rape girls dressed like “sluts.” The problem does not lie with the teenagers, it lies with the media for projecting these images so readily and obsessively.<<WRONG,WRONG,WRONG,U R A RETARD,THE PROBLEM LIES WITH THE PARENTS, "OH,THE MEDIA MADE ME DO IT"<<LIBERAL MENTALITY

    • Eliza says:

      Oh really, what a nice name you chose there. The names that people choose here are not as important as what one says. Whatever name we use could be one we chose of the fleeting moment or one chose because of our culture. When you speak of outraged mobs consisting of people like Brotha Lench, that is completely false. These “mobs” are actually people in protest of the killing of a 17 year old. You could definitely use some time in the field before writing so quickly in response to someone. Have you participated in any of these actions to see if these walk outs and rallies were mob like? Have you participated to see if these “mobs” all consisted of people with Brotha Lench’s stance? What does it matter if the picture of Trayvon is from 5, 10, 12, or current? It is a HUMAN LIFE that was killed unjustly. You are very concerned with many things, but not what really matters. I don’t know why you have decided to take sides with a killer, but it is very frightening you have taken this stance. The conclusion of your post here is even more frightening. Telling people to not dress like a thug if you don’t want to be treated like a thug. First off, you are a white female. What do you know about the black culture of dress, music? You easily call this kid a thug not knowing anything about him, his family, friends, culture. Please take time to retying your message. The thought of another killing because someone is wearing a hoodie is exactly what we are trying to stop here. But you are perpetuating it by saying you would kill if someone simply hopped your fence. Please retying what you said, this type of violence is not okay. You are not allowed to simply take a life. Yes really.

      • cripester says:

        We don’t know what happened. The police didn’t arrest the neighborhood watchmen for a reason. They know more than we. The feds have already started an investigation and they have not arrested the guy. Obviously, all believe that the watchman acted within the law. Remember, the city manager is black and he backed the white police chief on the decision not to arrest the guy.

        I don’t understand all this “rising up” about the shooting. It seems to me that “someone” or a group of “someones” is trying to start racial problems. Let the cops do their jobs and we’ll see if justice prevails. Who knows, maybe justice has already prevailed.

        By the way I remember when this story first started and I saw it on CNN. The newscaster made it very clear that the shooter was a “white” man. Come on…Zimmerman is about as white as Obama is.

    • ron says:

      You people are dumb Zimmerman called the cops for being black in his neighborhood wearing a hoodie in hoodie weather, also called trayvon or @NoLimitNigga what ever makes u feel better a coon on the police tapes, followed him after being told not to and murdered him in “self defense” being 100 pounds heavier and 10 years older than an unarmed kid. Had zimmerman never bothered “@NoLimitNigga” he would’ve returned home with his skittles and iced tea and finished watching the all star game which is all he intended to do, and maybe even tweeted some more “hood shit” those are the facts dispite whatever pics are shown of the both of them!

      • BobbyG says:

        First, 17 is not the age of a “child”. Some reports state Trayvon at 6’3″, not the size of a child to me. Yes, he had every right to walk home in safety that night. And Zimmerman had every right to follow him in his gated community which reports show as a high crime area. Who makes up a small percent of the population yet commits about 75 percent of crimes? Who? Thats who I will be watching!

        If this was the other way around, a white boy shot by a black man, how many people of color would even be concerned let alone up in arms here? Whould Sharpton & Jackson be in parade? Would the Black Panthers offer money for his capture?

        If the law finds Zimmerman guilty then he should be punished to the full extent of the law. But, the law has not convicted him, many of you here already have. What gives you the right to play judge and jury?

        The police report that I read stated that Zimmerman was taken into custody and questioned. Police noted that his back appeared to be wet and covered with grass. He was bleeding from the nose and the back of his head. Some witnesses support Zimmerman, others support Trayvon.

        So, let the law, the courts do their job. Wait until all of the evidence is presented. Just-A-Thought!

        • Sarah says:

          If it was the other way around Black people would not be supporting a black killer… and white people would need no outrage because the black killer would be locked up IF he made it to the jail alive.

          • Chloe lane says:

            Sarah We aren’t supporting a killer. We are questioning that Trayvon is being used, that the media is doing all they can to stir the hate pot. I posted a story on an elderly black man who shot a guy in the leg, for being in his house stealing liquor. that old man was arrested.. That story is being ignored.
            Another, an off duty ‘policeman’ fires 5 shots at a black male on a cell phone..and a bullet hits a young black woman in the head and kills her! They were just walking down the sidewalk, off duty cop was shooting from his car!! Why aren’t the NAACP and all the hate mongers talking about it??? Coz they are too busy using Trayvon.. Reverse the colors.. black neighborhood watch kills hispanic 17 yr old.. NO story, no marches.. coz BLACKS wouldn’t CARE. We care about Trayvon..for real. The media and the MOBS are demeaning his death and acting ridiculous, manipulating his poor momma during her grief. Theres a special place in Hell for people doing all this.

          • jerry says:


        • Sarah says:

          BobbyG- If it was the other way around Black people would not be supporting a black killer… and white people would need no outrage because the black killer would be locked up IF he made it to the jail alive.

          • BobbyG says:

            Sarah, Sarah … you live in a fantasy world. How soon some forget. Remember OJ killed two white people and he received strong support from the black community. He made it to jail and to court safe and sound. I’m sorry, I am sure you will point out that he was found not guilty. Many people feel he got away with murder!

            In my state, about three years ago, a 15 year old black girl robbed a convience store and later was shot and killed by white police. The black community was in an uproar. Several “eye” witnesses who were black stated they saw the police gun down this poor innocent young girl in cold blood. What saved the day and the police was the incident was recorded on the police car’s camera. The young girl pointed a bb handgun at the police. Her action cost her, her life. And it shut up all those so called eye witnesses who just flat out LIED …

            These incidents do not involve the loss of life however, they do show support from the black community and a rush to judgement against whites before ALL the fact are presented. I am talking about Sharpton and the T. Brawley incident. I am talking about the Duke Lacrosse incident.

            Thanks for reading, you can drift back off into fantasy land now.

        • FTE says:

          First of all Zimmerman had NO RIGHT to follow that young man. His neighborhood watch group was unauthorized and unsanctioned by the community and he nominated himself to run it. He was told not to follow Martin yet did so anyway. As to your other point the courts indeed will out the truth.

          • Tired says:

            BS. I can follow anyone that I want. You have no right to attack me because I’m walking behind you and looking at you. If you feel uncomfortable or don’t like it, yell from far away, asking them what they want or why they’re following you. Knock on a residents door and tell them a weirdo is following you. Call your dad whose close by. Or just call the cops yourself. We may not know all of the facts but we do know that he chose to go toe to toe with a stranger. What happened after that may or may not make George guilty of a crime but unfortunately that is only something that George knows.

            So that his death is not in vain, instead of publicly convicting George, Jackson and Sharpton should make it a point to tell kids to not act like a tough guy, to run like the wind if they see some trouble and to call the police. Even more when there’s an adult involved. They’re typically long-legged, skinny and fast just as I’m sure Trayvon was. They can outrun most adults, especially a guy like George.

            And while I understand that the people in Florida might like their law of conceal carry, in light of this tragedy, there should at least be a push to make a law requiring neighborhood watch people to never carry a weapon when approaching a the public.

            But of course, if you need to raise money and get your name out there as the guardian angle of black people, you need to kick and scream racism to make a profit. A profit from this young mans death.

          • Frank Cruzero says:

            if Treyvonn has a right to look into people houses as Zimmerman appears to say then Zimmerman has a right to look at someone doing this in HIS neighborhood.

      • klansman X says:

        you are one ignorant piece of racist shit

    • Marilynn says:

      U have a mug shot as soon as u are taken into booking. The pic that they are showing is not from a previous conviction or arrest. it is a resent mug shot from this arrest. Therefore he has no priors and has never been in trouble with the law and he can be the captain of the neighborhood watch team.

      • Anon Y. Mous says:

        @Marilynn — incorrect. That’s a picture of Zimmerman and he *happens* to be wearing an orange polo. Coincidence.

      • Horizon3 says:

        Booking “mug” shots are not taken after the perp has been through processing and issued county orange. They are taken with street clothes on, and have a case number and height and weight measurements on the photo. The county orange also does not have a collar or buttons. Odds are this is a shot for an ID of some sorts.
        Also if this was a “mug” shot after processing Zimmerman would not be wearing that diamond stud in his ear.

      • Annie says:

        You are so far off the mark here, it’s pathetic. if you are going to make a statement, you should at least take the time to check your facts out. There IS a recent picture available now -- this one was taken in 2005…when he was arrested on a number of criminal charges.

      • cripester says:

        Marilynn obviously doesn’t know the english language well enough to write it correctly, therefore, she probably can’t read well enough to find out the facts as we have. That photo was a mugshot released by the police from a prior arrest years earlier,
        “Marilynn the Illiterate”. As a matter of “fact” all these posts that are in favor of Trayvon seem to have a bit of mispelling and incorrect grammar related problems. That, in itself, says a lot about his “supporters”. The liberal media is trying to start a race problem. It feeds the idiots of the country. All you who are immediatley saying Zimmerman was wrong without knowing the entire story are idiots. Let the cops do their jobs. Your precious Federal Government has stepped in and is now investigating. Obama and Holderman are going to try to hang the so called “white” man. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to find out he was absolutely in the right by shooting the young fella. I’m not a Neighborhood Watch kind of guy but I always question those around my home if I don’t know them.

    • Yes, Really says:

      Oh Really? Well how about if I just walk down your street wearing a hoody, will I be staring down the barrel of your Mossberg 12ga?

      I am a mother of four and I have friends who have teenage children as well. If your teenager gets straight A’s, has never gotten in trouble at school, Tweets about homework and Jesus, has never stolen anything, has never tried any kind of drug, has never cursed on the internet and dresses like Carlton Banks, then he/she is a rare breed indeed and you are one lucky mother. As a matter of fact ,you could probably bottle and sell whatever it is that your feeding that kid.

      Here’s a shocker for everyone…. are you ready? Teenagers will wear whatever they have to in order to look like their peers. They call each other and themselves derogatory names. Have you seen what these kids call themselves on FB and Twitter? There are lots of N-words and other things no parent would want their kid referred to as. How many high schoolers smoke marijuana? How many of them steal? How many have been suspended from school? How many of them leave home dressed one way, then arrive at school dressed another way? That is the nature of the Beast. If you don’t get it, then ask someone who has a teen. They are still children. Do they deserve to be stalked and killed? Because the way they looked and what they were wearing made someone uncomfortable?

      If the kid was prowling around your house, peeking in windows, trying to steal your car from your garage, etc, by all means protect your property. But if you see someone walking down the street looking ‘suspicious’ , don’t follow them. Go home where its safe. If Zimmerman hadn’t decided to appoint himself the neighborhood Avenger, someone’s unarmed child would still be alive today. If he wanted to fight crime, he should have been a police officer.

      Funny how you can explain away actual MUGSHOTS of Zimmerman, yet say you want to see less flattering photos of the kid.

      Oh Really?? What do want to see, a mugshot?

      • cripester says:

        We don’t know what kind of person Trayvon was. Because he was 17 we’ll never know. The courts will not let us see his record if he has any. You people are trying to make this kid out to be Jesus Christ and Zimmerman to be Satan. WE DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. The cops know way more than we do and they didn’t arrest Zimmerman. The Feds are now investigating and they haven’t arested Zimmerman…yet. Even if they do arrest him I put money on it he gets off because he did the right thing.

      • klansman X says:

        autopsy photos, and those of a thousand more dead thug nigger youth… before the rob my house, steal my car, and rape my wife and daughter…

    • Tomko says:

      Well Said! The liberal media even tried to create a “NEW RACE”: “WHITE-HISPANIC”. Once they realized how stupid that was they’ve gone quiet and would prefer the whole spectacle would just go away. The NBC even had to fire the producer that created the edited 911 tape.

    • Fact checker says:

      Martin was walking down the sidewalk, not hopping over Zimmermans fence. The question isn’t whether Martin had ever been in any trouble, the question is whether he was doing anything at the moment that deserved being killed. If you were walking down the street and some guy you didn’t know started following you, first in a car, then on foot you would probably be frightened, try to fend him off, even take a swing at him away from you. And I don’t believe hopping over someones fence justifies a killing…if you do then you better reread your Bible.

    • Emilio says:

      I have heard of “thugs” that are known to dress very nice. I grew up watching movies such as as Scarface, The Godfather, and Carlito’s way. Now Don’t get me wrong, I have seen boys in the hood as well. However, What if Trayvon were dressed in a suit? Technically he would be dressing like a thug, right? I’m not saying that Zimmerman is at fault because he was white, because he obviously isn’t. I’m saying that he is at fault, because regardless of his race, he profiled a black teen. Had he not profiled a black teen, there would be no calls to the police. There would be no gunshots. There would be no “Death of Trayvon Martin.” I don’t want to spark any direct arguments, but I would like for anyone to speak on what I just said. I keep seeing people respond that it is okay to follow a suspicious figure, but after the police are called, that should be the end of it. They were more than likely sending a squad car over there if it was in fact, an area with a high crime rate. I don’t understand how people can accept that somebody died, and there was no arrest. If Zimmerman had died, I would expect Trayvon to be “taken in for questioning.” Not questioned right the fuck there lol. Why is this any different?

    • jerry says:

      I love you,lol. Excellent reply. Lady’s and guns an awesome combo. I have Moss 500A,12ga pump. Just hearing the action, they say you will chase most criminals away.

  5. C Prince says:

    How are we supposed to believe that blurry photo is Trayvon Martin? It does not matter what he looked like or what he was wearing anyway. You cannot not be shot because you are walking down the street with a particular type of clothing on. And if someone does shoot you they should be arrested and put before a jury.

    • Tomko says:

      OK…So you believe it’s fair for the media to use a baby picture of Trayvon and a mug shot of Zimmerman? You don’t think that creates a distorted impression of the reality of incident? Most people wanted the death penalty for Zimmerman just from seeing the photos, with out even knowing what really happened.

      • Insearchofjustice says:

        They could publish crayon sketches of both Mr. Martin and Mr. Zimmerman for all I care! The FACT still remains that Zimmerman, in his seemingly insatiable desire to be in law enforcement, PROFILED Mr. Martin, took actions that resulted in tragic consequences, and like it or NOT, he is now going to have to account for his actions!


        STOP putting the VICTIM on trial!

  6. ent says:

    The picture of Trayvon flipping the bird is straight from his Facebook page. Check it out while it’s still there if you don’t believe it.

    • mike says:

      he is a kid you never flip anyone off

  7. c says:

    I think the media is picking and choosing the stories they want to sensationalize in order to stir up racial tensions and keep the people of this country divided.. whether it be on race, income, or whatever… it’s sad that this young man’s death is being turned into trumpet for politicians and media to blow, when in reality they couldn’t give a crap about him.

    • Tomko says:

      It’s not just the media, Obama even stuck his nose in just to inflame the already hot matter. He was hoping to get the minority vote by creating racial hatred towards the whites. The only problem is Zimmerman is Hispanic! They didn’t pick up on that, so now they look stupid and want the spectacle to just go-away. Nobody bought the “White-Hispanic” bull$hit so now they’re in damage control. Mean while Blacks are beating and killing whites all over the country in the name of Trayvon because they don’t read, and all they remember is a baby picture of Trayvon next to the big mean white guy.

      Obama -- the Great Uniter. From now on they will have to refer to him as a White-African-American.

  8. mike says:

    the only thing that really matters is the kid was unarmed,the rest is crap

    • Michael says:

      Wrong. Evidence, eyewitness testimony, motive and opportunity also matter in such cases.

      If I am unarmed and I charge you, beat you to the ground and slam your head into the ground -- should you be allowed to defend yourself within the limits of the law? Would you fear for your life? I’m not 6’3″ (little taller) and skinny as a rail -- does that matter?

      He had every right to be in that neighborhood and to walk through it. Neighborhood watches have every right to question him as to why he is in that neighborhood. I talk to people in my neighborhood all the time. We have great conversations. I also own guns.

      Just a hypothetical (a situation not based on actual occurrences -- just a “for instance”, if you will).

      • obi says:

        If Trayvon somehow got the gun from zimmerman and shot him and claimed self defense to the cops do you think they believe him so easily and let him go home that night?? Thats where the race thing comes in black people know that if zimmerman was black and Martin was white….whoa they would fry zimmerman…a 17 yo blonde hair blue eyed white kid?? If u think the pictures of trayvon were angelic imgine those…..if u dont think this is a race issue you are fooling your self…why is. It black people the ones who experience it are told by whites “there is no racism, this is not a race issue”….I think we would know….

        • Bo says:

          Martin isn’t white. Martin is Hispanic. Before you go off spouting “racism”, at least get the races right.

          • obi says:

            #historylesson spanish speaking countries had african slaves and still deal with extreme racism to this day…dak skinned spanish people are looked down upon…portugal and spain were the first countries to start the slave trade….just because some one speaks spanish does not meen they cant be racist…

            • DA says:

              Trayvon Martin.17.. Black 6’3” 160LB
              George Zimmerman.35.. Hispanic 5’7″ 200LB
              -quit commenting b.s.

              • Killer Tuna says:

                Also, DA, Martin was a football player in excellent shape. 160 pounds of muscle. Zimm, not so much.

                • Insearchofjustice says:

                  Well, that just means Zimmerman was an IDIOT! IF he was INITIATING negative contact with someone who could kick his behind, and has to resort to using a gun, instead of WAITING for the REAL POLICE….then he is inarguably STUPID!

    • john says:

      Your post is crap. If someone is bashing your head into the concrete, you have every right and responsibility to meet potentially deadly force with potentially deadly force.

      • Albert says:

        Lets analyze this. Why is your head being bashed into the concrete in the 1st place? If the cops told you to go home!? You were trying to take the law into your own hands that just so happen to take a kids life. (and 17 is still a kid) Zimmerman decided to create an altercation and so that no longer becomes self defense AFTER you were told to back off! I think the word is provoked. You should go to jail regardless of race. “They always get away” is the key to this senseless act and if there are witnesses that take either side should cancel each other out and the 911 call should be the evidence that they need. Zimmerman provoked this situation knowing he had the upper hand since he was packing a gun. From what I read he was at one time trying to be a cop or something of that nature and took this job way to serious. I don’t think all the protesting is do much but segregating the country even more from this incident. Bringing back racism since blacks feel they are owed something from the 400 years of mistreatment. Most whites that were apart of this are no longer around and most now have color somewhere in their family’s or genes. The questions is as a nation when do we stop pulling that race card out when ever there is something that occurs? When do we look at crimes like these as man vs man occurrences and not as a racial occurrence. If it were Hispanic or white male dressed in the same clothing and walking the neighborhood I believe Zimmerman would have reacted the same way.

        • golfpro98 says:

          Since we are speaking hypothetically, what kind of parents allow their “CHILD” out of the house after they have been suspended from school for 10 days because of a marijuana bag possession???? I have children, and if either one of them was removed from school for anything of this nature, there is no way in H#%* that they would be leaving the house for any reason. PERIOD. Definitely not rewarding them with a trip to a friends house to watch the ALL STAR GAME????? REALLY?? I would be questioning the parenting not racial motive.

          • Albert says:

            Him getting suspended is irrelevant to the case. I believe he was walking to the store to get his younger step brother skittles and himself an iced tea. If I’m not mistaken he was home/step moms house visiting. Doubt Zimmerman ever seen him in the neighborhood prior hence the reason he though he looked like he was up to no good. And ALL of us when we were teens did things that most likely were frowned upon by our parents or would have been frowned upon. But the parents aren’t the blame. There were probably a lot of ways this could be looked at and how this ended or got to the place where Zimmerman pulled the gun but the fact still remains Zimmerman pursued him after the request of the 911 operator not to.

            There has been comments that the dispatchers are not cops. But in an event your calling 911 they are trained to keep you calm, safe and on the phone until help arrives. They have your safety in mind 1st! Why didn’t he just listen to what he was told. On the phone you can hear him so adamant about catching him. He was set on it. He wanted to do something, he felt the need to take action. He should be arrested and tried and if our justice system doesn’t find him guilty then it is what it is. We learn from this. We do preventative measures so these things do not occur. By no means should a crime watch patrol should be carrying a gun. There job is to notify law enforcement if there is something suspicious and get out of the way. Zimmerman should not took his gun, got out of his vehicle looking for someone you have no idea who it is. It’s like walking into trouble. What if the kid was up to no good and shoots you 1st. Is that worth it? There are trained professionals that handle criminals and uphold the law. Crime watch are just sets of eyes not guns. Keyword: WATCH

            • AndThatsThat says:

              “Him getting suspended is irrelevant to the case?” How much more wrong can you be? Him getting suspended shows a pattern of his lifestyle. This “still a kid” didn’t comply with rules and regulations of his parents, if they even set any, nor did he comply with the LAW! Yeah, he may have been 17 years old, but he was out there acting like the THUG he was, or was trying really hard to be. Eye witness stated Trayvon was on top of the neighborhood watchman in the scuffle. As someone said, don’t take a box of skittles to a gun fight! This “still a kid” should’ve been home at that hour, like a kid! Sadly, yes I said sadly, he paid the ultimate price. But when you place yourself in a certain category, that’s how you’re treated. It’s human nature!

              • Fact checker says:

                Research has shown that ‘eye witnesses’ can be very unreliable especially in a heated situation. Plus, why shouldn’t Trayvon defend himself if he thought he was being accosted by Zimmerman?

    • Horizon3 says:

      Unarmed? You give me a big unopened can of tea, and see just how unarmed I am. Ever been hit with a brick … same effect.

  9. J says:

    That picture doesnt even look like Trayvon, IT DOES NOT MATTER, THE POINT IS THIS WAS A MURDER. AND THE KILLER IS FREE.

    • john says:

      THIS WAS A justifiable homicide. AND THE victim IS FREE as he should be.

      • Albert says:

        Victims don’t provoke confrontations, they avoid them

      • Insearchofjustice says:

        @John…..you can take your foot out of your mouth now! MURDERERS belong IN JAIL…..which is WHERE Zimmerman sits today….AND WHERE he should be!

        It is AND should be up to a jury to EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE & make a determination as to whether or not Zimmerman’s actions were JUSTIFIED!

        • Nick says:

          Zimmerman is not in jail… this forum, as well as any other on the topic, is full of misinformation or out right wrong facts. He was released from jail on Bail for $150,000 on 04/21/2012


          Man the ignorance and out right stupidity of americans gets me, and we wonder why our nation is going to shit in a hand bag.

          • vectic says:

            Actually he went back for lying just recently because he lied about his financial information

  10. For my Liberty says:

    Ovomit is doing what he promised those stupid enough to vote for him. “Fundamentally changing America” He just didn’t add “Into a SOCIALIST Country”

    OWS, Brown shirts, Private citizens Army. Black Panthers. he is trying to start race riots. He worked on Class/gender and that didn’t get him anywhere.

    Unfortunately Soros was brilliant in using a person that was half black as his puppet. He figured out that Blacks would identify with him and vote for him because of his black blood. He also figured out that a lot of whites would vote for him to prove to others they were not racist. They are trying this again this election. THANK GOD a lot of people have woke up to what they are doing. Unfortunately he will STILL get most black votes no matter how bad a POTUS he is.

    This kid that was shot, is being USED by the LEFT to stir up Ovomit’s base and KEEP them stirred up. IF he loses DESPITE voter fraud, and being the WORST POTUS EVER, he WILL stand by and watch America BURN from the RIOTS that will start with gangs of blacks that ALREADY hate white people and are just LOOKING for a reason to “rise up”. Too bad the MSM does not show that it is NOT whites that are most racist--it IS black people.

    ANYONE that votes for OVOMIT in 2012 is STUPID!!!

  11. ScreaminMime says:

    Leave Zimmerman be

    I just signed the following petition addressed to: Florida DA.

    Leave Zimmerman be

    Don’t be influenced by the media’s half truths and race-baiting. This horrible situation can not be resolved by sacrificing another young man, this time, to the system.


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    • Info says:

      If You Had A Son and He Was Killed by Someone Because They Were Suspicious/Scared and you see you son lying there lifeless would you have any sympathy?? Zimmerman Was told by the police not to follow him but he did not listen to the authority and ended up killing him. I hate the fact that humans take other humans life from them especially at that age.
      Most kids at that age usually arent little innocent angels but are in that stage that they want to be cool and be liked if you saw most kids twitter you would understand that most of it is nonsense. (Everything I just typed may or may not make sense to you but I just dont like that you are saying basically he should have died because he has a twitter page that you don’t approve of:(

      • BUFFALO JOHN says:

        You people need to read the facts and accept @No_Limit_Nigga’s role in this tragedy. Let us not forget that Zimmerman has a broken nose and other injuries. He obviously received these injuries before the shooting.

        Read the comments his “friends” left on his twitter account.

        Did you read about the black children that Zimmerman mentored? Did you read what the mother of the children said about the possibility of Zimmerman being a racist?

        Did you read what the Chief of Police who temporarily stepped down said about the facts of this case?

        • Yes, Really says:

          @BAFFALO JOHN. Surveillance videos of the police station where Zimmerman was taken less than 30 mins after the shooting show no broken nose, no head gash, no bruises, no blood or injuries to his face and no blood on his clothes. How do you shoot someone who is on top of you BEATING YOU and not get a drop of blood on your clothes? Something smells fishy….bet they didn’t expect that video to come out.

          • ep says:

            @Yes, Really
            And you do realize that a medical team was at the site of the incident and treated Zimmermans injuries, right?
            But lets look at your statement regarding his injuries: “show no broken nose, no head gash, no bruises, no blood or injuries to his face and no blood on his clothes. How do you shoot someone who is on top of you BEATING YOU and not get a drop of blood on your clothes”
            1. “no broken nose”: How can you determine from that poor quality video whether or not his nose was broken? My sister had her nose broken and other than slight swelling, you couldn’t tell.
            2. “no head gash”: The “gash: as you call it is called by the media as a “cut to the back of his head”. How large of a cut do you need for blood to come out? Have you not had a small cut produce a lot of bleeding making you think the injury is worse than it really is? Where in the video is the opportunity for us to closely inspect the back of his head? Not there. Can’t make the presumption that it does not exist.
            3. “no bruises”: As the mainstream new reported, this video is approximately a half hour after the incident. A lot of times bruises do not manfest immediately. Most bruises take 24 hours on average to appear.
            4. “no blood or injuries to his face and no blood on his clothes”: How have you seen medical personnel address those types of injuries -- specifically, lacerations and blood covered areas?
            The first step is to CLEAN the area so the type of injury can be identified and then do what is necessary to stop any bleeding and stabilize the wound.
            After the patient has been stabilized, he/she is then released. In this case, Zimmerman was released to the local authorities who then took him into custody.
            And for some additional critical thinking. When did his nose begin bleeding? Was it while he was standing up, leaning back or foreward? Was it after he fell to the ground? And when one’s nose is bleeding, even profusely, do you lean back, forward, stand straight up? While he was being attented to by the medical team (and let’s just make the presumption that he had a significant amount of blood on his jacket), did he ask them for something to help clean himself up? Did one of the medical team staff offer him something to clean himself up a bit?
            With the lack of quality of that video, and the fact that his jacket was red and black, do you really expect that you would see any blood stains?
            What is the color of blood again? And when it dries, is it not a darker red? With as poor quality as the video is, how can one possibly expect to find evidence of blood on it as he passes by the cameras?
            5. “How do you shoot someone who is on top of you BEATING YOU and not get a drop of blood on your clothes?”: Well, if you are on the bottom, and getting face punched in, and let’s say you start bleeding profusely, blood flows which way? My guess it that gravity has the most influence and pulls it to the ground. If your intent of the question was how come Martin’s blood was not on Zimmerman, then you have been watching too much TV. In the real world, when you get shot in the chest, blood does not come instantly exploding out through bullet hole through loose fitted clothing. Again, we need to know the facts with regards to Martins position, how fast he reacted, and how fast his heart stopped beating. While I have heard that the bullet went through his heart (I have not personally confirmed this, but let’s make that presumption for time), when your heat stops beating, how are you supposed to bleed if nothing is pumping blood through your system? You only bleed as gravity allows blood to come out of your body. And if you’re wearing loose fitting clothes, as blood seeps out, more than likely, your clothing will act as a sponge.
            These are questions that need to be factually answered before you should make the conclusion that you are trying to draw. We need ALL these facts, especially if going to try to draw conclusions based on this video and misrepresentation by the mainstream news.

            • Insearchofjustice says:

              Let us look at the crux of your inane position: a fight so brutal that Zimmerman HAS to pull out a firearm to “defend himself” (NEVER MIND the FACT that this SELF APPOINTED watch captain INITIATED contact) YET, the mortician who worked on Mr. Martin’s body said there was NO evidence of ANY BRUISES, SCRATCHES, OR CUTS! So how EXACTLY does that work…..I beat your behind to a pulp, but walk away unscathed? REALLY?

      • john says:

        “Zimmerman Was told by the police not to follow him but he did not listen to the authority and ended up killing him.”

        He was not told by “police” not to follow him. He was told by a dispatcher (who’s recommendations have no force of law) that they don’t need Mr. Z to follow the thug.

        • Albert says:

          When you call 911 who are you calling? I’m not calling 911 for a dispatcher, I’m calling for HELP. Imagine if the dispatcher had said “Go ahead and follow him and use any force to subdue the suspect until we arrive”. What would you think would happen to the dispatcher once that call got released? EXACTLY! He was telling him to back off for his own safety so these thing would not happened. Zimmerman wanted to show authority and the kid didn’t back down. No reason he should have been out of his vehicle. None

          • Allie says:

            Zimmerman was on his way back to his SUV when Martin attacked him. You see, most of us are mortals and we have to actually walk to where we need to go and that takes a little time. There is a one minute time span that is in question. That one minute was the time Zimmerman needed to return to his SUV.

            • Annie says:

              Yeah, right. You da one with the ONLY facts. Yup, believe every little bit you say. Almost as much as I believe Zimmerman’s ever-growing story.

            • Fact checker says:

              And Treyvon was also mortal. He needed to put one foot in front of the other to get from the store to his step-parents home.

  14. obi says:

    Ok soooooooo have you seen the average 17 year olds twitter page?? Does that meen that if you see any of them in your nieghborhodd you can chase them down and shoot them?? How many 17 year olds have bathroom mirror pics with thier shirts off or pictures with middle fingers up?? Do they deserve to die because of that…alot of blk, white and spanish people use the word nigga as. Slang…do they deserve to die?? Where are u getting this gang banger talk? Or is that just the same type of assumption zimmerman made because of how he dressed?? What does anything have to do with the fact that zimmerman chased a boy who tryed to get away from him when he was told not to by the cops and as a result of this action the boy is dead…trayvon was not doing anything but talking on the phone hood on because of the rain his dad lived in gated community……is it so wrong that people want a trial?? You guys are saying that we are jumping to conclusions and are wrong for that…but the cops did the smae thing zimmerman told them it was self defense at the scene and that was it…they believed him go home sir investigattion over…..is it ok for them to jump to conclusions that trayvon was in the wrong?? All we are asking for is a trial…..If Trayvon had some how gotten control of the gun and killed zimmerman and claimed self defense would the cops have believed him or arrested him on the spot?? Thats why we protest…….how can you guys hear that a 17 year old is dead and dig up every negative thing u cand about him in order to stain his image?? And the most negative things you can come up with are some photos and tweets from his teenage friends..oh and a school suspension for marijuana residue….r u kidding me?? So i guess since the bush daughter get caught with cocaine more than prostitutes they should be killed as well?? Do you guys actually think or do you just write things to promote a political agenda….a child is dead here….God does not look kindly on those who take advantage of children while they are alive but he must realy get angry about taking advantage of a child thats dead!

    • jafo979 says:

      Two things:

      First, a TRIAL is exactly what most people who are ostensibly defending Zimmerman are asking for. I haven’t seen anyone advocating that he should walk scot-free, seeing as how the FACTS are not yet fully known. As such, he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of his peers. End of story. Unfortunately, the MSM, the New Black Panthers, and many loudmouthed celebrities are advocating mob violence and vigilantism on behalf of a 17-year-old who may or may not have instigated a physical altercation.

      Second, you seem to have fallen for the “just a child” BS that is being pushed by every media outlet. Hate to break it to you, but 17 years old (and change) is a “child” only by the thinnest definition of the law; here in Afghanistan we refer to 17 year-olds as “Fighting age males” because that’s *exactly* what they are. Fighting age. They are just as capable of killing me and mine as the “18 and up” crowd. You rant about peer pressure and the image he presents on Facebook and Twitter. Well, guess what, words matter and so does the appearance one presents to the world. Trayvon Martin, through his words (Twitter), appearance (facebook) and actions (drug related suspension from school) has not yet impressed in me a high caliber of personal character or self-discipline. Certainly not childlike innocence. Not surprisingly, the Media (and the Administration) didn’t bother to vet this particular victim before falling all over the altar of “child martyrdom.”

      The facts are not in, but it’s obvious that there’s been an aggressive media campaign to paint Trayvon Martin as a completely innocent victim and Zimmerman as a law-breaking thug. I was not present; neither were you. There are several inconsistencies in evidence (that has been released to the public) that will hopefully be resolved in a court of law. I fully expect Zimmerman to be charged, at a minimum with negligent homicide or manslaughter, and if the facts are demonstrated to be in his favor then I expect him to leave a free man. If not, he should serve his time. Until the verdict is issued by a jury, all we can do is speculate. Trayvon Martin is dead -- which is unfortunate for himself, his family, and the community at large. Obviously the country has bigger issues to deal with at the moment rather than being wrapped up in a media frenzy over one questionable death.

      Hopefully the facts will be brought to light, and justice will ultimately be served (whatever the verdict).

      • JJ says:

        I agree there should be a trial. But if Zimmerman isnt found guilty. Mark my words , There will be riots all over the country. Just like a few years ago with Rodney King.

        • Eliza says:


        • BUFFALO JOHN says:

          Spoken like a true criminal.

        • john says:

          And no one will care. ‘Cept for the bleeding heart white liberal cowards. The moronic “rioters” will burn and destroy their own neighborhoods. LOL

        • Insearchofjustice says:

          WOW! it must be QUITE INTERESTING being clairvoyant! You have NO IDEA about what will happen IF Zimmerman is acquitted! NO ONE DOES! ALL Martin’s family & supporters wanted WAS AN ARREST!

          Those defending Zimmerman DID NOT want a trial! They wanted him to be able to invoke the “Stand Your Ground” defense, and walk away!

          Those protesting & signing petitions only asked that Zimmerman BE ARRESTED and made to stand trial!

          • klansman X says:

            you are a world class nigger lovin turd… you need an education… martin deserved what he got… that little gangsta nigger attacked the spic and was in the process of killing him… the spic was headed back to his truck… no threat… doesn’t matter what happened before.. he chose to pursue and brutally attack.. it was his crime that justifies the shooting.. zimmerman is the victim… he is also a hero.. he should get a medal…

      • obi says:

        I dont think you understand why people are protesting…..someones child lost their life!! This guy admits to shooting him but because he claims self defense to the officers on the scene they let him go?? Where does that happen?? Ever? Why are the cops so quick to believe that Trayvon attacked zimmerman?? Now couple that with the history of how blacks are treated in this country and you wonder why people are skeptical of the investugation?? Because African Americans have always recieved justice in this country……Now we have articles like this showing pictures of Trayvon with gold teeth and with his middle finger up to prove what?? That hes a normal teenager..Trayvon wasnt a gang banger this is not a news article because the writer is voicing an opinion…with that being said i dont care if you have a picture of Trayvon holding a gun, he didnt have one that night and if Zimmerman didnt disobey a 911 operators order not to pursue Trayvon would still be alive and your day wouldnt have to be bothered with our silly protests…

        • BUFFALO JOHN says:

          There was an eye witness that saw @No_Limit_Nigga attacking Zimmerman. You keep accidentally forgetting that fact. It isn’t just Zimmerman’s word. Geez, is it really that hard to grasp? And what about Zimmerman’s injuries??

          You all talk about justice while you pick and choose which facts you use. Justice is not a fact al-a-carte process.

      • Yes, Really says:

        @jafo979 I’m sure that “here in Afghanistan” you refer to a lot of things differently than we do. Don’t you strap bombs to toddlers and send them to the enemy? GTFOH How dare you even attempt to judge the American Lifestyle, whether it be that of a white, black Hispanic, BTW Zimmerman getting off scott-free is EXACTLY what his supporters are asking for. Haven’t you been reading what his supporters are writing? Saying? Trayvon Martin Supporters are asking for an arrest and a trial. This is America. We’re not used to someone just being able to just kill someone on the street, then authorities just take their word for it that they were provoked.

    • john says:

      One should be killed when one is bashing a downed victim’s head into the concrete. Thug life! LOL

  15. New details coming out about Trayvon Martin: Look out now! « Two Guys 2012 says:

    [...] then we have this piece from The Daily Caller via Sad Hill News: I only posted a few of “@No_LIMIT_NIGGA’s” (Trayvon Martin) Tweets because most were thug-like and/or X-rated. You can see the rest: [...]

  16. obi says:

    Obama is black so he would have a black son that he would have to tell not to wear hoodies because white people may be afraid of you…..hes telling the truth…

    • Jason says:

      Yep. May be afraid and shoot him dead.

    • john says:

      You’re not telling the truth. Obummer is half black much like Zimmerman is half hispanic.

    • klansman X says:

      obama hates niggers too… he just uses then for political gain… watch as this ends up with martial law and more freedoms taken..

  17. Geo says:

    I hate the media, and I know why you went the other extreme with the photos. That said, the two extremes bring us no closer to the reality of what happened. Martin could have rushed Zimmerman, Zimmerman then shooting in self-defense. Zimmerman could have approached Martin with gun drawn (or did Martin approach Zimmerman?), Martin had a self-defense reaction, Zimmerman then fired. I can believe either scenario. Both Zimmerman and Martin are people with backgrounds that are unappealing to most people. Neither party was busy that day, apparently. Two imbeciles crossed paths.

    • Eliza says:

      You have no idea what happened. You are the imbecile here for simply overgeneralizing a homicide.

      • Geo says:

        I clearly stated that we don’t know what happened. That was my entire point. Sorry you missed it…imbecile.

      • john says:

        “overgeneralizing a homicide”

        A justifiable homicide.

  18. Jessica says:

    Doesn’t matter if he was a little thug, if he had gold teeth and threw up the middle finger, if he used the word “nigga”, if he got expelled from school, or if he used marijuana.


    Maybe the media wanted to make him look innocent because otherwise people apparently DESERVE to be murdered.

    • Storm says:

      Actually you can. 911 operators and dispatchers are NOT COPS, nor do their suggestions have to be followed. Even the cops have stated that it wasnt against the law for zimmerman to follow the negro even after it was suggested for him not to.

      Now, we are learning more and more about this case. The police have said that Zimmerman was headed back the car, and trayvon attacked him. This story was backed up by eyewitnesses, they even went back the next day and reenacted it. Zimmerman has also passed a voice stress analysis lie detector test.
      Also if you read Treyvons twitter page, you will even see trevons brother talking to him about Treyvon recently swinging at a school bus driver.

      Sorry the “little innocent negro boy” the media tried to make up is turning out to be a real scumbag.

      • Concerned says:

        “little innocent negro boy”….wait I guess I didn’t realize that it was still 1954 and the world was broken into whites and negros. Before attempt to make any credible argument, at least be civil with your terms, its 2012.

        • klansman X says:

          your right.. he was a fukkin greasy nigger..

      • Eliza says:

        Though hate speech is legal in the United States because of free speech, this language is appalling, disgusting, ignorant and scary. Please educate yourself and free yourself from hatred and racism. Negro, really…because of people that use this word and perpetuate racism killings like this happen. Please make a trip to an urban area and immerse yourself in different cultures and realize we are all human.

        • john says:

          “… realize we are all human.”

          This is true. The sad fact, however, is that some of us (Z) are civilized and some of us (T) are savages.

        • BobbyG says:

          Hmmm, I guess people of color should educate each other about call’n one another the “N’ word, not to mention some males refering to women as Bitches & Ho’s. Being all civilized and all, kind of a double standard if you ask me. I get the impression from many here that racism is just a white thing? I’m here to tell you it is a black and white thang… Practice what you preach! Do I hear an Amen?

    • Eliza says:

      Agreed! Thank you!

      • BobbyG says:

        The Dispatcher is not a police officer, Zimmerman had every right to follow Martin in his gated community. The media posted an innocent look’n Martin abt 13yrs old. Please! Zimmerman had a bloody nose and blood on the back of his head. Did Zimmerman beat himself up?

    • Heywood Jablome says:

      Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch dude you dumb ass. His role IS to watch for suspicious people. How the fuck do you know he kept following Trayvon. In fact Trayvon was high and came after Zimmerman because he was watching him. It was George Zimmerman’s right to watch Trayvon no matter what you think!!! Granted Zimmerman was risking getting his ass kicked but Trayvon should have left him alone and gone home.

  19. So, I did not know that wearing a hoodie classified someone as a thug! I wear hoodies all the time to work, does that make me a thug? I can’t believe this is what the world has come to! I don’t care if Trayvon had gold teeth, platinum teeth. yellow teeth, or a wonderful dental plan! Here are the facts, Zimmerman was instructed by the police not to follow Trayvon, PERIOD!!! If the rolls were reversed, and Trayvon shot and killed Zimmerman, would he be a free young man? I think not! How soon we forget what this country was founded on! I am not one for pulling the race card, but the fact is, Zimmerman’s skin is not the same color as Trayvon’s! Yes, Zimmerman may be Hispanic, but does that mean that he’s is not racist? Now that this case has generated all this press does this mean that we classify someone as a bad person because of the pictures they take? Trayvon was 17 years old and gunned down by a man who was instructed to leave him alone! So now his Twitter name and the pictures that were taken of him is a justification as to why he was murdered? Or, maybe it was the fact that he was suspended from school for having what appeared to be an empty marijuana bag in his possession, I don’t know, let me pick one! When I was seventeen, I was expelled from school, does that mean that I was some kind of wild and out of control child? No, it simply meant I made a mistake that became a lesson learned! So Trayvon being suspended has nothing to do with him being murdered! I do not know all of the answers, but I do know this much, we need some answers! (right fist raised high to the sky)

    • Storm says:

      You will get plenty of answers. Thats why we have a grand jury. They will decide if there is enough evidence to file charges on Zimmerman. I hate to tell you this, but so far all the evidence that the police have released to the media shows that Treyvon attacked zimmerman first. Even an eyewitness backs this story. If treyvon attacked zimmerman first, was on top of him beating him and slamming his head on the ground, then zimmerman had the right, under florida self defense laws to pull out his gun and shoot treyvon.

      And once again, its not against any laws to not follow the suggestions of 911 operators or dispatchers…..911 operators are NOT COPS.

      • No matter what Trayvon did, he was unarmed and not causing any problems in the neighborhood. Zimmerman should not have been following him, PERIOD!

        • jafo979 says:

          Your first sentence contradicts itself in its assumptions. Let’s break it down:

          “No matter what Trayvon did…”

          There’s a lot that he may have done. May have been acting suspiciously -- by which I mean actions, not how he was dressed or the color of his skin. Was he simply walking down the sidewalk, whistling a tune? Was he slowing down at parked cars, peering inside windows? Whatever Zimmerman saw, it attracted his attention.

          “He was unarmed…”

          Zimmerman had no way of knowing that. Any number of weapons are easily concealed in pants or waistband.

          “not causing any problems in the neighborhood.”

          This contradicts your “no matter what Trayvon did” entrance, because we don’t *know* what Trayvon did. We don’t know. Zimmerman knows.

          Was Zimmerman justified? I say charge him with a crime based upon evidence at the scene and let the facts play out in a court of law. Otherwise, he’s innocent until proven guilty.


        • Geo says:

          No matter what he did, really? So if someone is unarmed but brutally attacks another person, the other person has no right to protect themself with a firearm? Wrong.

          • Julie says:

            First I’d like to say that the picture of the kid holding up his middle finger is NOT the trayvon martin that was murdered. they simply share the same name. also i know if someone is following me, i’d do my best to protect myself, period. To those saying he shouldn’t have been wearing the hoodie, you’re morons. I could understand Zimmerman begin alarmed if they kid had on a ski mask or something, but a hooded sweat shirt. Come on. Seriously.

        • Heywood Jablome says:

          He had a bookbag full of stolen women’s jewelry. He WAS causing fucking problems in the neighborhood you dumb ass. He was staying at his fathers because he’d been kicked out of school for possession of marijuana.

    • Eliza says:

      Thank you!

      • Shawn says:

        TO KILL SOMEONE WITH A FIREARM???WRONG hes going to jail for M U R D E R

        • David says:

          He will not go to jail for murder, lack of evidence and the so called “kid” deserved it. He had the sense of mind to severely beat a man with a gun, therefore he had to pay for his actions, and he picked the wrong person. Better luck next time..oh wait…

          • leonard says:

            wow your butt cheeks your not gettin under anybodys skin.why are people racist any way nobody can help the skin there born with.im pretty sure trayvon doesnt care hes in a better place.

    • Heywood Jablome says:

      As far as you know Zimmerman DID stay away from Trayvon. Remember, he was the neighborhood watch guy. It was his DUTY to observe suspicious behavior. Trayvon was high and didn’t want anyone “watching” him so he approached Zimmerman and kicked his ass. It’s Zimmerman’s right to walk around his own neighborhood. Besides, 911 isn’t the police and the 911 operator only said “you don’t need to do that” when they asked Zimmerman if he was following Trayvon.

  20. [...] Now to poor little victim Nigga Trayvon Martin, the pictures the media is hiding from the public: The Trayvon Martin Our Government-Subsidized Media Won't Let You See… | Sad Hill News We have seen the enemy and it is you! Reply With [...]

  21. [...] only posted a few of “@No_LIMIT_NIGGA’s” (Trayvon Martin) Tweets because most were thug-like and/or X-rated. You can see the rest: [...]

  22. obi says:

    Did i just read the word negro boy in these comments??? And this is not a race issue? And you wonder why we are skeptical of getting a fair trial?? Racism still exists!! The bush daughters are probably coked up right now!!lets take a look at some of your kid’s twitter and facebook pages?? Are they thugs as well?? Give me a break….what eveidence says that trayvon attacked zimmerman besides zimmerman’s statement that trayvon hit him when he tryed to get in his truck?? But the body was found far away from the truck?? How did trayvons body get so far away if like zimmerman says trayvon knocked him to the ground with one punch and dove on top of him……once zimmerman pulled out the gun the story should be over..you say stop! Freeze! Anything with a gun pointed at someone and they will listen…this guy fired at an unarmed 140 lb teenager……i do believe that Trayvon was kicking this guys ass but i believe he stopped but this guy was so enraged about losing the fight that he fired….what else could have happened?? He didnt say the gun went off by accident…..if you have a gun and the other guy doesnt wht threat is there to your life?? He couldnt just shoot him in the leg?? Hos is this justified to you people??? Some things shouldnt be used to advance a political agenda..you would think that we as a nation could agree on something like this…you dont kill people because you lost a fight!! Especially when your 28 fighting a rail thin 17 year old and you have a freakin gun….even if this zimmerman guy is mentally slow he needs to be in jail for manslaughter….if this was your son (please put his race aside), with the exact same dedtails of this case… how would you feel?

    • Heywood Jablome says:

      The law in Florida allows an armed person to shoot another if they perceive their life is in danger. So fuck your opinion!

  23. major in the minor says:

    I just want to say that the pictures are accurate because the same photos are on his girlfriends page that I became friends with on facebook. There are post on his facebook page as well as comments from friends way before he passed about fights that he has gotten into at school and comments about getting high. I am black but I dont think that this case should soley revolve around race. I do feel that some type of action should take place because no one should have the right to take away the life of another. As far as the innocence that they are trying to portray upon Trayvon…it needs to stop!

    • Heywood Jablome says:

      If a person perceives that their life is in danger YOU DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE ANOTHER PERSONS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Regardless of what YOU think. Trayvon learned a tough lesson. If he had lived I guarantee he would think twice about kicking someones ass again -- because they could be carrying a gun. And why the fuck aren’t you upset about all the senseless black on black murder that goes on around this country????

      • WOW says:

        So, Trayvon didn’t have the right to defend himself from a stranger who followed him and also did not identify himself?
        Listen, if you want to be delusional -- Fine, but if an unknown black guy followed you down a dark path you’d probably run or turn around and punch the guy too. Not sure I understand why Mr. Martin was so wrong for defending himself. Keep in mind, this was a 17 year old kid! Regardless of his race, he thinks like any other 17 year old kid. He was probably scared out of his mind! Do you think that black skin provides some kind of magical courage or something!? Geesh! Grow up!

        Also, to address your comment regarding Black on Black crime… there are millions of Black citizens who address Black on Black crime EVERYDAY. The MEDIA doesn’t tackle these issues the same way. They report crime, but then they don’t always cover the resulting protests that happen at City Hall’s demanding more police protection in these neighborhoods, or the marches down violent blocks where tons of angry, yet civilized African Americans walk around with signs that say “We’re Taking Our Community Back!”… back from violent gangs, drug dealers, and criminals who are allowed to stay on the street, that is. You don’t see that right? Bias maybe? Sure.

        There are gangs, drug dealers and criminals of EVERY race, but that’s not the image you see when you turn on that TV. The point is, all Black people aren’t the same, just like all White people aren’t the same, all Mexicans aren’t the same, nor are all Asians the same. If White people are truly tired of reverse racism, then stop with the stereotypes. Simply put, I wouldn’t judge you if you weren’t so quick judge me.

        Black woman with a PhD

        • WOW says:

          Oh, and to add… based on the FBI’s 2011 Expanded Homicide table, 52% of homicides in America are committed by white males and females .
          83% of the white homicides are committed by white offenders. Sounds like White people have some community issues of their own to address.

          Shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house…. Stereotypes sure can be deceiving, right? lol

          Married, average weight, multiple degree holding Black woman with no welfare, children or criminal record…
          Have a great day ;)

  24. the briggs says:

    If I killed a white dude I’d be on death row right now. PERIOD!!!!

    • BobbyG says:

      If you killed a white dude…hmmm? 1. How many people of color would even be concerned let alone up in arms? 2.) Sharpton & Jackson would not be seen nor heard from. 3.) There would be no million white man march. 4.) I guess you forgot, OJ was found not guilty. And there were no white folks rioting after the verdict.

      Profile: small percent of population commits about 75% of crimes -- The
      answer is? Now please excuse me while I listen to some music that is anti-authority, promotes violence, drugs and is degrading to women …

      • obi says:

        Actually white people are the majority and they commit the majority of the crimes….

        • David says:

          If you base the crime rate on statistics, there is a larger percentage of the “black” population that commit crimes than “white” population. Yes whites are the majority, so based solely on the amount of crimes committed it would make sense that whites committed more crimes, but the percentage is much smaller than that of blacks.

        • Heywood Jablome says:

          What are you smokin obi-won? Blacks commit ten times more crimes than whites. The jails are full of black men and you’re going to deny this? I monitor the arrests in our county every day. There are about 100 arrests every day and usually 70 are black, 20 are hispanic and the rest are asian, indian and white. The arrests should be around 70 white, 30 Minority if based on the population. YOU ARE IN DENIAL!!!! The black man can’t cope in a law abiding society -- admit it.

    • J. Alva says:

      Recently two african american males poured gasoline on a 13 year old white kid. Set him on fire, and said…”This is what you get for being white” Where’s the out rage over this? Why is the african american community not upset over this? Double standard to say the least.

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  26. [...] More at source (full screenshots). H/T Wagist More details at Sad Hill News. [...]

  27. [...] More at source (full screenshots). H/T Wagist More details at Sad Hill News. [...]

  28. [...] The Trayvon Martin our government-subsidized media won’t let you see: HERE [...]

  29. Darius says:

    ur an idiot. Ur saying Trayvon isnt innocent because he smoke a lil weed and had quotes to gangster rap in his twitter? Go die in a hole.

    • Merik2013 says:

      I suppose heading back to Zimmerman at his car and assaulting him doesn’t impact his “innocence” to you either. Martin’s obviously not the one on trial, but that’s only because his little stunt ended with him dying. If he was concerned for his safety why go back and assault the man who had at that point completely lost track of you and given up to wait for the cops to arrive? He was home free and could have just walked back to his dad’s house at that point. Instead he had to act like some sort of thug.

  30. [...] The Trayvon Martin our government-subsidized media won’t let you see: HERE [...]

  31. Shawn says:

    Let me make something VERY VERY clear. We all are ONE race. We are the HUMAN RACE. Wrong is wrong it doesnt matter if your black blue or green. Some of the comments left about a 17 year old CHILD are disuisting,immoral,ignorant,biased and flat out racist. A mother lost her child and if u cant respect that you flat out should not talk.And the twitter? WHO CARES? you think that justifies murder??? No it surely does not. No teen is a saint, we all find our way through mistakes. I also recall a popular caucasian artist named LADY GAGA wearing gold teeth on her twitter page? did that make her a thug as well??? i think not. yet when a black child does it he’s suspicious??? Thats Racist and we will not stand for it at all. Justice will be had regardless of this idiotic backlash against a child. period.

    • Sarah says:

      Well said!

    • BobbyG says:

      Justice? Well justice is achieved when no one person nor group plays judge and jury. The LAW is there to provide justice and if you do not like the law, the judical system then you need to vote for those who you feel are the most qualified to do the job. No one here has all of the facts in this case. No one here has seen all of the evidence. And I will also add that many here just do not give a rats a$$ about justice, they refer to Zimmerman as the “Murderer”. Their mind is made up and Zimmerman is guilty. Sad to say that If Martin were white and Zimmerman was a black man, we would not see nor hear hardly a thing from the black community. Once again many in the black community have made up their mind without all the facts in the case. I am reminded of the T. Brawley and Duke Lacrosse incidents. While no one lost their life in these incidents, they serve as a constant reminder of how people rush to judgement.

  32. Shawn says:

    George Zimmerman is the son of retired Virginia Supreme Court magistrate Judge Robert J. Zimmerman, his mother Gladys Zimmerman is a court clerk….He has three closed arrests

    7/18/05 for resisting an officer w/violence, and battery on a law enforcement Officer div 10…

    8/9/05 for domestic violence div 44…

    8/10/05 for domestic violence div 46…

    This is public information Orange County Florida Court Records…
    Each and every time I’ve thought about this case, I’ve asked myself….Who does he know that’s keeping secrets of his identity.”

    • ep says:

      Would you be so kind as to post links to verify your assertation as to his parents current and previous occupations? What you are eluding to, that because his parents work in the court system, therefore that is the reason he is not being charged, is just like the misleading of the information provided to us by the mainstream media.
      While this has absolutely no impact of the crime itself, if you want to put out a possible conspiracy theory, then please make sure that there are indeed facts to support this. Including that these are to parents of the accused George Zimmerman, not another Zimmerman of the same name.

  33. Sarah says:

    It doesn’t matter what Trayvon did before that night. Whether he was a thug or a straight A student does not matter. All that matters is that he did not deserve to die for simply walking down the sidewalk.

    • BobbyG says:

      HE simply walked down the street…. Zimmerman beat himself up, he bashed his own nose & bloodied the back of his own head. Ok, it’s all clear to me know ….

    • Heywood Jablome says:

      Oh Sarah you’re a dumb ass. He wasnt just skipping down the street with his skittles. HE WAS HIGH AND WENT AFTER ZIMMERMAN AND TRIED TO BEAT HIM TO DEATH. He even said that he was going to kill zimmerman. Good old George took him seriously and popped a cap in his heart. He did deserve to die according to Florida Law if George thought he was going to die.

    • klansman X says:

      had that been the case, you would be right… but he brutally attacked a man who, by witness and his own accounts, was heading back to his car… he was overheard saying he was going to kill him.. then proceeded to bash his head into the concrete and was striking with his fists… zimmerman was left no choice but to defend himself… he is a hero..

  34. Js10smom says:

    Whomever posted all of these pictures is a sad excuse for an object taking up space in the universe. First I’ll say this…. although some may think “all black people look alike” it’s not true. In the pictures you have posted there are only two of the Trayvon Martin that was gunned down by a volunteer vigilante self appointed night watchman of whom the neighbors had complained in previous association meetings with a city council member and the chief of police- George Zimmerman. The picture of the young boy with throwing fingers (that have been edited out) and a smiling George Zimmerman and the picture of a young boy displaying his “gold grill” are not the pictures of the Trayvon Martin that was MURDERED by said vigilante night watchman volunteer…who was told not to pursue the young man but chose to do so instead… while exclaiming “Fu**ing Coons” in the same recording. I would ask you to do your research, but it’s clear that your goal is to demonize and assassinate the victim here. The pictures you are trying to pass off as Trayvon Martin of Florida that was MURDERED is a picture of a Trayvon Martin of GEORGIA (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001791912868). This boy in Georgia is NOT the one heard pleading for help in the 911 tapes to have those pleads answered with a gun shot that took his life. Then have the MURDERER clam self defense. I, for one, would not cry for help if I am beating the crap out of another human being.

  35. Crystal Watson says:

    Wow… First and foremost, he was a teenager. I think that we as adults forget the things that we’ve done as kids. We go through identity crisis and peer pressure in those years. As an educated woman, I can clearly see that this boy was trying to be cool and trying to be something that he’s not. Again he was a teenager, his actions may not be the most favorable but I smoked in high schhol as did SOOOO MANY others in the world. Being a teen on youtube, twitter and facebook does not justify that slaying of this young man. You can not excuse the actions of Mr. Zimmerman, he is a 28 yo male that is capable of making better decisions. He chose to ignore police orders to stay back. But what did he do, he committed a hate crime. He approached a young black male with a hoodie because he felt that young man didn’t belong there. He followed Trayvon, probably grabbed him. And these were decisions that were by Mr. Zimmerman. I don’t typically support using violence against violence, however the city of Sanford needs to handle it before someone else does. I support the Panthers involvement in the matter because I’m tired of people killing our kids and this is okay. Maybe if the tables turn a little, these things will end. If this were a white teen and a black murderer this would nnot have gone this far. Racism is deadly as we can clearly see, pretending that racism doesn’t exist is just another form of racism. White America wasn’t going stop until they dug up some dirt on this kid, shameful and ignorant. It’s a shame that wrong isn’t wrong, when you’re white you’re right. I never thought that I would ever have to play the race card, but I need be part of the solution not the problem.

    • klansman X says:

      spoken like a true bluegum honky hatin nigger…

  36. Conniption Fitz says:

    Hmmm. Who does Malik Shabazz, Black Panther leader, look like?

    Could he be the half or full brother of a certain community organizer?

    Another secret son of a man who died 2/21/65?

  37. Peoples prospective says:

    People would always view the incident from their prospective. People should cool down and let investigation takes its course. It would well be a racial matter but it might not be also. A lose of any life is sad does not clothing, color or religion, people need to stop over reacting and be patient. Let investigation be complete and then justify.

  38. Eric says:

    Taking all the accusations of racism out of the picture and all the media’s blowup of the situation…the fact remains that Zimmerman called the police on someone walking down the sidewalk….was told not to approach him….but he did anyways….leading to an altercation (regardless of the details)….leading to the death of Trayvon. A trial should take place…a jury should determine if he is guilty of murder or not. Plain and simple. It doesn’t matter what picture has been painted of Zimmerman or Trayvon. He has “nigga” in his Twitter name. Big deal. Zimmerman mentored black kids. Who cares? Neither has anything to do with the situation.

    • Heywood Jablome says:

      HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW THAT ZIMMERMAN APPROACHED MARTIN?????????????????????? HOW DO YOU KNOW????? Trayvon was HIGH and probably paranoid and went after Zimmerman. You don’t know if Zimmerman got out of his vehicle. Trayvon pulled Zimmerman out of the car and bashed his head on the sidewalk. He didn’t want someone watching him, guilty conscience probably, so he went after him and tried to kill him.

  39. Fallible Sage says:

    None of this is relevant. This coordinated character assassination of this young man is atrocious. What immature things did you try as a 17 yo that would justify taking your life. I don’t care if you discover a undoctored picture of Trayvon with a “I hate neighborhood watchmen” hoodie (that depicts him with a darker complexion than presented in the media, because of course lighter equates to goodness, and darker a menace… idiot). I really don’t care if he was suspended for smoking weed in the Principal’s office, none of it is a green light to shoot this 17 year old child and take his life.

    We still live in a country where a black man can be thought suspicious just for walking down the street. We still live in a country, where now identified as a potential threat, as deviance and hoodies are synonymous here, he can be stalked and harassed at will. Where his rightful indignation will be perceived as evidence of criminality, and will incite verdict, sentencing and subsequent lynching by a one man justice system. Where the defense of self-defense can be accepted hastily by those sworn to uphold the law, who easily identify with the suspicion and fear the executioner must have felt to react so impulsively.

    My nephew turned 17 last week. Trayvon easily could have been mine… he could have been me. Since the age of 17 I’ve lived much, and I feel sorrow and rage everytime I think of what was taken from this young man and his family. What still could easily be taken from me, my nephews and my son. What will undoubtedly be taken from the next young man made victim to someone’s unchecked prejudice and fear. I can only hope that this senseless murder will cause someone to examine self, sparing another young black man a similar outcome. Unlike this drivel that reinforces bias.

    • Heywood Jablome says:

      If I’m lying on my back with my nose broken and the back of my skull split open and some kid beating my ass saying “I’m going to kill you” you bet your ass I’m going to use the gun in my pocket. and it doen’t make a fuck bit of difference what color his skin is, I’m pulling the trigger!!

      Some advice to the black community. If your teenagers are walking around a gated community at night acting suspicious, dressed suspicious, high on pot and go after a man who appears to be a little nosey. He might be the neighborhood watchman who’s job it is to be suspicious of anyone walking around acting strange (listen to the 911 call) , and he might be carrying a gun. So don’t threaten him with death. He has the right to pull the trigger. Senseless or not.

  40. Fallible Sage says:

    You couldn’t possibly believe that any of the crap you’ve posted justifies the murder of this young man, I’ll give you more credit than that. As such, then I hope you’d agree that a full investigation and trial is overdue. He and his family deserve justice, and Zimmerman deserves to be held accountable. Was Trayvon standing his ground and fearful for his life after being followed at night by a man with a gun? In the event that this was all instigated by Zimmerman (and the 911 tapes clearly shows that he was following this kid and told not to approach), does he then get to initiate an encounter, possibly a physical one, and then claim self defense if this kid got the best of him? We can explore these questions and more at trial.

    • klansman X says:

      i do… every last word.. Heywood Jablome’s account is accurate… the only justice for the family is accepting their little thug monster fucked up.. zimmerman is a hero.. he saved martins future victims from certain terror and most likely death… think of the rapes of white women alone he won’t commit… all the crack he won’t sell our children..

  41. John Rocker says:

    Brother Lynch…… Your once again proving what all people already know. The only good nigger is a dead nigger!

  42. John Rocker Is Racist Scum says:

    Why are all of you right winged idiots so incapable of spelling properly? The link between low IQ and conservatism is documented, but wow, some of you racist mouth breathers really reinforce the results of those studies….

    Anyway, the kid was retweeting rap lyrics, like thousands of other kids in this country do on a daily basis. White, black, hispanic, asian…race is irrelevant in this practice. Intending to interject that as evidence is ridiculous. Smoking pot, taking pictures with fake teeth, listening to rap…these are things that young people do.

    You hicks were young once, remember when you’d get wasted and listen to Ted Nugent or fuck your cousin before the big Nascar race? That didn’t make you deserving of being gunned down by some wannabe cop did it?

    You gun nuts are really frothing at the mouth over this one, people are attacking you for your archaic right to own a lethal weapon, and all because of some “THUG”. This website is disgusting, not even veiled racism.

    • BobbyG says:

      First, please don’t assume that others share your sexual practices with cousins. Sister turn you down again? Life’s a bitch …

      Do you have any comments concerning the 12 pieces of jewelry and the screwdriver that was found by school security in Martin’s bag when security was looking for a grafitti marker after Martin wrote W.T.F. on a locker. Some say a screwdriver is often used as a burglary tool?

      When and how was Martin ever going to learn his lesson? If he was suspended from school, why was he allowed to go out? I mean this was not his first suspension correct? He should have been home learning how to behave in school. Just a thought?

      • klansman X says:

        exactly… this angel.. the child victim… was already a typical street nigger criminal… dealing and using drugs, assaulting people, burglarizing homes, cars, businesses.. he liked raping young girls.. maybe boys too.. next stop, murder… he was trying that on that night when zimmer got him… hell, as far as we know.. maybe he had killed before and not been caught… makes sense..

  43. Stretch Pun says:

    Let’s assume Martin was a gang member and Zimmerman somehow knew it. Why would Zimmerman follow him, why wouldn’t he fear him? Zimmerman was acting in a predatory manner looking for confrontation, while armed with a handgun. It was a good ol’ nigger hunt, what’s the problem, huh?

    • BobbyG says:

      Spoken about a 17 year old who has a twitter name @No_Limit_Nig$$. You fill in the dollar signs. Some gold teeth, some tats, resembles how many thugs look. I’m just say’n. If Martin was suspended from school why the hell was he allowed out of the house in the first place -- good parenting? He should have been home learning some kind of lesson about how to behave in school. Just a thought? I mean he was suspended before too right? And he was allowed to go out? Wow, that is crazy …

      Marijauna, 3 suspensions, hmmm. Certainly not the epitomy of evil and certainly not the sweet innocent 11-12 year old many would try to have everyone believe.

      What about the 12 pieces of jewelry and the screwdriver which were found in Martin’s bag in his possession when security searched the bag for a grafitti marker when he wrote W.T.F. on a locker? WTF ..how sweet! Srewdrivers are often used as burglary tools.

      Hey, I have problems with Zimmerman too, he had previous arrests for domestic violence in 2005. And I am very aware that a man with a gun can think he is John Wayne. Maybe he was another cop wanna-be?

      My biggest problem is -- no one here has the right to play judge and jury. If there is sufficient evidence, Zimmerman should be arrested and put on trial. And if he is indeed guilty of murder, I hope he gets to spend the rest of his life in prison.

      • obi says:

        I notice that Mr. Bobby G replies to every comment except for my own….tough questions huh?? Bottom line is we are supposed to take the word of George zimmerman…no witness saw Trayvon attack zimmerman…we are protesting because the cops are simple taking zimmermans word for it….Bobby G you sir are a racist…i know you think that you are not but you are….its not your fault though…I love you as a fellow member of the human race..I hope that one day you can find it in your heart to realize that just because im black, have a tatoo and wear hoodies from time to time doesnt make me a gangster….the biggest gangsters wear suits..

        • BobbyG says:

          I have no problem replying to your comments. If you think I am a racist that is your opinion, many people of color love to play the race card. It’s a child’s game like calling someone fat or stupid. When all else fails call’m a racist. BTW, “some” of the biggest racists that I know are black so, I guess I am in good company.

          FYI, the police report states that the police wanted to charge Zimmerman with murder/manslaughter but after noting his injuries that have already been mentioned many times in addtion to a “witness” that supported Zimmerman’s story they did not do so. I did not make this stuff up. This witness called 911.

          I have questioned here about the 12 pieces of jewelry and a screwdriver that were found in Martin’s school bag when school security searched the bag looking for a grafitti marker after Martin wrote W.T.F. on a locker.
          No one can shed any light on this? Screwdrivers are often used a burglary tools. No comments?

          And if you have read ALL of my comments here, you should have read that I stated that I have problems with Zimmerman too. Zimmerman has a past history of domestic violence. He once resisted arrest. And I stated that I know how many act when they have a gun, some walk around thinking they’re John Wayne. Maybe Zimmerman is a cop wanna-be. Receintly, I have viewed the video of him being questioned by the police. And I do admit that I do not see any sign of the injuries that he claimed. Once again, I stated that if Zimmerman did in fact murder Martin, I hope he is convicted and spends the rest of his life in prision.

          My sole problem has been a people’s rush to judgement. I apologize if you think any of my comments have been unfair to Martin or if you believe them to be my judgement that he is guilty of anything. Like so many others, I want answers. I want to see all of the facts/evidence. I do feel that the pictures of Martin as a 11 year old vs the picture of Zimmerman is unfair. I questioned what is up with his possession of jewelry and a screwdriver. No one deserves to loose their life. And if probing for answers makes me a racist, so be it.

          • BobbyG says:

            Obi, *** Here is one link to a webpage about a witness. (2nd & 3rd paragraph). This is one of a few that I read. Is it all true? No one knows for sure however, it does support Zimmerman’s story. And I also found reports where witnesses said it was the other way around. From what I have read, the police did not just take Zimmerman’s word as to what happened. I read that the police considered Zimmerman’s injuries which I have stated that I cannot see in the receint video. Is it possible that Zimmerman was cleaned up before the video? Is it possible that Martin was defending himself against Zimmerman? Absolutely.


          • WOW says:

            BobbyG, I see your point. I wouldn’t call you a racist at all. Based on your comments it seems that you make an attempt to consider every aspect. I call that intelligent, not racist.
            However, lets keep in mind that Mr. Martin was an unarmed 17yo. Regardless of parenting or history; he was innocent THAT night.
            I would never wish death on anyone and I hope that you wouldn’t either.

        • klansman X says:

          obi, you’re a cunt

  44. TheCircle says:

    Um, all this article does is prove the exact point that people are trying to make. You have these photos listed to provoke people to profile Trayvon. Dont you see? THAT IS THE EXACT PROBLEM! “He looks like a thugs. He must be up to no good!” So he got suspended for some weed….What the hell does that have to do with what happened?

  45. Jaiden says:

    Let me just get this straight, you’re mad at the media for putting false information but you’re pointing out information that is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT?? The school suspension of Trayvon and his twitter are parts of his personal life that shouldn’t be brought up in the case at all. The marijuana suspension does not matter and just puts a bad image on Trayvon and his actions on Twitter and his social life DOES NOT change the fact that a 17 year old boy was SHOT and MURDERED while being followed by a complete stranger. If a strange man was staring at you and following you, tell me that you wouldn’t stare back, be concerned, or run. That would be a bold face hypocritical statement if you say you would just carry on your business while someone follows you at night. And in response to the “Stand Your Ground reasoning” that Zimmerman gives: Did he think that Trayvon was going to beat the life out of him with a bag of Skittles?? He had no legitimate reason to pull a gun out and MURDER Trayvon. Zimmerman should be locked up for murdering a helpless teen against a weapon. End of story.

  46. [...] [...]

  47. al sharpton says:

    Heehee hheee, us witha gold teeth always get the rap! why dont cha leave us alone and accept us as part of society. let us rule the country and be the rulers of the world. they should force all people to be like trayvon, with gold teeth and tattoos and gangs sign and smoke all drugs. Hee hee

    • obi says:

      You see the way people in America think??? But this is not a race issue?? Racis does not exist any more correct?? Its amazing what people say when they can hide behind a computer..

  48. al sharpton says:


  49. [...] over this government-subsidized Travyon Martin media fiasco. And I plan to stop covering it unless/until the riots – provoked [...]

  50. this author is an idiot says:

    You Loser Thats a picture of Trayvon Martin, 16 from Georgia. The child that passed away is from florida, they don’t even look alike. And Screw You if your son, nephew or little cousin was on the ground and shot dead by a GROW MAN. Would you have written this article, Listen to the tapes, listen to Trayvon’s scream… every one of them until he is shot dead. And don’t BS and say it was george screaming.

    • you're an idiot says:

      You’re an idiot. I seem to remember that they played the tape to Trayvon’s father who said that the scream was definitely NOT his son. But you know better because you WANT to believe that an evil, racist “white” man shot and killed an unarmed black alter boy for nothing more than wearing a hoodie. YOU are the racist. Too bad that people like you care NOTHING for the truth. Sounds like another Tawana Brawley case here. Bet you sided with her and Sharpie Sharpton back then too (if you were old enough).

      • Insearchofjustice says:

        Well, I guess recent events PROVE that YOU’RE the IDIOT!


        STOP INVENTING “facts!”

  51. Ryan says:

    The person who posted this is definitely being very dishonest. That has been confirmed as NOT being Trayvon Martin. It’s someone else entirely. No who is being misleading? You WANTED that to be Trayvon Martin, but it isn’t. Even if it was, that would do nothing to exhonerate George Zimmerman. Let’s run down the list:

    1.) Trayvon Martin was NOT engaged in any criminal activity. He was walking back to his dad’s house with Skittles and tea in his hands.

    2.) Police instructed Zimmerman to stop following Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman disregards, continues pursuit.

    3.) Trayvon Martin fulfilled a traditional legal obligation to retreat from his aggressor.

    4.) The law states that in a shooting incident, the police are required to do a toxicology test on the shooter to determine if he/she was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol at the time. The police failed to meet the requirement, and in fact performed toxicology tests on Trayvon Martin, NOT George Zimmerman. No drugs or alcohol were found in Martin’s system, and he did not have any kind of weapon either.

    5.) George Zimmerman claimed he fired his gun in self-defense. His friend, Joe Oliver, and his father have both claimed that Trayvon Martin was beating Zimmerman to death. They said that if Zimmerman had not shot Trayvon, Zimmerman would be dead. They made two claims, one was that Trayvon had broken Zimmerman’s nose, and the other was that Trayvon then repeatedly bashed the back of Zimmerman’s head against the concrete, leaving a “deep gash.” Upon repeated examination of the police surveillance tape of George Zimmerman at the Sanford Police station on the night he killed Trayvon Martin, there appear to be no injuries at all on either Zimmerman’s nose or the back of his head. There is no blood, and there are no bandages. If Trayvon was really beating Zimmerman to the point where he could have died, you would expect that Zimmerman would have needed the police to take him straight to the hospital. That was not necessary. Zimmerman was taking only to the police station for question, and he was released a short time later, without seeking medical attention.

    In conclusion: With all of the evidence considered, George Zimmerman’s self-defense story has utterly collapsed.

    • TexSizzle says:

      You think if you repeat the lie often enough, people will believe it? That seems to be what’s going on here.

    • Drew says:

      BULLSHIT! first off you started with a LIE no POLICE officer told him not to pursue trayon it was a 911 dispatcher who I might add has ZERO authority to command a person to do anything. yeah he shouldnt have followed him but bs the kid was trying to run away from an attacker. george didnt instigate an attack he was attacked and he defended himself SO SAYS THE JURY OF MULTIPLE PEOPLE who heard the testimony day after day and had 1000% more responsibility to choose the right verdict that your ARMCHAIR activist ass with an opinion and obviously no clear knowledge of authority, the law and how the judicial system works. BTW the photos of him bloodied up with ONLY DEFENSIVE wounds on him corroborates his story and that Trayvon had only OFFENSIVE wounds on his fists like he was beating someone and the one bullet hole. Its pretty damn obvious this entire case was blown immensely out of proportion by the media and the White House to start a race war. Its called DIVIDE and CONQUER and thats what obamas socialist, horrible, HYPOCRITICAL, LYING administration is doing to shield the eyes and ears of the ignorant and less intelligent ppl of America from the FREEDOMS they are stealing away from us, the taxes theyre imposing on us, the fact we are supporting the same terrorists in Syria that kill our people in Jihad all over the world, the banks that get away with robbing the entire population of the world, THE REAL PROBLEMS we have. and since fucking when in history has any sitting president ANY came out in a press conference to give his personal opinion on a civil case?!?! the crime of which occurs every god damn day in the USA. WAKE UP PEOPLE something like 95% of african americans voted for this guy while he does NOTHING to better you, NOTHING!! Its the same things the Romans did to the slaves and commoners they distract you with free cell phones, food aid, federal “assistance” that do nothing for you but keep you lazy and dependent on the system to provide just enough to get by while wealth and opportunity pass you by with no need for an education to survive or the will to be become more because your savior Obama will provide the shit you think you deserve for atrocities in America 100s or years ago. When the hell will it be time for you to better yourselves and not rely on EBT, food stamps, crime, handouts, the “gangster” way of living, the ignorance that make you think you deserve any more than any other person or that the fact that any society based on the current culture of this ghetto america could ever have a chance of thriving and growing. If you all hate how things are here so much so then fucking change it throw away your fucking obama phone, get an education, be civil towards every race and dont segregate ppl that have tried and earned more to get the wealth they have which is now being stolen to pay for the socialist handouts to feed the idiots of the country instead of being used to build and grow. I walk down the Vegas strip to go to work and I have ghetto fucks approach me every single day offering me drugs or talking shit or being loud and obnoxious in public to make a scene so everyone can hear you and think oh your the man/woman because you didnt back down, it drives me fucking crazy. Any intelligent person knows how to communicate without violence or hate and in a civilized way. Get on board and see what its like making an honest living working hard not thinking you deserve shit from anyone else paying taxes and when that mindset is gone and this Ghetto mob mentality fad or social disease is gone the rest of this nation can grow and you and your kids can be apart of building this great nation that has fallen in to ruins by these people up top. The dumber and more divided we are, the less of a threat we are to them when they take all the wealth. This tragedy is the product of the system and it will continue if things stay the same. To those who riot and destroy why dont your hypocritical asses try something that words like building, learning and growing your children to change the way the world works instead of teaching this hatred to them. I despise any person, white, black, yellow, tan, red, whatever the color, that does not pursue greater knowledge and understanding to help collectively make humanity better in any way.

  52. Charlotte25 says:

    So much hate and racism in this world. The potential for so much understanding and intelligence in us humans and yet all we do is label and hate. What one side is right over the other? Does it even matter, once the smoke clears? All of you here who react with unjustified and unbridled emotion will never know.

  53. Noonie says:

    I think anyone who thinks Zimmerman Is innocent is crazy he clearly followed that boy and had intentions on killing. Eventually the truth will come out. as for this crap about stuff on trayvons facebook he was a teenager we teens put stupid things up all the time that doesnt make us thugs or killers. I don’t want to believe Zimmerman is a racist asshole but that doesn’t mean he didn’t purposely kill Trayvon. Wether this is about race or not he killed Trayvon and he should not be aloud to get away with it. I have 3 brothers one of my brothers is half white it hurts to think that when my brothers go out only one of them is not in danger of being shot dead in the street.

    • BobbyG says:

      No one should have to walk the streets in fear of their lives. Maybe you want to say folks like myself are crazy because we choose not to prejudge Zimmerman and say he is a guilty man BEFORE all of the evidence has been presented. Your comment that he “had intentions on killing” is unfair. How do you know what was in his heart? So many people here just cannot believe that it is POSSIBLE , I did not say a certainty that Zimmerman went after Martin to see what he was up to and to report that to police? Nope, he had a gun so the assumption is that he had to use it. That is unfair. You are right, nothing means that he did not purposely kill Martin. Many men with guns think they are big bad men..

      Zimmerman is in trouble, his story about being injured from being attacked by Martin is falling apart. Many, including myself, see no signs of injury on the receint video of him being questioned by police.

      Young black males should not walk the streets in fear of white men. If the numbers are correct, blacks commit violent crimes against other blacks quite frequently. But those are just some numbers and the statistics have been debated upon for years. However, I do at least feel that the numbers concerning whites commiting violent crimes against blacks are not any higher compared to the same for black on black violent crimes.

  54. [...] from our government-subsidized lamestream [...]

  55. seriously? says:

    okay, apologies if this has been posted before; too many replies to skim. but, seriously. in the twitter quotes, the one starting with “fu** a bit**, any bit**, take your pick” -- that’s a curren$y song. those are lyrics. and the one about “i’ll kill them all if i could” is a young jeezy song. that is a TEENAGER quoting LYRICS. which is something i did constantly, as a white, upper-middle class kid on the internet. you may not believe this, but a lot of teenagers like to quote song lyrics. guess i missed the memo where everyone who has ever sang or quoted a song is sick in the head.

  56. non_prophet says:

    Oh, the insanity!!! Stumbled across this rancid website while looking for fake Trayvon pictures and accompanying examples of yellow “journalism.” Seems like I hit the jackpot.

    Great job of “investigative” journalism here, Mr. Murrow (sic). I mean, you are Edward R. Murrow, right?


    What a woeful bunch of white racist losers we have here.

    But here’s the deal, savages: Everyone defending the right of a grown man to stalk and kill an unarmed teenager because the teenager (unbeknownst to the grown man) may have indulged in weed etc., are perhaps greater savage racists than the grown man.

    Bet all of the Zimmy-lovers here also considered OJ Simpson “innocent until proven guilty.” Guess what? He was never proven guilty. Do you still feel he was innocent? LOL!!!

    To all the Zimmy Lover/Trayvon Haters, I’m waiting for one of two things from you: 1. Another devastating investigative report on the criminal background of Zimmy, or,

    2. An apology to Trayvon’s parents the moment Zimmy is convicted.

    Last point: If Trayvon were a white kid, wouldn’t you cretins here defending Zimmy consider him to be just a “Hispanic” who is probably illegal and not a “white Hispanic” who is unfairly disparaged in the press?

    Be honest…(I know; the word “honesty” is a tough nut to crack for ignoramuses). Have an adult look up the meaning before you answer that question.

    And by the way…THANK GOD FOR REV. AL SHARPTON. If only because the ONLY people he pisses off are WHITE RACISTS.

    Peace out, savages.

    • BobbyG says:

      non_prophet, you want to refer to folks as “savages” really! If Travon Martin was murdered, let the judicial system do their job and convict him. I do believe that there is enough evidence for Zimmerman’s arrest and a trial. However, this incident should not be a trial by the media and the black community.

      People are called racist or Trayvon haters just because they ask questions and want to wait for the system to do it’s job? I will not deny that racism exists in the white community. However, some of the biggest racists I have met are black people.

      Here are some prime examples of racism I have witnessed. First we have the Twanna Brawley fiasco. Ol Rev. Al made himself famous over this incident. Next we have OJ Simpson who murdered TWO white people and got away with it. Moving right along we have the infamous Duke Lacrosse incident. Gee that po black stipper girl who was raped by those bad rich white boys. The fact that sooooo many black people would RUSH TO JUDGEMENT and believe a stripper who obviously slept around before even considering that the Duke boys just may be innocent -- is racist. Such an honorable profession for a mother. Makes me all warm and fuzzy! Finally, we have the Yvette Williams incident in SC in 2009. This one had several eye witnesses who were black who gave statements that they saw the police shoot and kill this po innocent teen in cold blood. What a bunch of out right LIES! I’m sure Rev. Al and Jessy J were on their way to SC. What ended the BS, exposed the LIES and saved the police was the police dash camera which recorded the shooting and clearly showed the girl pointing a bb handgun at the police. She had just used this gun to rob a store.

      Furthermore, if Martin was a white boy and Zimmerman was black, where would Rev. Al & Jessie J be? And would people in the black community be marching for a white boy? Would the Black Panther party be offer’n $10,000 for Zim’s capture? Would Mr. Spike Lee be tweet’n Zim’s address or tele#.

      If you only stand up for your color, is that not a a form of racism?

      Hypocrisy, look it up.

    • TexSizzle says:

      “Racist” is a term leftists use to concede that they have no rational argument, and that they have lost the argument. Your racist card has been revoked for being over the limit.

  57. @Liestoomuch says:


    Zimmerman confirmed that the kid is unarmed ….so your story is shit …..

  58. [...] Most of us could care less who’s black, who’s white, etc. But not our race-baiting president, nor our ‘post-racial’ government. The US Census Bureau, and just about every other [...]

  59. [...] Sanford, FL is the same city where the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman incident took [...]

  60. Zero says:

    Just as this issue should not be about Black and White when it comes to race, I’m sure it’s not black and white when it comes to who was right and wrong. Just so it’s clear…I’m white, not that I really think that matters…all races are probably more likely to commit violence on a race other than their own…it happens because of, and helps along the pre-conceived notion that we are all so different. Which we are not.

    Trust me, I’m from Kentucky…and I also live in a mobile home. I do a lot of blue collar work, and I have piercings and tatoos. Now, I’ve obviously never been Black before, so I can’t say what’s worse, but trust me, white trash goth kids aren’t undescrimited against, neither by the general populous, nor the police. I feel I share a similar general suspicion towards officers of the law as are stereo-typically ascribed to young Black males. I’ve been unreasonably hassled by them, and their “lite version” (mall cops, neighborhood watch, other security) on many more occasions than I would care to recount here.

    Because of this I tend to think that Zimmerman probably was trying to play “Supercop”. I’d say he probably was hassling the kid. I’ve seen it happen. It has nothing to do with color, unless you consider that hunger for power has a color…from what I’ve heard, it sounds like Zimmerman was pushing the limits of his meager authority, which he no doubt inflated in his own mind beyond reprieve.

    However…I can not speak any reliable information about what happened next…perhaps Zimmerman walked up to Treyvon gun drawn…in which case, with Zimmerman not being law enforcement, I can fully understand in that situation, that Treyvon attacked in self defense, and that he was winning the fight, until Zimmerman managed to position his gun and fire…

    Or…Zimmerman approached Treyvon and said, “Good afternoon, young man, I am the head of the neighborhood watch in this community, and I was wondering if you’d mind identifying yourself and your purpose here.” To which Treyvon responded, “F$%# You wannabe pig bit%$” and charged Zimmerman, beating him senseless, at which point Zimmerman got to his gun, and in self defense…was forced to fire.

    Either is possible, as well as a mix of the two, or anything in between…honestly, I tend to side with the person with the least power…however, I’m not stupid enough to believe that I really know anything much about this situation, whether from the lying greedy media, the lying greedy politicians, or the lying greedy rest of the people who want to put their two cents in to feel like they belong to some group. I am an individual…and this was an individual situation…which an individual court of the individual’s peers should decide upon.

    Personally, I would think involuntary manslaughter could even be a possibility…this assumes that perhaps Zimmerman started it, Treyvon Escalated it, and Zimmerman ended it, justly or no…but this is not about Black or White…these were two individuals, with their own individual outlooks and aspirations and struggles…support the Martin family, pray for them, no matter why or how, losing a son has got to be the worst thing ever…but unless your intentions are to help TRUE JUSTICE be done, please shut your mouth.

  61. kody says:

    GOOGLE CACHE??!?!?! ZOMG not like that can be cheated at all now…..NOT! just use a BOT army to search sumthing like “OBAMA IS MUSLIM” 100K times and its now cached all over, or make sum fake ass accounts on FB and twit?u have tons of screen caps of his “account” i mean those are so hard to fake rite? NOT! . call FB or twit and ask them how many people tried to make a trayvon martin account after he was shot, as the same for the shooter. the person who made this whole page is a obvious racist (that was so hard to figure out?) and completely fails at making a troll page.
    i mean does anyone believe this trash on here? if u do, i feel so bad for ur weak mind, u must be getting so used in life that u have no idea of wuts reality and wuts not

  62. kody says:

    and if anyone wants to know im a 27 year old white boy, and i would like to see justice for martin

    i mean u see a grown man standing over a dead 17 year old boy with a gun.
    do u even need words? lets face it people “common sense” just is not common nemore!

  63. [...] recent pictures. Nope. Just the heavily doctored image of Trayvon they pushed/sold for weeks (see here) until they were called on [...]

  64. [...] vandalism, and other serious and petty crimes. You made the world a little brighter when you took Trayvon out of [...]

  65. jonast says:

    i hope your kid gets shot by a crazy dude. you’re a prick.

  66. [...] The Trayvon Martin our government-subsidized media won’t let you see: HERE [...]

  67. Emilio says:

    I have heard of “thugs” that are known to dress very nice. I grew up watching movies such as as Scarface, The Godfather, and Carlito’s way. Now Don’t get me wrong, I have seen boys in the hood as well. However, What if Trayvon were dressed in a suit? Technically he would be dressing like a thug, right? I’m not saying that Zimmerman is at fault because he was white, because he obviously isn’t. I’m saying that he is at fault, because regardless of his race, he profiled a black teen. Had he not profiled a black teen, there would be no calls to the police. There would be no gunshots. There would be no “Death of Trayvon Martin.” I don’t want to spark any direct arguments, but I would like for anyone to speak on what I just said. I keep seeing people respond that it is okay to follow a suspicious figure, but after the police are called, that should be the end of it. They were more than likely sending a squad car over there if it was in fact, an area with a high crime rate. I don’t understand how people can accept that somebody died, and there was no arrest. If Zimmerman had died, I would expect Trayvon to be “taken in for questioning.” Not questioned right the fuck there lol. Why is this any different?

  68. [...] ABC News finally got around to releasing a more accurate image (photo) of what took place that night. I apologize in advance for posting it, but one of the biggest arguments for Trayvon Martin sympathizers has been – that ‘George Zimmerman wasn’t hurt.’ Plenty of those false statements: HERE and HERE [...]

  69. [...] here> It's part of the article and his handle so there's no way to edit it. So be forewarned. The Trayvon Martin Our Government-Subsidized Media Won't Let You See… | Sad Hill News __________________ One of these nights One of these crazy lonely nights We're gonna find out [...]

  70. [...] soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the [...]

  71. Jeff says:

    The punk treyvon or however you spell that dumb ass made up name got what he deserved. I would have rather he got his stupid ass beat to death than shot. Gives concealed carry a bad name. Had it been me my gun would have stayed holstered and I would have beat that punk wanna be gang banger to death but I am 6″2 290 lbs. Some don’t have my advantage. This is precisely why we have concealed carry. The fact is you are 8 times more likely to be attacked by a black man than a white man even if you are black. I don’t travel without a gun. I refuse to be a victim

  72. [...] Whose side are you on in the Trayvon Martin case? Check this out The Trayvon Martin Our Government-Subsidized Media Won't Let You See… | Sad Hill News Im with really no one,, But i will admit there is a HUGE media bias towards Trayvon Martin. They [...]

  73. [...] only posted a few of “@No_LIMIT_NIGGA’s” (Trayvon Martin) Tweets because most were thug-like and/or X-rated. You can see the rest: [...]

  74. [...] no fault, ill-intent or wrong doing by George Zimmerman, the Black Panthers have openly put out a $10,000 bounty on him, and Spike Lee issued a ‘soft’ hit by Tweeting, then Re-Tweeting George Zimmerman’s home [...]

  75. [...] The Trayvon Martin our government-subsidized media won’t let you see: HERE [...]

  76. [...] The Trayvon Martin our government-subsidized media won’t let you see: HERE [...]

  77. I’m not assuming he’ll be found guilty, but the circumstances seem very suspicious. And Zimmerman’s website makes him appear to be a delusional vigilante. I don’t understand why Trayvon wasn’t in his right to stand his ground if Zimmerman followed him around, which he was told not to do. It was 7:30 pm and the kid had every right to be where he was. Seems that Zimmerman forced a confrontation while armed. Not good.

  78. Maria says:

    Black will always be black.

    Even Obama will not change this.

    • Jeff says:

      What do you mean “even Obama”? When is black not black?

  79. nojust..no says:

    No, this isn’t funny. He’s dead. D.E.A.D As in NEVER COMING BACK. Have some more respect. :| You’re not funny.

  80. Wannabe says:

    “He’s dead. D.E.A.D As in NEVER COMING BACK.”
    Another garbage utilized. Good.

    • jackie says:

      you are a racist its people like you that push me to be better i go to a private school i’m top of my class and guess what mister wannabee i’m African american and if you hate us so much you should look online and see how much African Americans have contributed to our nation

  81. leonard says:

    WHY THE FUqq do u care stupid bych

  82. Lily says:

    I’ve read a lot on here and all I can do is sit here in awe. One thing that I have seen on here called into question a lot are the pictures of Treyvon and his user name. So if I used a screen name that said babykiller, I must be a baby killer and a terrible person. How many people have listened to mainstream music recently? Noticed a trend that a lot of so called thugs rapping about doing drugs and all that have never even held a gun? Never done drugs? Barely gotten a traffic violation? It’s all about perception. Now, I’m not saying this young man was an angel. I didn’t know him. For all I know, he could have been a bad kid, but there’s no way to tell that from photos and words on a page. The fact remains that he’s been killed and Zimmerman killed him. No one will really know the true events of that night unless they were there. But why does everyone have to show such anger about an opinion? That exactly that all of these are. Opinions infuenced by some media entity or another. If Zimmerman murdered that young man, he deserves to be punished. If he was defending himself, than so be it. But dragging the character of a 17 year old through the mud isn’t cool. George is alive today to defend himself. Treyvon is not. Watch and see what happens. Not everyone will be happy with how it turns out, but that’s how it goes…

  83. you dont need to know my name says:

    most of those tweets are probably rap lyrics, and regardless of how “ghetto” you make him out to be it is still wrong to kill a child, an unarmed child at that.

  84. [...] The Trayvon Martin our government-subsidized media won’t let you see: HERE [...]

  85. [...] The Trayvon Martin our government-subsidized media won’t let you see: HERE [...]

  86. no name says:

    the sad part is all the black people on here defend treyvon and all the white people on here defend george zimmerman, thats whats sad , if treyvon attacked him he deserved it, if george zimmerman killed him without being attacked then he deserves to go to prison for the rest of his life aswell.. i mean comon guys i see so much racism in here is crazy, justice will be done when the trial is over..

    • Jeff says:

      It will be almost impossible for justice to be done. Because the media takes sides. Not just on this, but on many issues. They omit, they twist. they distort.

  87. Republic says:

    Many of you folks need to find out the facts first and leave this up to the law.
    You nor I were there and you only here what is all chatter talk.

    I also here so much with folks calling them self “African American”
    What is this, Do you no know that AFRICA is a continent not a country.
    The majority of all people came from the continent of Africa. Read your history in school.

    Now let the court do its job and then talk the truth from it!
    Now if you really want to talk, How about all the differant languges we have to have in this country written on every thing we buy!
    Who do you think pays for this.
    I served for my country and not for another country. I am American and speak ENGLISH

    People should get a job and not expect welfare all the time.
    I started working at 11 years of age and many times I worked two jobs to get what I have today.

    Republic I stand under god

  88. Barry says:

    Dont let the Truth stand in the way of your racist assumptions.face book page lie is from a kid in savanah and overly Tatoed guy is 28 year old from new york most people dont check these desperate lies,how desperate and sad
    as to myth of liberal media ,ABC news owned by Disney corp.CBS owned by GM corp etc…all corporate owned republican owned media.plus all am radio right wing one man talk show brain washing misleading naive people to vote their anger for republican bandits to profit and rub the country blind.

  89. UnderTheSun says:

    im almost the same age as trayvon, and im white so im sure ill be critiqued because of that; but everything i say is the truth, im what people call a realist. he would still be alive if he didnt get suspended, first off, which directly leads to lack of supervision in the young mans life (take that for what it’s worth,) second and most important aspect is that black people in america feel as if every other race owes them something, im sorry but slavery has engulfed every region of the world, yall werent the first and yall wont be the last, which leads to my point, if it had been a black on black crime this wouldnt be on the news just in the hood, but seeing how it was two races blacks immediatly think they are being targeted, which will be the demise of this country. Blacks cannot live with higher class not because they are not smart enough but because they let shit like this give them a reason to act like lower class.

  90. [...] The Trayvon Martin our government-subsidized media won’t let you see: HERE [...]

  91. [...] Trayvon Martin our government-subsidized media won’t let you see: HERE Glad you're here! Tagged with: London Olympics • Serena [...]

  92. jackie says:

    does this really matter in the end George Zimmerman killed a 17 year old BOY unless everyone does not think 17 year olds are not kids any more but the truth is he is still a boy no matter how many pictures their are of him. picture this situation is reversed a black man shot a white 17 year old first of all this would not even be all over the media because they would have arrested him second everyone would not even care what pictures they seen and third that crappy self defense story would not of even lasted 5 mintues now every one think about that.

  93. jackie says:

    “how is it the black panthers can put a 10000 dollar bounty on him i guess its open season” that is the that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard it has been open season on African americans since they were born

  94. Concerened American says:

    1 in 9 black males end up in jail. I think whatever color you are you have a right to be suspicious of them.

    • jackie says:

      1 in 11 white males end up in jail in their life time that only a diffrence of two does that give us the right to shoot a 17 year old white boy in a hoodie

    • Peter Wells says:

      Where you get that fact from? Out your arse!

  95. Concerened American says:

    1 out of 9 black males go to jail in there lifetime sorry we are a little suspicious of one in a hoodie at night.

    • Peter Wells says:

      Where you get that fact from? Out your arse

  96. NY Reals says:

    racist pigs go die

  97. Tobias says:


  98. Identi.Ca says:

    But…..what can you do with this information?

  99. Peter Wells says:

    The tweet “F**k these haters, ill kill ‘em all if i could” Is lyrics from Young Jeezy’s song FAME. Also Zimmerman still killed an urarmed person so none of these pictures of Trayvon mean anything apart from the fact u YOU ARE RACIST! And we all know where racists go. TO HELL!

  100. Jesus says:

    Yes! Finally someone writes about cheap nfl jerseys.

  101. KCUSYMKCID says:

    This website is run by a scared racist white guy. OBVIOUSLY I KNOW. Trying so hard to justify shooting unarmed kid. Lets just all agree to kill more cops ok. RIP Doerner.

  102. 86ree says:

    That thug paid the played tough guy n paid the price? Wow!!! That’s some stupid shit to say. If GZ would stayed in his place this would have never happened. By that i mean he is a neighbor hood WATCH…key word fool WATCH. No were in there did i say neighbor hood follow who u dont know. If TM did hit GZ thats what his ass get. Either way a life was lost and can never be replaced. Now if TM would have been the killer in the situation ur ass would be singing a different tune…u dont have to say shit, i know im right. Showing love all the way from Texas…rip Trayvon. Prayers go out to the family

  103. Stefster says:

    you ppl are missing the point. We’ve all got FB pictures that can be misconstrued. He was a kid…that was influenced by an ever grower BET/MTV merger. That does not mean that he should be murdered. Furthermore,Zimmerman’s brother is not helping the “Zimmerman’s not a racist case,” one bit. If the tables were turned and an older black guy carrying a gun at night shot a hispanic kid the hispanic community would be outraged! Murder is murder plain and simple and if we let him get away with this you’ll have gun toting neighborhood watchmen all over the country shooting all types of young ppl because…”in the dark they look threatening..” BS

  104. RRR says:

    African American Responses: “This is all BS he killed that boy Cause he was black, IT’S A RACE THING!!!”
    Everyone Else: “They are trying to pin it on him cause he is white, IT’S A RACE THING.”

    EVIDENCE AND POLICE RECORD AND INVESTIGATION say he is innocent and shot the kid in self defense, yet now he is going to trial and having his life ruined. So the rest is media hype and political bullshit.

    Fuck the lot of you. I’m ashamed to live in this country and on this planet at this point.

  105. [...] sadhillnews.com [...]

  106. [...] sadhillnews.com [...]

  107. RJ says:

    The author and a lot of the people in the comments have hilariously disgusting logic. Oh he was one of the many kids of all races that try to act like a thug? Well that just sounds like a death sentence to me…… He flips off cameras? Well no intelligent or innocent person has ever used that gesture before….. “But these white kids a