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The Department of Homeland Security just released their latest promotional video – the pièce de résistance of Big Sis’ $10 million ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign.

Yet again the Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels Janet Napolitano, characterizes white middle-class Americans as ‘homegrown terrorists‘ and encourages ‘minorities’ to report suspicious activity – a progressive trend typically reserved for burgeoning dictatorial regimes.

But here’s the good news: Your hard-earned tax dollars are funding Napolitano’s operation that is designed to incriminate you.

(hat tip: Intel Hub for DHS.gov) In July 2010, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), at Secretary Janet Napolitano’s direction, launched a national “If You See Something, Say Something™” public awareness campaign –a simple and effective program to raise public awareness of indicators of terrorism and violent crime, and to emphasize the importance of reporting suspicious activity to the proper state and local law enforcement authorities.

Says Jay H. Walder, Chairman and CEO of MTA, “We are hardening our infrastructure and conducting enhanced policing in coordination with our regional law enforcement partners. [...] These ads reinforce the important role our customers will always play.”

All aboard the vomit comet!:

(Infowars) Despite encouraging viewers not to pay attention to a person’s race in determining whether or not they may be a terrorist, almost all of the scenarios in the clip proceed to portray white people as the most likely terrorists. Bizarrely, nearly every single one of the “patriotic” Americans who reports on their fellow citizen is either black, Asian or Arab.

UPDATE: Rumor has it FaceBook will not allow Triumph of the Will the DHS video to be posted on FB walls.


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h/t: Erik

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13 Responses to New DHS Video: White Americans Most Likely Terrorists

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  2. These people are crazy… VIGILANCE, patriots

    Expect the vile Obammunist regime to stay in full-court-press, even as it enters it’s death throws… they are true-believer radicals that will engage in economic and scorched-earth policies until the day comes we frog march this fraud out the door

    Linked at RR

    Reaganite’s Sunday Funnies

  3. That was to be “true-believer radicals that will engage in economic AND SOCIAL scorched-earth policies”

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  10. Michael says:

    White Zionist Jew Americans Most Likely Terrorists.

    There, Fixed it for ya.

    Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran

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