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Three Amigos In Project Gunrunner

Sure. Hillary Clinton may have played a big part in Project Gunrunner (aka ‘Project Gunwalker’, aka ‘Fast and Furious’), but rising star Janet Napolitano managed to land herself a leading roll in this tragic comedy.


Thanks for link!: Doug Ross, Larwyn’s Links, Death by 1000 Papercuts, I Own The World, Moonbattery, American ThinkerSipsey Street Irregulars, May Rant and Drave, Scotty Starnes (Politically Incorrect), Right Wing Thinking, A Herd Of Turtles, Tea Party News, Dewey From Detroit, Stan Deyo, readers of MOTUS, Gateway Pundit, Correspondence CommitteeDave BlountBowsite, Randy’s RoundtableConservative BC, Reaganite Republican, God Like Productions and PAFOA


T-Shirts: Have requests for t-shirts so two (2) versions were added to the SHN store (Sad Hill gets approximately $2 per – ‘and that’s when the big bucks roll in.’): HERE and HERE  Ooops! Guess an employee at Zazzle doesn’t like anti-Obama gear. Just received this in an email… ‘Unfortunately, it appears that your product, Three Amigos In Project Gunrunner, contains content that is not suitable for printing at’

Guess what, Zazzle won’t tell me ‘why’ they refuse to print it…but go to their site and type ‘Bush’ in the search menu, then do a search on ‘Obama’. Compare results.


Obama Theater – Now Playing: ‘My Dumb War With Libya’: HERE

Eric Holder bragged about Project Gunrunner in 2009: HERE

Project Gunrunner funded by 2009 stimulus that Obama signed: HERE

Stimulus Funded ‘Project Gunrunner’ Verified On Website: HERE

Project Gunrunner Briefing Paper: HERE

Project Gunrunner: DOJ / ATF smuggle guns to Mexican drug cartel: HERE

Project Gunrunner: DOJ authorized wiretap of ATF’s ‘Fast and Furious’: HERE

Eric Holder’s DOJ forces US Police departments to lower test standards for blacks: HERE

Janet Napolitano, the Queen of doublespeak: HERE

Janet Napolitano: ‘The borders are safe’ so just ignore the mass graves found yesterday in Mexico, near the border: HERE

Napolitano promises troops, then reneges: HERE, HERE and HERE

DHS budget doesn’t secure a single additional mile of US-Mexico border: HERE

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37 Responses to Project Gunrunner: Now In Theaters Everywhere!

  1. Sweets says:

    Insanely brilliant as usual :)

  2. DDS says:

    I would love to have a couple t-shirts with this poster on it.

  3. Rich says:

    Sad attempt.

  4. Zonga says:

    Great. Outstanding.

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  6. bill says:

    if fits all three morons to a tee, but these morons are breaking our laws while subjagating us under there illegal laws.

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  8. [...] Not to flog mainstream media’s ‘dead horse‘, but conveniently they haven’t ‘heard’ of Project Gunrunner — yet another lawbreaking treasonous scandal that involves Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder AND Janet Napolitano. [...]

  9. fcfc says:

    I like what you guys are up too. Such intelligent work and reporting! Keep up the excellent works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it will improve the value of my web site :)

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  12. [...] Too busy ‘reporting’ on the latest iPhone release and ‘a recession that ended back in 2009‘, most of mainstream media has no time for Project Gunrunner (aka ‘Operation Fast and Furious’) – a lawbreaking treasonous scandal that involves Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder AND Janet Napolitano. [...]

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  15. [...] Project Gunrunner – Now in theaters everywhere!: HERE [...]

  16. [...] Gunrunner – Now in theaters everywhere!: HERE Glad you're here! [...]

  17. [...] Project Gunrunner – Now in theaters everywhere!: HERE [...]

  18. [...] Gunrunner – Now in theaters everywhere!: HERE Glad you're here! [...]

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