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Last month we reported on $700,000 of federal stimulus being awarded to a Northwestern University professor to develop software that tells jokes. This month we learn $700,000 of federal stimulus has also been awarded to the Civilians, a New York theater company, to finance production of a play about climate change. No joke.

The theatrical performance entitled, ‘The Great Immensity‘ explores “emotional and psychological aspects of the current environmental crisis” already explained to the world via 10:10 Global’s eco-terror climate change ad campaign – still ignored by mainstream media.

Hold on, it gets better…much, much better.

The arts grant is provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF), a federal agency created by Congress in 1950 ‘to promote the progress of science.’ However, NSF is the same taxpayer-funded organization with a $7 billion annual budget that is still trying to explain its rampant internal computer porn scandalThe agency’s inspector general reported to Congress last Fall that NSF employees spend significant portions of their workdays watching, downloading and e-mailing pornography.

Any guesses where next month’s $700,000 ‘stimulus’ will go?

NSF Pornography Viewing Report: HERE

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