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Obama’s right. This is the moment when true Americans stare up to the heavens in disbelief and cry out, ‘We’re getting our a$$ kicked!’

(American Spectator) ‘Our Sputnik Moment‘: That, according to a very slim excerpt released by the White House, guarding their language like I don’t recall seeing in my two decades here, is the President’s lead-in to justify or isolate opposition to more spending as he claims to want to cut spending.

So I guess you could call this my children’s’ generation’s crushing-debt moment. They’ll be so thrilled to hear it.

Specifically, this rhetorical framing will explain why we’re supposed to ‘invest’ billions more confiscated taxpayer dollars, from present and future generations, to underwrite the great windmill race with China. Because we all know China really thinks wind-powered electricity, commercialized in 1891 and a belly flop ever since, is a ‘new technology’ and ‘energy of the future’. Really.

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