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Connect the dots…

And while vacationing in Rio de Janeiro - perhaps reassuring Brazilians that $ billions more will be made available upon request, as discussed – another massive oil spill in the Gulf is reported just 20 miles north of the Deepwater Horizon gusher.

(Rocky Kistner) The Coast Guard is investigating reports of a potentially large oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico [that] was sighted by a helicopter pilot on Friday and is about 100 miles long. A fishing boat captain said he went through the slick yesterday and it was strong enough to make his eyes burn.

And Friday’s little stock market ‘coincidence‘ should be added to the already connected dots:

(Business Insider) According to Judson Parker at Examiner.com, the potentially leaky rig is the Matterhorn SeaStar owned by W&T offshoreIt is interesting that as oil rallied late in the day on Friday, shares of W&T Offshore tanked hard into the close.

Source for the recent Gulf oil spill reports:

(Times Picayune) A helicopter crew and pollution investigators have been dispatched to Main Pass Block 41 in response to two calls to the National Response Center, the federal point of contact for reporting oil and chemical spills, said Paul Barnard, an operations controller for Coast Guard Sector New Orleans.

The first caller, around 11 a.m., described a sheen of about a half-mile long and a half-mile wide, he said.

About two hours later, another caller reported a much larger sheen – about 100 miles long – originating in the same area and spreading west to Cocodrie on Terrebonne Bay, Barnard said.

UPDATE #1 (03.20.2011): Mainstream media is starting to report on the ‘rapidly expanding‘ spill:

(FOX) Coast Guard spokeswoman Casey Ranel says the agency is sending out a cutter Sunday to collect samples of the substance, according to The Associated Press. Ranel says an airplane is also expected to fly over so officials can get a better idea of what’s in the water.

The larger oil slick was spotted Saturday off Grand Isle, Louisiana, and reported by pilot Bonny Schumaker, who heads up the California-based environmental nonprofit “On Wings of Care.”  Schumaker told oilspillaction.com that the slick is rapidly expanding, and reports that she will be returning to the site as soon as possible to further investigate the situation.

UPDATE #2 (03.20.2011): Coast Guard confirms they have found new oil slicks in the Gulf

(Examiner) A Coast Guard officer with a command center in Morgan City, LA, said today the Coast Guard has confirmed that the new oil is not coming from the Deepwater Horizon well but that they have found new oil slicks in the Gulf. Their investigation continues.

UPDATE #3 (03.20.2011): What took the Coast Guard so long if the ‘oil’ was this close to shore and skimming operations were already in progress yesterday?

(OilSpillAction) Reports say that skimming operations have been under way for at least 24 hours now. Ms. Schumaker observed the slick roughly 25 miles from where BP’s Macondo well spewed more than 200 million gallons of crude into the Gulf last year.

There are already allegations that the Coast Guard and other authorities are busy trying to cover up the spill.

New Orleans photographer Jerry Moran, who was flying with Bonny Schumaker, took these aerial photographs of the spill:

Those long dark red streamers and large sub-surface plumes we had spotted yesterday were now huge sheets of dark red coming right to the beaches of Grand Terre Island. We followed the horrible stuff out nearly 40 miles but did not go farther only because we did not have the coordinates of the allegedly suspect Matterhorn oil rig.’

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gulf oil spill w&t technology matterhorn seastar leak george soros obama vacation brazil rio offshore oil drilling 3 sad hill news

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gulf oil spill w&t technology matterhorn seastar leak george soros obama vacation brazil rio offshore oil drilling 7 sad hill news

(courtesy of onwingsofcare)

Let me guess, that’s primarily ‘silt’ and ‘sediment’ we’re seeing in the photographs.

UPDATE #4 (03.20.2011): Coast Guard investigation cut short?

(WSJ) The Coast Guard is testing the substance, which has an associated rainbow sheen similar to that resulting from oil spills, to determine exactly what it is, said spokesman Henry Cambre.

It is possible, Mr. Cambre said, that whatever is causing the sheen was trapped in river bed sediment and was released by the dredging work. The Coast Guard said it expects results from those tests to be available later Sunday.

Officers confirmed the existence of a substance near the water’s surface, but that initial investigation was cut short when their helicopter was diverted to a separate search and rescue mission. The Coast Guard has since dispatched additional aircraft and boats from Mobile, Ala., and New Orleans to the scene.


Eleven months after the BP rig blast that killed 11 rig workers, federal investigators are looking into what BP officials knew about the rate of oil spilling into the ocean in the days just after the April 20 blowout, according to the Times-Picayune.

BP officials initially said just 1,000 barrels a day were spewing from the damaged well and then later revised that estimate to 5,000 barrels, but the New Orleans-based newspaper said congressional investigators have found documents indicating BP knew as much as 14,000 barrels could be spilling each day. Government scientists eventually determined the actual spill at 62,000 barrels a day.

UPDATE #5 (03.20.2011): US Interior Department Gives Final Approval For Petrobas To Use Deepwater Floating Production Storage Facility In The Gulf Of Mexico

(Reuters) The facility will be used when the company begins oil and natural gas production at its Chinook-Cascade project in the near future, the department said. Petrobras is based in Brazil.

A Petrobras official who asked not to be identified told Reuters that production would begin in May.

UPDATE #6 (03.21.2011): Oil Slick – This fella flew over the Gulf and has a ‘slightly’ different story than what the Coast Guard finally published (more photos at the link).

(BP Slick) I flew over the Gulf again yesterday. It was hard to believe I was seeing as much oil in the So. Louisiana area again. This disaster is far from over. It was even harder to believe that our so called government watchdogs have not CLOSED these fishing grounds!

gulf oil spill fishing rig sad hill news

More later, I am exhausted. Been at this for nearly 24 hours straight. Had to get this out though. WAKE UP AMERICA, YOU ARE STILL BEING LIED TO!!!!!

UPDATE #7 (03.21.2011): Wall Street Journal, ‘Oily Matter Washing Ashore In Louisiana’

(WSJ) An oily substance of unknown origin is washing ashore in parts of Louisiana that were among the hardest hit by BP PLC’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill last year, the U.S. Coast Guard and local government officials said Monday.

The Coast Guard and a Jefferson Parish spokeswoman said they have mobilized oil-spill-response equipment, and the Coast Guard has hired a contractor to lay containment boom in hopes of stopping the substance from penetrating inland waters and ecologically sensitive shorelines.

We’re not clear where this is from,” said Coast Guard Capt. Jonathan Burton, who is based in Morgan City, La. “We don’t have an identifiable responsible party.”

Photos taken by Jefferson Parish officials show globs of reddish matter coming ashore on Elmer’s Island, a state wildlife sanctuary.

Other photos, taken off Port Fourchon, show stretches of the Gulf’s surface coated in a thin film and streaked with bright orange streams of thick matter.

The Coast Guard said it didn’t suspect the matter was residual oil from the BP spill. The agency’s scientists said they would have expected a different trajectory for the substance if it had been left over from last year’s spill. And what’s coming ashore doesn’t look like crude that has been sitting in the Gulf of Mexico for nearly a year, according to Capt. Burton.

Still, the Coast Guard is using analysis of chemical properties to compare samples from BP’s runaway well with material collected from Louisiana beaches this weekend to see if they match. Results from those tests should be available Tuesday, Capt. Burton said.

The Coast Guard is also investigating whether the oily substance could be related to crude released by a hurricane-damaged platform Saturday, but there is no evidence that the incidents are related, Capt. Burton said.

UPDATE #8 (03.21.2011): Fresh Oil Hits Louisiana Coast — March 21, 2011

(Examiner) In what some officials are preliminarily considering a second incident, fresh crude oil began washing in on Grand Isle, Louisiana Sunday afternoon. The oil has a similar appearance to the long, orange ribbons of crude seen in last year’s Deepwater Horizon blowout. There is no confirmation of a spill source to date, although many are looking to a rig named the Matterhorn SeaStar 20 miles north of the site of last years spill.

Local residents have been quick to document the fresh crude oil washing in on the coast, and are working hard to make sure the new oil is not ignored in light of the confirmed oil/silt plume spreading along the coast.

new gulf oil spill sheen slick sad hill news

UPDATE #9 (03.22.2011) [h/t: Jim R]: Obama told a group of Brazilian businessmen at a CEO Summit during his trip to South America over the weekend they should begin drilling in their offshore oil reserves so the United States can be a paying customer in the future, adding that the United States would help them do it.

(Townhall) “We want to help you with the technology and support to develop these oil reserves safely. And when you’re ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers. At a time when we’ve been reminded how easily instability in other parts of the world can affect the price of oil, the United States could not be happier with the potential for a new, stable source of energy.”

UPDATE #10 (03.30.2011): Commerce Department Forbids Releasing Data Regarding Dolphin Deaths In Gulf

(AllGov) Scientists working for the National Marine Fisheries Service have been told to not publicly discuss the investigation into why dolphins are dying in large numbers along the Gulf Coast, where the nation’s worst-ever oil spill occurred last year.
Officials with the Department of Commerce, which oversees the fisheries service, placed a gag order on biologists hired to collect samples from the approximately 200 dolphins found dead so far this year. Some scientists say they’ve been admonished by the federal government for speaking to the media about the recent “unusual mortality event,” or the other 90 dead dolphins discovered in 2010 following the BP oil spill that polluted large sections of the Gulf of Mexico.
One biologist interviewed by Reuters said the gag order “throws accountability right out the window” and has left scientists “confused” and “angry” because it may hamper the investigation into what is killing the mammals.
Dolphin carcasses, including dozens of stillborn and immature babies, began showing up in coastal waters in January, before the species’ traditional birthing season.
According the Fisheries Service, no samples may be sent for analysis without the permission of the government because of a federal “criminal investigation associated with the oil spill.”


Obama says, ‘There is going to be a tug-of-war within the US between those who see globalization as a threat, and those who accept it’: HERE

Obama + George Soros + Petrobras + $ Billions USD: HERE

Gulf oil drilling moratorium + job killing + $2 billion sent to Brazil: HERE

Obama’s BP holdings sold just weeks before the Gulf oil spill, then underwrites foreign offshore drilling: HERE

Gulf oil spill reporters and investigators face prison: HERE

Where’s the oil?: HERE

Pain at the pump — media lap dogs silent: HERE

The Gulf oil spill is ‘brilliant’: HERE

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ABC News affiliate reporter tells the truth, then gets fired. The Washington Post reports,

“WJLA-TV has fired veteran anchorman Doug McKelway for a verbal confrontation this summer with the station’s news director that came after McKelway broadcast a sharply worded live report about congressional Democrats and President Obama.”

Here’s the clip.

“Amid the ongoing BP oil spill in July, McKelway covered a Capitol Hill demonstration by environmental groups protesting the influence of oil-industry contributions to members of Congress. In his piece, McKelway said the sparsely attended event attracted protesters “largely representing far-left environmental groups.” He went on to say the protest “may be a risky strategy because the one man who has more campaign contributions from BP than anybody else in history is now sitting in the Oval Office, President Barack Obama, who accepted $77,051 in campaign contributions from BP.”

How dare mainstream media report on left-wing groups upset with Obama. Sad Hill News reported on the Obama-BP connection back in July: HERE

“WJLA is owned by Allbritton Communications of Arlington, which also owns TBD TV (formerly NewsChannel 8), Politico and TBD.com.”

Nice to see ‘Politico’ made the list.

Crimethink: “Thought Police using psychology surveillance to locate and eliminate members of society who are capable of challenging ruling authority.”

How mainstream media censorship works: HERE

Read more: HERE

George Soros texting Obama.

obama gulf swim teleprompter

UPDATE: Mainstream media lies for Obama again. This from the Independent:

“The official picture was intended to provide evidence that the region’s beaches are back to normal. Yet it soon emerged that the private beach on which it was taken, off Alligator Point in St Andrew Bay, north-west Florida, isn’t technically in the gulf.”

More: HERE

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UPDATE (03.20.2011): Another Gulf Oil Spill Near Deepwater Drilling Site – W&T’s Matterhorn SeaStar: HERE

Big Brother Hides Gulf BP Oil Spill

Move along, nothing to see here…

(Raw Story) Journalists who come too close to oil spill clean-up efforts without permission could find themselves facing a $40,000 fine and even one to five years in prison under a new rule instituted by the Coast Guard late last week.

Even Anderson Cooper, Journolist, says this makes it “very easy to hide incompetence or failure.”

Pot calling the kettle black there Mr. Cooper of CNN.

Editorial from NaturalNews:

With this, the Gulf Coast cleanup operation has now entered a weird Orwellian reality where the news is shaped, censored and controlled by the government in order to prevent the public from learning the truth about what’s really happening, writes Mike Adams at NaturalNews.

And this from the Associated Press:

US to Take More Control of Spill Response Website

Sunday, 04 Jul 2010 — The US government is expected to take over control of the central information website on the Gulf oil spill response that has been run jointly by various agencies and BP for the 2 1/2 months since the rig explosion.

Read more: HERE

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Salazar Pushes Obama Agenda

On 06.24.10, in Gulf Oil Spill, by Sad Hill

Obama administration served another humiliating defeat over their drilling moratorium. Boss Man Emeritus appeared on the Sean Hannity show last night to explain.

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