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Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s parents strolling arm-in-arm with the President Imam

On the same day we learn Obama is considering springing yet another prisoner from Guantanamo Bay (HERE) the city administrator of Hailey, Idaho announced that town officials called off U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl’s ‘homecoming event’ because the town – and I quote – “will be unable to safely manage the number of people expected (HERE).”

But wait, there’s more…

Today Pentagon officials also tried to ease ‘concerned minds’ by declaring that regardless of what the US Army uncovers during their investigation, it is unlikely that Sgt. Bergdahl will be ‘punished’ because he’s experienced enough discomfort already.

Try explaining that justification to the parents of the 6 soldiers that died looking for our deserter.

One thing is for certain though, Obama and his treasonous administration will use similar jargon to free the White House of all wrongdoing.

Pentagon, “Bergdahl Unlikely To Face Charges Because He Has Suffered Enough”

(Yahoo) The decision came as the community came under mounting pressure to cancel the rally in the face of rising anger, expressed in emails and phone calls directed at city officials and businesses, over claims by Bergdahl’s onetime Army comrades that he had deliberately abandoned his post in Afghanistan.

Stefanie O’Neill, an organizer of the welcome-home rally originally set for June 28, had insisted as late as Tuesday that the celebration would go on as planned. But on Wednesday, she and her mother, Debbie, a co-organizer of the event, paid a visit to the Army sergeant’s parents, Bob and Jani Bergdahl, to ask whether they wanted the celebration to proceed as planned.

A short time later came the city’s announcement that the event was being canceled.

“National media attention on Hailey and this event has led many across the nation to believe that the event is intended to be a military parade,” the town said in a statement. “There is broad interest in this topic, as evidenced by the approximate 100 correspondences per day received by the city of Hailey this week.”

The statement went on to say organizers expected a dramatic increase in attendance “by people who both want to support or protest against it,” adding that in “the interest of public safety, the event will be canceled.”

Some have asserted that the massive search for Bergdahl after he went missing in Afghanistan on June 30, 2009, may have cost the lives of up to six fellow soldiers.

The U.S. military has said the circumstances under which Bergdahl disappeared have yet to be fully investigated, although Pentagon officials have indicated Bergdahl is unlikely to face charges regardless of what the Army learns of his capture because he has suffered enough.

The Army sergeant was flown over the weekend to a military hospital in Germany for a full physical and mental evaluation, and it was not clear whether he would return to Idaho by the end of the month.

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Remember when high treason was a punishable offense? Heck, even adulterers get stoned to death.

Not Obama. Well not that kind of ‘stoned’ anyway.

In fact most will celebrate, because this isn’t America anymore. It’s Disneyland® – The Happiest Place On Earth!™ A Magical Place, Where Dreams Come True®™…unless you’re a law-abiding, Constitution-following, family-loving, bible-thumping Conservative idiot (aka ‘homophobic racist’) like me.

Good grief…

I can’t stand the Washington Post. In fact, they try to paint Bergdahl’s father in a flattering light further into the article. And no, that’s not their headline below, BUT it should be.

“Yo, Sad Hill, the CIA fund Al Qaeda and the Taliban!”

Yeah, yeah, I know. Like I said, it’s ‘Disneyland®’ where anything is possible. Just imagine if the TSA and NSA were hunting down Americans while openly allowing foreign terrorists to enter/leave the US (i.e. Guantanamo), or just imagine if someone like Eric Holder knowingly shipped weapons via Texas to Mexican drug cartel, or just imagine if ‘Republicans’ like John Boehner and Sean Hannity did everything in their power to make illegals legal, or just imagine if Hillary Clinton lied about Behghazi, or just imagine if…

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s Father Maintained Social Network With Taliban – ‘Two Thumbs Up’, Says TSA, NSA, CIA, And Obama

(WaPo) Since Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was captured in the mountains of Afghanistan in 2009, his father had become an expert on Guantanamo Bay’s detainees. It was out of necessity, because the Taliban demanded that the United States free prisoners from Guantanamo in exchange for Bergdahl.

“No family in the United States understands the detainee issue like ours,” Robert Bergdahl said in a 2011 plea to his son’s captors.

So it wasn’t entirely unusual when Bergdahl apparently published a tweet last week about Guantanamo’s detainees. Except this tweet was directed at a Taliban spokesman. And it came just four days before it was announced that his son was finally being released.

“I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners,” the tweet said, according to various screen grabs. The tweet was subsequently deleted. “God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, ameen.”

Readers, I present the new face(s) of Amerika..

high treason obama Bob Bergdahl get stoned taliban bowe bergdahl sad hill news-6-2

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Months before Obama was gifted the Nobel Peace Prize for ‘being black’ or something, he appeared on The Tonight Show and mocked the handicapped on national television when asked about his bowling style. “It’s like the Special Olympics!”, giggled our ‘politically correct’ half-black, half-white, half-Muslim fraud that has yet to provide anyone with a Live Birth Certificate.


Today we learn Shaquille O’Neal – of the NBA –  has also been ridiculing handicapped folks far and wide…

Shaquille O’Neal Uses Personal Instagram Account To Mock The Handicapped 

(FOX) Jahmel Binion of Madison Heights, Mich. has the rare disorder ectodermal dysplasia, a condition characterized by a reduced ability to sweat, missing teeth and abnormal hair growth.

He tells FOX 2′s Randy Wimbley he’s been getting teased his whole life, but never thought he’d be bullied by celebrities after posting a “selfie” on social media.

He says people began recognizing him from a picture on Shaquille O’Neal’s Instagram account. Former University of Michigan athlete Trey Burke and rapper Waka Flocka Flame are also said to have also joined in on the teasing.

The photo on Shaq’s Instagram has been taken down.

Wimbley contacted Shaq via Twitter, officials with Burke’s team, Utah Jazz, and Waka Flocka Flame’s record label. No one responded.


Here’s a picture Shaq’s whipping-boy, Randy Wimbley:

donald sterling lifetime ban nba shaquille o'neal obama racist fine la clippers sad hill news-6-2

And here’s Shaq’s Instagram post (selfie) appreciating Randy’s ‘nonconformity’. Shaquille (aka ‘Superman’) is the ‘retard’ on the left:

donald sterling lifetime ban nba shaquille o'neal obama racist fine la clippers sad hill news-6-1

But don’t worry NBA supporters and ‘super star’ sports fans! The NBA and MSM will never let your TV-created hero sink with the Clipper’s ship (pun intended).

Now, back to ‘racist’ Donald Sterling…75% of his LA Clippers basketball team is black – at least they claim to be – and he pays them more than you and I will make in 3+ lifetimes. But stupid Donald made the mistake of being white. And in racist terms, being a white ‘owner’ of a predominately black team is modern ‘slavery’ – especially when you don’t say nice things about ‘other’ people of color that are openly having sex with your girlfriend.

UPDATE #1 (04.30.2014): It took less than 12 hours for convenient-victim-Oprah to prove my point, accusing Sterling of a ‘21st Century plantation mentality’: HERE

And unlike the ‘non’-offensive black Obamas and Shaquille O’Neals of the world that joke at the expense of our mentally/physically-challenged youth, Donald will not be worshipped by Amerika’s doting public and government-subsidized MSM. In fact, Donald will be punished for life based on a few ‘politically incorrect’ words…

Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Banned For Life

(CBS) NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced Tuesday Clippers owner Donald Sterling will be suspended for life and fined $2.5 million following racist remarks he made in a recorded audio clip.

Silver spoke to the press at an 11 a.m. news conference from New York, stating he will “do everything in my power” to force the sale of the Clippers.

“The hateful opinions voiced by that man are those of Mr. Sterling. The views expressed by Mr. Sterling are deeply offensive and harmful. That they came from an NBA owner only heightens the damage and my personal outrage,” Silver said. “I am banning Mr. Sterling for life from any association with the Clippers association or the NBA. Mr. Sterling may not attend any NBA games or practices, he may not be present at any Clippers facility, and he may not participate in any business or decisions involving the team.”


UPDATE #2 (04.30.2014): Thankfully there is hope for all 21 Century white ‘racist’ slave masters (aka ‘Sports Team Owners’). Oleg, from The People’s Cube just sent this:

donald sterling lifetime ban nba shaquille o'neal obama racist fine la clippers sad hill news-6-3

UPDATE #3 (04.30.2014): It’s Only ‘Racism’ When ‘They’ Want Your Stuff (HERE)

It’s Only ‘Racism’ When ‘They’ Want Your Stuff

(Daily Caller) It’s a tale of two owners.

Cliven Bundy, a family man and wealthy rancher, has something the leftist progressive government wants: his property. So, the government makes a grab for it in order to put him in his place in regards to grazing cattle on federal land. Americans push back. How do the in-the-pocket media respond? By setting up an interview, chopping up the unsophisticated rancher’s responses, and portraying him as a racist; claims that have been refuted by his own black bodyguard.

Donald Sterling, adulterer and wealthy NBA team owner has been known to the NAACP as a racist since at least 2009. Through the years they kept taking his grant money anyway. His paramour records one of his many allegedly racist rants and releases it to TMZ (the last investigative journalism outlet left in America). How do the in-the-pocket media respond? By amplifying the grievance crowd’s meme until the NBA fined Sterling and banned him for life.  Earvin Magic Johnson was one of the first to declare that Sterling should be stripped of the Clippers. And guess what? Now Earvin Johnson is in line to take control of Sterling’s team.

It’s a tale of two progressive responses.

Progressives and the Social Justice Brothas are ok with racism if the racists are paying them off. Bundy’s problem is that he refused to pay. ‘Justice’ was swift and harsh in that case. He was quickly bullied and labeled. Sterling’s case is altogether different. As long as he contributed to the cause, all was well.

Much more: HERE

*The Trayvon Martin our government-subsidized MSM won’t let you see: HERE

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Fresh off the heels of Obama’s multi-billion dollar failed ‘earth-saving-green-energy’ projects – Abound Solar, Solyndra and the bankrupt Chevy Volt which cost America $250,000+ per vehicle to produce – comes Obama’s taxpayer-funded $529 million job-killing Fiskar Karma money laundering scheme.

Bernie Madoff, who?!

Yet crickets from ‘lame’stream media over the vanished half-a-billion-dollars (of what was reported anyway) to ‘build’ another vehicle unicorn for Obama and his unquestioning worshipers – taxpayer money that was ultimately re-directed to China for pennies on the dollar.

You know China is building a 50 square mile self-sustaining city near Boise, Idaho, right? Right???

When reading hybrid-’builder’ Fiskar’s lame explanation below, be sure to appreciate the Orwellian ‘hope and change’ buzzwords such as, ‘successful’ and ‘productive’ and ‘achievement’ used to describe the final outcome…

Failed Obama Pet Project #2,951: $530,000,000 Taxpayer-Funded ‘Green’ Fiskar Automotive Sold To China

(Breitbart) Fisker Automotive, the electric car manufacturer that received a $529 million loan guarantee from the Obama administration in 2009 and then went belly-up, forcing the government to lose $139 million on its loan, admitted Monday it had sold virtually all of its assets to the Chinese auto parts group Wanxiang for $150 million.

Marc Beilinson, Fisker’s restructuring officer, said, “The completion of this transaction represents a significant achievement and is a great result for all Fisker Automotive stakeholders. This successful outcome would not have been possible without the productive support from Wanxiang, our creditors’ committee, and their advisors.”

Fisker, started in 2007 by former Aston Martin and BMW designer Henrik Fisker and German business partner Bernhard Koehler, got the huge loan from Obama for its $100,000 hybrid Karma sports car, but eventually reached the point in 2013 that it laid off 75% of its employees.

take a good look kids this will all belong to china qe3 bailout stimulus budget deficit sad hill news

Government Motors stops investigating itself over Chevy Volt fires: HERE

Government Motors blames media for low Chevy Volt sales and 1300 employee layoffs: HERE

ObamaGenius, ‘Since my Chevy Volt won’t sell, I’ll penalize Americans $2,500 more per vehicle: HERE

Chevy Volt Fires!HERE

 – Chevy Volt, ‘The People’s Car’: HERE

Wow! 281 Chevy Volts sold just last month – thank you Mr. Obama!: HERE

*hitty *hitty Bang Bang: HERE

GM recalls 154,000 Chevys: HERE

Taxpayers – $7,500 on the hook for every Chevy Volt sold: HERE

Obama administration bought 1-in-4 GM hybrids soldHERE

Buy a Prius, kill a Mexican: HERE

Boldface lies about GM service and warranties: HERE

Taxpayer funded Communist supporting GM pushes for higher gas tax: HERE

GM spend $4 million in 3 months on lobbyists: HERE

GM covers ladyboy transgender surgeriesHERE

Bankrupt GM and Chrysler give managers big bonuses – up to 50% – after taxpayer funded bailouts: HERE

Cash For Clunkers II – ‘Charging America Forward’: HERE

Mainstream media publishes another GM press release as ‘news’ — Government Motors claims ‘chocolate rations’ are up: HERE

Obama’s Playbook – published by 1940′s General MotorsHERE

Our nation cannot survive treason from within: HERE

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Using his pen, a phone and a teleprompter to masterfully orchestrate world affairs as only a token community organizer can, peace-maker Obama may need to launch kinetic military action in order to save face…

On the bright side, Barack Hussein Obama finally earned his prematurely-awarded Nobel Peace Prize for helping 2 world superpowers – China and Russia – form a strong alliance that will continue to mock, manipulate and ultimately destroy weak dictator-wannabes.

Predictable UPDATE (03.07.2014):  China Applauds Putin’s Rejection Of Obama

(dailycaller) Russian President Vladimir Putin isn’t budging from Crimea, the Chinese government is signaling support for him and President Barack Obama is taking a weekend vacation in the Florida Keys.

Obama and Putin held another 90-minute phone call Thursday night, in which Obama urged Putin to drop his support for Crimean secession from Ukraine.


Russia And China ‘In Agreement’ Over Ukraine

(Sky) Russia has said China is largely “in agreement” over Ukraine, after other world powers condemned Moscow for sending troops into the country.

Hundreds of Russian soldiers have surrounded a military base in Crimea, preventing Ukrainian soldiers from going in or out.


Obama releases ‘Ukrainian Tribute Album’; skyrockets to #1: HERE

Putin enrolls Obama in Ukrainian obedience school: HERE

¡REVOLUCIÓN!: Obama ‘Sub Par’ Counter-Culture Posters Blanket Los Angeles: HERE

Our nation cannot survive treason from withinHERE

Liberty slips away: HERE

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Hat Tip: Oleg @ The Peoples Cube

As Casey Kasem used to croon, “Anytime [in music] that you can reach somebody on an emotional level, you’re really connecting!”

Oleg of The Peoples Cube – Sad Hill’s partner in ‘crime’ – is one of America’s finest Paul Reveres. And here’s exactly why…

From American Thinker:

Oleg Atbashian, a writer and graphic artist from the former USSR, is the author of Shakedown Socialism, of which David Horowitz said, “I hope everyone reads this book.” In 1994 he moved to the U.S. with the hope of living in a country ruled by reason and common sense, appreciative of its freedoms and prosperity. To his dismay, he discovered a nation deeply infected by the leftist disease of “progressivism” that was arresting true societal progress. American movies, TV, and news media reminded him of his former occupation as a visual propaganda artist for the Communist Party. Oleg is the creator of a satirical website ThePeoplesCube.com, which Rush Limbaugh described on his show as “a Stalinist version of The Onion.” His graphic work frequently appears in the American Thinker.

And if Oleg’s recent real-world experience watching history repeat itself isn’t enough to make you spineless ‘Republicans‘ and weak-kneed Christians stand up to our tyrannical regime, then perhaps Kitty Werthmann’s – South Dakota State Director; Holocaust survivor – urgent warning will: HERE

Putin enrolls Obama in Ukrainian obedience school: HERE

¡REVOLUCIÓN!: Obama ‘Sub Par’ Counter-Culture Posters Blanket Los Angeles: HERE

Our nation cannot survive treason from withinHERE

Liberty slips away: HERE

*I dedicate this post to Dad. A true Conservative retired military man, that to my astonishment rebuked the  ‘Republican’ party before it was cool…

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putin obama vladimir putin barack hussein obama ukraine military war sad hill news-1

bitch noun /’bich/ :

(1)  female dog.

(2) an immoral woman.

(3) used to describe the act of whining excessively.

(4) spoiled.

Putin Enrolls Obama In Ukrainian Obedience School

(WaPo) A president who has made clear to the American public that the “tide of war is receding” has also made clear to foreign leaders, including opportunists in Russia, that he has no appetite for a new one. What is left is a vacuum once filled, at least in part, by the possibility of American force.

“If you are effectively taking the stick option off the table, then what are you left with?” said Andrew C. Kuchins, who heads the Russia and Eurasia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “I don’t think that Obama and his people really understand how others in the world are viewing his policies.”

Rarely has a threat from a U.S. president been dismissed as quickly — and comprehensively — as Obama’s warning Friday night to Russian President Vladi­mir Putin. The former community organizer and the former Cold Warrior share the barest of common interests, and their relationship has been defined far more by the vastly different ways they see everything from gay rights to history’s legacy.

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the people don't know their true power tc cartoon sad hill news

UPDATE: 02.27.2014 (‘10 States Aim To Retake Control Of Health Care‘ – scroll down)

Time for a real tea party America; a Boston Tea Party v2.0.

Better yet, time to impeach the Liar-in-Chief and remove his boot-licking ‘Republicans’ that occupy Congress…

IMPEACH OBAMA NOW! Obamacare Tax MUST Be Paid With 2014 Tax Return

(Americans for Tax Reform) Agency employs Orwellian term “Shared Responsibility Payment” to describe Obamacare individual mandate tax.

President Obama’s Internal Revenue Service today quietly released a series of Obamacare “Health Care Tax Tips” warning Americans that they must obtain “qualifying” health insurance – as defined by the federal government – or face a “shared responsibility payment” when filing their tax returns in 2015. The term “shared responsibility payment” refers to the Obamacare individual mandate tax, one of at least seven tax hikes in the healthcare law that directly hit families making less than $250,000 per year.

In “Four Tax Facts about the Health Care Law for Individuals” the agency writes:

Your 2014 tax return will ask if you had insurance coverage or qualified for an exemption.  If not, you may owe a shared responsibility payment when you file in 2015.

In “The Individual Shared Responsibility Payment- An Overview” the agency warns Americans they must prove they were covered each and every month of the year:

For any month in 2014 that you or any of your dependents don’t maintain coverage and don’t qualify for an exemption, you will need to make an individual shared responsibility payment with your 2014 tax return filed in 2015.


In “IRS Reminds Individuals of Health Care Choices for 2014”the agency details the calculations Americans can look forward to if they are liable for the tax:

If you (or any of your dependents) do not maintain coverage and do not qualify for an exemption, you will need to make an individual shared responsibility payment with your return. In general, the payment amount is either a percentage of your household income or a flat dollar amount, whichever is greater. You will owe 1/12th of the annual payment for each month you (or your dependents) do not have coverage and are not exempt. The annual payment amount for 2014 is the greater of:

• 1 percent of your household income that is above the tax return filing threshold for your filing status, such as Married Filing Jointly or single, or

• Your family’s flat dollar amount, which is $95 per adult and $47.50 per child, limited to a maximum of $285.

As confirmed by previous  IRS testimony to the tax-writing House Committee on Ways and Means, “taxpayers will file their tax returns reporting their health insurance coverage, and/or making a payment”.

Once fully phased in, the Obamacare individual mandate tax will rise steeply, to a maximum of 2.5 percent of Adjusted Gross Income or $2,085 – whichever is higher.


Image courtesy of: The Peoples Cube

UPDATE (02.27.2014):

10 States Aim To Retake Control Of Health Care

(dailycaller) Americans are now watching the entire Act collapse under the weight of its own illegitimacy. Obamacare has, thus far, served to discourage Americans from working, vastly expanded the Medicaid entitlement, caused the cancelation of millions of private insurance plans, pledged tax funds to underwrite insurance’s losses, increased premium costs by an average of 41 percent, and distanced doctors from patients.

Jonathan Turley, noted constitutional scholar who generally supports President Obama’s policies has said,

I think many people will come to loathe that they remained silent during this period. . . . I think that many people will look back at this period in history and see nothing but confusion as to why people remained so silent when the president asserted these types of unilateral actions. You have a president who is claiming the right to basically rewrite or ignore or negate federal laws. That is a dangerous thing.

Of course, when Americans think of federal law, this spectacle of harried negotiation and frantic deal-making that produced a 2,700 page reconciliation product called the PPACA “law” was as repugnant as Washington sausage-making gets. Key Senators and Congress-members writing in a pending federal appellate amicus brief called the law “disjointed, confusing, and even self-contradictory,” describing it as a “preliminary draft” that was pushed to preempt the filibuster after the election of Republican Senator Scott Brown.

The American public is well aware that Congress generally did not read the PPACA, nor did members deliberate the terms in reconciliation. Now that we are all “finding out what is in it,” sixty-four percent of Americans polled said that the ACA would not have passed “if we knew then what we know today.”

States seeking a way to defend the constitutional order have signed on to lawsuits challenging the legal foundations upon which Obamacare is rationalized. So far, legal challenges have failed.

More: HERE

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Barring physical revolution, one of the best ways to influence – or correct the trajectory of – a sick and destructive culture is through song and/or art.

Think of decadent MTV’s impact on our society – powerful, lasting, but mostly ruinous. Better yet, consider the once-cherished inspiration gospel hymns provided during our nation’s formidable years; instead of that 7-11 crap (singing 7 words, 11 times) today’s ‘church’ serves up on the overhead projector.

Oleg, one of my colleagues in the ‘underground’ Conservative movement wrote the following article for my friends at American Thinker. Both have carried/published Sad Hill art (satire) from time-to-time, for which I am grateful.

Fellow Patriots… as the media-raised progressives living in Amerika love to shout, “¡Viva la Revolución!”

Thanks for linking!: Moonbattery

REVOLUTION: Obama ‘Sub Par’ Counter-Culture Posters Blanket Los Angeles

(American Thinker) Dozens of posters of President Obama with a golf club and a caption “Sub Par” have been spotted outside the PGA’s golf tournament near the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles, as well as near Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica, California, all of them upscale and liberal enclaves.

A quick web search discovered a number of other locations in LA with “Sub Par” posters pasted over signal boxes, hanging from the wires and lampposts on busy intersections, glued to park benches, and even attached as small stickers to the walls of public bathrooms. This bears all the marks of an anonymous guerilla street art action by local artists.

No one is claiming responsibility for this gutsy guerilla art project, and with a very good reason: in the heart of a Democrat-run city financed by Hollywood studios, any artist engaging in such “counter-progressive” activities would do well to remain anonymous.

In spite of the self-righteous promotion of tolerance and diversity by the “progressive” elites, they themselves tend to rule with a humorless iron fist of religious zealots, intolerant of any deviation from the dogma (unless the Party dogma transmogrifies; then you’re expected to transmogrify with it). And there’s hardly a deadlier sin in their bible than mocking a “progressive” deity, one of whom unquestionably is Barack Obama.

A Stalin-like intolerance of all dissent and religious worship of “progressive” icons is most rampant in such strongholds of progressivism as news media, academia, and especially the arts. An artist who refuses to conform and rebels against the “progressive” establishment gets immediately blacklisted, subjected to a witch hunt, shunned by his colleagues, and ultimately loses any chance of further employment in the industry.


The prospect of the art world rebelling against the leftist establishment frightens the Left more than the Republican Party campaigning ever will. A bunch of hip, younger artists amusing themselves by blasting leftist icons may start a trend that will turn out to be more consequential than all the costly election strategies devised by well-paid GOP consultants in Washington. Because, as Andrew Breitbart frequently said, politics is downstream of culture.

If my instincts are correct, we will be seeing more provocative street art like this. Conservatives will do well to support it.

*Oleg Atbashian, a writer and graphic artist from the former USSR, is the author of Shakedown Socialism, of which David Horowitz said, “I hope everyone reads this book.” In 1994 he moved to the U.S. with the hope of living in a country ruled by reason and common sense, appreciative of its freedoms and prosperity. To his dismay, he discovered a nation deeply infected by the leftist disease of “progressivism” that was arresting true societal progress. American movies, TV, and news media reminded him of his former occupation as a visual propaganda artist for the Communist Party. Oleg is the creator of a satirical website ThePeoplesCube.com, which Rush Limbaugh described on his show as “a Stalinist version of The Onion.” His graphic work frequently appears in the American Thinker.

More (including pictures/video): HERE

Still one of my favorite videos (songs) posted on SHN…

Elizabeth Warren, “Indian Love Call”: HERE

‘Amazing Grace’, the global music sensation: HERE

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…which makes Sad Hill a racist.

.gif Of Obama Kicking Door Is Racist! Student Forced To Apologize

(Daily CallerA student at McGill University in Montreal, Canada was forced to issue a formal apology for emailing a picture of President Obama kicking open a door–all because some students thought the image was somehow racist.

The image was actually an edited .gif, and was shown by Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show” last fall. It humorously suggests that the president may be fed up with press conferences. McGill student Brian Farnan, vice president of the university’s student government, sent out an email with the .gif and the harmless caption, “Honestly midterms get out of here,” according to Legal Insurrection.

What happened next is almost unbelievable: Another student issued a formal complaint against Farnan for committing a “micro-aggression.”For those not up-to-date on the PC lexicon, “micro-aggression” is the latest phrase of choice for leftist radicals seeking to blame racism for common annoyances suffered by people of all races. Minority activists at the University of Michigan, for example, have insisted that trivial slights, such as “Having your opinion second-guessed in a group assignment,” are micro-aggressions that betray the campus as a hostile place for students of color.

The .gif of Obama kicking a door was racist because of the “cultural, historical and living legacy surrounding people of color—particularly young men—being portrayed as violent,” according to the apology letter that Farnan was forced to write.

Technically, Farnan got off easy. Under the McGill student government’s Orwellian “equity policy,” Farnan could have been suspended or even dismissed from his position as vice president in the organization. The decision to force Farnan to apologize was apparently made by an “equity commissioner,” whose will can only be overturned by a two-thirds majority of the student government.

Like a true victim of the thought police, Farnan was forced to denounce his heretical email.

“Despite the innocent intentions influencing my decision to use this particular image, I have come to recognize the negative implications of adding the .GIF image within this given context,” he said. “By using this particular image of President Obama, I unknowingly perpetuated this living legacy and subsequently allowed a medium of [Student Society of McGill University] communication to become the site of a microaggression; for this, I am deeply sorry.”

Guess these .gifs of Obama are ‘racist’ too, huh?



Obama loses his temper, again…: HERE

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