Behold! – The ‘class’ and world-leader behavior maintained by Amerika’s President and First Lady during Nelson Mandela’s memorial… [notice Michelle's scorn throughout the entire series – Sad Hill]

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If looks could kill. Alas, there is no joy in Mudville tonight.

Michelle Reacts To Obama And Danish Prime Minister ‘Selfies’ During Mandela Memorial

(Beck) After delivering a very egotistical speech at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service in Johannesburg, South Africa earlier today, President Obama was caught taking ‘selfies’ in the stands with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. First Lady Michelle Obama, who was stoically sitting next to the group, did not participate.


You know the Obama Administration is already working on a way to spin the incident, which promoted Stu to question what the excuse would be this time.

Maybe he can blame the Dutch Prime Minister for taking the picture. Or they can claim they were really watching a video of Mandela on the phone.

Hat tip: Mom

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30 seconds of never before seen footage of Michelle and Barack Obama participating in a bizarre mating ritual near Barry’s self-proclaimed homeland, Kenya.


Gun control background check? Oh, the hypocrisy: HERE

Obama ‘Born in Kenya’ – Breitbart from the grave: HERE

70% of Obama’s Twitter followers are fake: HERE

America’s First Composite President – Barack Hussein ObamaHERE

Obama’s birth certificate a fraud: HERE

MSM, ‘Never mind Obama’s fishy birth certificate, help us investigate Sarah Palin’s emails: HERE

Neil Abercrombie fails to find the birth certificate, again: HERE

Obama and Abercrombie, Marxist pals: HERE

Michelle says, ‘Obama’s home is Kenya’: HERE and HERE

Obama blows $ millions in taxpayer funds to stimulate Indonesia, his boyhood home: HERE

Our nation cannot survive treason from withinHERE

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BREAKING: Obama Administration Building ‘Death Star’

“We’re caught in the tractor beam, it’s pulling us in!”

“Put that thing away or you’re gonna get us all killed!”

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

“What a piece of junk!”

“I used to bullseye womp rats just like it in my T-16 back home!”

“You’re all clear kid, now let’s blow this thing and go home!”

“These are not the droids you’re looking for…”

“The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”

“I sense something; a presence I’ve not felt since…”

“Will someone get this big walking carpet out of my way?”

“Get in there, you big furry oaf! I don’t care what you smell!”

“We’re losing a deflector shield! Go strap yourselves in!”


Fat Butt Michelle Obama‘ remark gets teacher suspended: HERE

Michelle crashes Royal Wedding: HERE

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Look, I am 100% convinced if the powers-that-be declared Obama, ‘Supreme Dictator’ as early as tomorrow, our spineless Congress and pathetic GOP would roll-over and welcome the new overlord; not to mention the majority of MSM-raised Americans and weak-kneed Christians that default out-of-context to Romans 13 due to the softness of their trend-embracing ‘pastor’ and/or ‘church’.

Yes. The comments by the teacher were inappropriate considering his environment. But as Big Brother continues to provoke our nation’s anger while sending offenders to ‘diversity training’ or ‘sensitivity training’ (Room 101) as punishment, well perhaps this slice of humor will help preserve what little sanity remains.

Hat tip: Erik in Colorado!

Thanks for linking: I Own The World and From The Trenches World Report.

‘Fat Butt Michelle Obama’ Remark Gets Teacher Suspended

(TODAY) Alabama high school psychology teacher Bob Grisham has been suspended for 10 days without pay for a rant that included calling the first lady “fat butt Michelle Obama.” A student in Grisham’s class made an audio recording of the remarks, which also included derogatory comments about gays.

Grisham’s suspension from Lauderdale County High School begins on Tuesday, and he has been barred from teaching his class for the rest of the school year and ordered to attend sensitivity training. Also the school’s head football coach, he will be assigned “other academic duties” for the rest of the year in place of teaching his class, according to Lauderdale County Superintendent Jennifer Gray.

Grisham will also have to meet monthly with Mark Butler, the school system’s personnel director, to make sure he is meeting his requirements. Grisham’s coaching job was not addressed at the Board of Education meeting on Monday night that decided his punishment for the remarks, Butler told

During a debate-type discussion about current affairs in his class on Jan. 27, Grisham blamed the school’s low-calorie lunch offerings on “fat butt Michelle Obama.’’ He also added, “Look at her. She looks like she weighs 185 or 190. She’s overweight.’’


Time (hamster nesting material) votes Michelle Obama, ‘Most Beautiful Woman’: HERE

Biggest Michelle Obama fan, ever: HERE

Windswept spawn of Michelle Obama: HERE

Michelle crashes Royal Wedding: HERE

Oprah denies Christ as only way to salvation: HERE

Weak-Kneed ChristiansHERE

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Compliments: Michelle’s Mirror (Visit them now!)

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Whoops! I have no idea who posted this ‘news’ on SHN. Totally inappropriate. I’ll remove it just as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience and understanding. — Sad Hill

michelle obama time magazine most beautiful woman that ever lived sad hill news


But as long as you’re here, let’s review shall we?

michelle obama baboon monkey totally looks like laughing smile mouth sad hill news


michelle obama ireland hair blown windy grinch sad hill news


michelle obama time magazine most beautiful woman that ever lived sad hill news-2

Newsweek and Time desperate to sell their rags: HEREHERE and HERE

Obama says, ‘If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun’: HERE

Journolists that urged ‘caution’ after Fort Hood, now race to blame Palin after Arizona shooting: HERE

Hat tipI Own The World

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The ‘racists’ – primarily BigFurHat - over at I Own The World have been a horrible influence on Sad Hill. Yet once in a while they manage to break exclusives such as this gem.

Figures. Mainstream media is refusing to report on it.

Michelle Obama, ‘My Next Vacation Will Be In Outer Space’

(I Own The World) With nowhere else left on the planet for Michelle Obama to vacation, the Whitehouse has announced that Michelle will be heading for Mars. The cost was not yet released, but no expense will be spared for Empress Moose.


Obama reflects on his vacation, er, presidencyHERE

Obama’s India Trip: 40 aircraft, 19 million pounds of CO2: HERE

Vail and Aspen vie for Michelle’s attentionHERE

Washington Post, ‘Michelle Obama’s massive posterior is off limits’: HERE

Occupy Michelle Obama’s face: HERE

Michelle Obama’s $45,000 bracelet: HERE

Biggest Michelle Obama fan, ever: HERE

Windswept spawn of Michelle Obama: HERE

Michelle crashes Royal Wedding: HERE

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Michelle Obama Totally Looks Like…

On 03.10.12, in Fun, by Sad Hill

michelle obama baboon monkey totally looks like laughing smile mouth sad hill news


Henry Waxman totally looks like…: HERE

George Soros totally looks like…: HERE

Tom Hanks totally looks like…: HERE

Washington Post, ‘Michelle Obama’s massive posterior is off limits’: HERE

Michelle Obama’s tennis elbow – racist!: HERE

Obama is not racist, he’s just discriminatoryHERE

Vail and Aspen vie for Michelle’s attention: HERE

Occupy Michelle Obama’s face: HERE

Michelle Obama’s $45,000 bracelet: HERE

Biggest Michelle Obama fan, ever: HERE

Windswept spawn of Michelle Obama: HERE

Michelle crashes Royal Wedding: HERE

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So I looked up ‘Racism‘ on Wikipedia and found their definition propaganda rather ‘enlightening’:

(Wiki) “Racism is commonly located on the far right due to the far right’s common association with nativism, racism, and xenophobia.”

‘Sad Hill, what does this have to do with tennis?’

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

michelle obama racist racism tennis sad hill news

Michelle Obama rouses NAACP condemning ‘racist’ elements of the Tea Party: HERE

Obama’s new book, ‘Race was key component in rising opposition to my presidency — especially right-wing activists in the Tea Party: HERE

Obama is not racist, he’s just discriminatory: HERE

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s nightmare: HERE

Mainstream media won’t show hate-filled SEIU protesters harassing gay black Tea Party member: HERE

US Military is too white and too male — needs big ‘change in leadership’: HERE

The hyphen American, by John Wayne: HERE

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I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on earth.”

Barack Hussein Obama, June 4, 2008


In 2008 during one of his infamous ‘hope and change‘ speeches, the newb conveniently forgot to mention a few of his economy crushing action items – like dependance on foreign oil – thereby eliminating the need to reveal an accurate chart such as this one, indicating where gas prices would be in the year 2012:

gas prices obama average lol omg wtf sign sad hill news(Graph courtesy of All American Blogger)

Yup. When Obama took office the average US gas price was just $1.84 per gallon. Brian L. Milne of Telvent DTN recently stated that by June, the U.S. average will be above $4 per gallon. And that in some parts of the country, gas would rise above $5 per gallon.

Who cares! What we struggling Americans are dying to know is, ‘Where’s Queen Michelle going on her next vacation?’

michelle obama skiing vail aspen ski vacation wipeout sad hill news

Michelle’s Ski Trip Marks 16 Obama Vacations

(Washington Examiner) First lady Michelle Obama’s weekend jaunt to Aspen, Colorado for a President’s Day ski holiday with her daughters Sasha and Malia makes the 16th time members of the first family have gone on extended vacations during their three years in office.

Their stay at the home of a major Chicago fundraiser for President Obama makes the fifth time the first lady and her daughters have taken a break from Washington on their own. Only once has Obama had a long weekend out of town and alone, celebrating his 49th birthday in Chicago in August 2010. [... Obama's] have become more controversial because of the costs associated with moving the first family to a public vacation spot, unlike the Bushes to their remote ranch in Crawford, Texas. For example, the Hawaii Reporter said the first family’s 2011 Christmas vacation in Hawaii would exceed $1.5 million. Critics and even some in his own party say the vacations present a bad image at a time when many Americans are struggling to get by during the recession. According to recent Harris poll, only three in 10 said they plan to take a vacation lasting longer than a week in the next six months, and that number has been dropping during the recession as people worry about the costs of vacations. Other polls have found that less than half of all Americans take all the vacation time they earn because they can’t afford trips.

Let’s take a peek, shall we, at His & Her Majesty’s growing list of vacations (not including Obama’s 95+ rounds of golf)…

The Obama Vacation List

– President’s Day 2012, Michelle and the first daughters in Aspen, Colorado to ski.
– Christmas 2011, the first family in Hawaii for an extended vacation.
– Summer 2011, in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., for the annual beach break.
– June 2011, the first lady, her mother and daughters traveled to South Africa and Botswana.
– President’s Day 2011, the first lady and first daughters travel to Vail to ski.
– Christmas 2010, in Hawaii.
– August 2010, the first family traveled to Panama City Beach, Fla., for some sun and fun at the beach.
– August 2010, Obama spent the weekend alone in Chicago for his 49th birthday bash.
– August 2010, the first lady and daughter Sasha traveled to Spain for a mother-daughter vacation.
– August 2010, summer vacation again at Martha’s Vineyard.
– July 2010, the first family went to Mount Desert Island, Maine.
– May 2010, the first family had a four-day trip to Chicago.
– March 2010, first lady and daughter spend Spring Break in New York City.
– Christmas 2009, Hawaii again for the annual break.
– August 2009, at Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon for a short vacation.
– August 2009, their first summer vacation as first family at Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

michelle obama queen marie antoinette choosing her next vacation sad hill news

Obama to Brazil [Soros], ‘We want to be one of your best customers’: HERE

Obama + George Soros + Petrobras + Brazil oil + $ Billions USD: HERE

Pain at the pump — media lap dogs silent: HERE

Aspen hates Vail: Wins latest battle in Michelle Obama endless ski vacation war: HERE

Obama, ‘I won’t unilaterally disarm my super PAC, but I will unilaterally disarm America: HERE

Obama defends ‘the right’ to exterminate 54+ million lives: HERE

Merry Christmas ObamaNation: 1-in-6 Floridians now depend on food stamps: HERE

ObamaNation – Florida park to become tent city for homeless population: HERE

Bailout Payback? Realtors double-counting homes sales for last 5 yearsHERE

US Unemployment 20%+HERE

False unemployment and phony jobs claimHERE

Media fall for phony ‘jobs’ claim: HERE

Ben Bernanke tells everyone at neighborhood bar how, ‘screwed US economy really is’: HERE

‘On the twelfth day of Christmas Obama gave to me…’: HERE

Sick of hope and change: HERE

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Sure, last year Vail tried to claim Michelle Obama Conehead as their own. You realize of course, this means ‘WAR!’

Michelle Obama In Aspen For Ski Vacation

(Aspen Daily) First Lady Michelle Obama arrived in Aspen on Friday afternoon and is here with her daughters for a ski vacation.

Few details about her trip were available. Sources said she is staying at the home of Jim and Paula Crown, owners of the Aspen Skiing Co. She is reportedly skiing at Buttermilk today, where the Crowns, of Chicago, own a home on the Tiehack side.

Several people have known about the “low-key” vacation, with the Secret Service in town for the past few days scoping out places for the family to relax and enjoy what the resort has to offer.

Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo confirmed that he has met with the Secret Service and has loaned seven deputies to help protect the first lady and her family.

Conehead rights war…

[Pitkin County Democratic Pary Chair Blanca O’Leary] noted that there are more Democratic supporters locally than our neighbors to the east.

“I’m very happy she’s here and not at Vail because we have better ski mountains and there was a higher turnout for the president here,” O’Leary said. “I hope she comes back.”


HEY! Check out Michelle’s Mirror, she’s got the entire scoop: HERE

michelle obama skiing vail aspen michelle's mirror sad hill news

(Compliments of Michelle’s Mirror)

Occupy Michelle Obama’s face: HERE

Michelle Obama’s $45,000 bracelet: HERE

Michelle Obama windswept in Ireland: HERE

Biggest Michelle Obama fan, ever: HERE

Hair-Raising Irish winds follow Michelle to London: HERE

Windswept spawn of Michelle Obama: HERE

Michelle crashes Royal Wedding: HERE

SMACKDOWN: Duchess of Cambridge vs. Queen of Tarts: HERE

Obama’s India trip forces most businesses to shut down on busiest shopping day of the year: HERE

Obama India Trip: 40 aircraft, 34 warships, 3,000 entourage, entire Taj Mahal booked, coconut removal, bomb-proof tunnel construction, 19 million pounds of CO2 @ $200 million per day?: HERE

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