In April 2011, SHN reported on ‘Project Gunrunner‘ and captured Lou Dobbs interviewing Wayne LaPierre of the NRA, then posted it on YouTube (above). HD version (less views): HERE

As the cover-up and lies continue to unfold, the story is beginning to get the traction it deserves – but needs much more.

PLEASE – SHN doesn’t need the credit – copy and paste this story on your website or favorite forums, forward it to your favorite new media websites, local radio stations, local newspapers, and the MSM. This one goes straight to the top.

What Is ‘Project Gunrunner‘, aka ‘Fast and Furious’, aka ‘Gunwalker’? (If you’re in the know, jump to ‘Operation Gunrunner Funded By 2009 Stimulus‘ below.)

‘Under US Government surveillance and supervision, American gun store owners along the US-Mexico border were ordered to make gun sales to ‘unknown’ buyers who were then permitted to take ‘thousands and thousands’ of guns across the border – openly – and put them in the hands of Mexico’s drug cartel. (Side Note: Why is the TSA sticking their hands down our pants?)

From Lou Dobbs’ April interview with Wayne LaPierre of the NRA (also see video above):

The largest gunrunner to the Mexican drug cartels is our government under this administration.’ [...] ‘You have to assume that the White House is in bed with the justice department on this cover-up.’

So. Here we have a taxpayer funded program that takes advantage of open borders to supply Mexico’s drug cartel with American weapons – all of which Barack Obama and Eric Holder have repeatedly claimed they know nothing about…

eric holder barack hussein obama project gunrunner gunwalker fast and furious sad hill news

Operation Gunrunner Funded By 2009 Stimulus That Obama Signed

(Free RepublicSomething about Project Gunrunner (gunwalker, fast and furious) has been bugging me but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

This morning when I woke up I remember seeing Project Gunrunner in 

a bill that was discussed here. The original thread about it was a rumor thread that HR45 had been rolled into the stimulus package.

In that thread I scanned the text of H.R.1 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 for gun, firearm, etc and came up with a hit.

I posted in the thread: “Only time “gun” or “firearm” appears is in the part that give $10,000,000 to the ATF for Project Gunrunner. That was H.R. 495, asking for 15,000,000 for Gunrunner”.

H.R. 495 that I mentioned never made it out of committee, but it looks as it was to specifically fund Gunrunner.

Instead portions of it were rolled into the stimulus package a month later. That text found in H.R.1 is:

(OpenCongress) ‘For an additional amount for ‘State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance’, $40,000,000, for competitive grants to provide assistance and equipment to local law enforcement along the Southern border and in High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas to combat criminal narcotics activity stemming from the Southern border, of which $10,000,000 shall be transferred to ‘Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Salaries and Expenses’ for the ATF Project Gunrunner.’

Notice that’s $40,000,000 for Southern border enforcement, $10,000,000 of which specifically for Project Gunrunner. What does $10 million pay for here? It didn’t hire any new agents that I am aware of.

What this tells me is that several congressmen also had knowledge of what Gunrunner was going to entail. This isn’t just the ATF and DOJ. This is all levels and areas of government. Even members of the House and Senate knew what Project Gunrunner was.

(Pajamas MediaSo Obama didn’t know anything about this, but he signed $10,000,000 in funding for the program. This thing would stink on a dung pile. It’s time for indictments.

project gunrunner gunwalker fast and furious eric holder atf sad hill newsUPDATE (07.08.2011): Gunwalker: Laying It All Out

(Ann Barnhardt) Two big developments have emerged in Gunwalker. First [...] ATF Director Kenneth Melson has indeed spilled his guts and testified on July 4th before Congressional investigators. Gunwalker goes all the way to Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and [...] Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett. Further, Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea over at Sipsey Street Irregulars have broken news this morning that Holder/Clinton/Obama-Jarrett also were walking guns out of Florida into Honduras. Here’s the money quote:

“There are emails in existence where (Special Agent in Charge Virginia) O’Brien has advised those involved that Tampa does not have to report their walked guns because Tampa FD is not a part of Southwest Border or Project Gunrunner.”

Full citation: HERE

Whoopsie. I guess the “home office” did know all about Gunwalker, told other offices about it, and set up similar schemes with other ATF offices.

Multiple Points:

1. Don’t kid yourselves. This Obama regime gunwalking business is obviously going on all over the country. Don’t think for a second that it was “just Tampa” in addition to the Mexican border. I would look for more ATF field offices to be revealed as virtual weaponry depots for enemies of the United States.

2. Now we know why Hillary Clinton and Obama were falling all over themselves to support and prop-up the Honduran Marxist dictator-wannabe, Manuel Zelaya back in 2009. I never could figure out why they would create such blatantly unflattering, pro-Marxist optics for the Obama regime for a small country like Honduras. Now it all makes perfect sense. Zelaya attempted to overthrow the Honduran constitution and install himself as dictator for life, a la Hugo Chavez. The Honduran Congress AND Supreme Court followed their Constitutional Rule of Law to the letter and removed Zelaya. Within hours Obama and Clinton were threatening Honduras and demanding that the Marxist dictator Zelaya be re-installed. Now we know why. Obama and Clinton were arming Zelaya and were coordinating with Zelaya to run arms through Honduras. Presumably the deal was that some of the arms would stay with Zelaya and most would move into Mexico from the South. Then, Obama and Clinton could “find” U.S. guns in Southern Mexico and Central America, and thus use these optics to bolster their false contention that “90%” of Mexican guns were sourced directly from the U.S. “See? U.S. guns are all the way down in Chiapas State and Guatemala. U.S. guns are everywhere! The Second Amendment simply is not feasible any longer!”

hillary clinton barack hussein obama project gunrunner gunwalker fast and furious sad hill news

3. Mexican president Felipe Calderon has also parroted the Obama/Clinton fake statistics claiming that “90%” of the guns in Mexico came from the U.S. This strongly implies that the Obama regime colluded with Mexico City on this Gunwalker action with the objective of using the resulting bloodshed to suspend the Second Amendment and disarm the people of the United States.

THIS IS TREASON. This is the epitome of treason. The Obama/Clinton machine has directly coordinated with outside governments to overthrow the Constitution of the United States, and has facilitated the invasion of the United States by a de facto non-uniformed Mexican military in the form of narco-gangs, who, it is argued, are the real power in Mexico City already.

4. This is also textbook SEDITION. In attempting to create optics that implicated the Second Amendment to the Constitution as being responsible for arming narco-terrorists and the resulting mass murder, the Obama/Clinton machine has engaged in attempted insurrection against the established lawful order, namely the Constitution. They have subversively attempted to stir up rebellion against the Constitution by fraudulently stirring up commotion against the Constitution. This “commotion” took the form of the calculated murder of hundreds of Mexican civilians, law enforcement officers and regular military and the murder of at least two U.S. law enforcement officers.

5. Obama personally acknowledged these acts of treason and sedition when he told Sarah Brady on March 30, 2011 that gun control in the U.S. was coming, but that “we have to go through a few processes. Under the radar.”

Nothing short of criminal arrest and trial is morally acceptable for Obama, Jarrett, Hillary Clinton and Holder. Every one of these people should spend the rest of their lives in Florence, Colorado. Since Obama appears to not be a citizen of the U.S., but rather a dual citizen of the U.K. and Indonesia, he should be tried as a non-state, non-uniformed enemy combatant. The rest should be tried for treason, sedition and murder.


UPDATE #2 (07.09.2011) Holder Bragged About Operation Gunrunner In 2009

(Washington Examiner) On May 3, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder testified before House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa’s committee that he only learned about the government’s sale of weapons to Mexican drug cartels “in the last few weeks.”

But Big Government found a 2009 speech by Holder on the Department of Justice’s own website that proves the attorney general was well aware of Operation Gunrunner back in 2009:

The problem with Holder’s feigned ignorance is that he gave a speech in Cuernavaca, Mexico, on April 2, 2009, in which he boasted about Operation ‘Gunrunner” and told Mexican authorities of everything he was doing to insure its success.

When questioned by the media, Holder also denied knowing anything about Gunrunner:

“Holder’s office at first vehemently denied ATF has ever knowingly allowed weapons to get into the hands of suspected gunrunners for Mexico’s drug cartels,” CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reported.

But at the arms trafficking conference in Cuernavaca, Holder not only acknowledged the program, he bragged that he was in the process of expanding it:

“Last week, our administration launched a major new effort to break the backs of the cartels. My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner, DEA is adding 16 new positions on the border, as well as mobile enforcement teams, and the FBI is creating a new intelligence group focusing on kidnapping and extortion. DHS is making similar commitments, as Secretary Napolitano will detail.”

So Holder’s May 3rd denial appears to be refuted by his own word.


Stimulus Funded ‘Project Gunrunner’ Verified On Website: HERE

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h/t: Free RepublicWeasel ZippersI Own The World, Pajamas Media

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While hiding Ted Nugent record albums from Mom back in the day, it never dawned on me that in 2011 Mr. Cat Scratch Fever and I would literally be fighting for the same thing, the same rights, the same life, and above all, the Constitution of the United States.

Ted Nugent, Sad Hill salutes you!

Ted Nugent Sounds The Alarm: United Nations Gun Grabbers Are At It Again

(Moonbattery) Our beloved Uncle Ted sounds off on the United Nations/Democrat Party scheme to use an international agreement to negate the Second Amendment and leave us defenseless:

(Washinton Times) The despots, thugs, scoundrels, punks and various crooks at the United Nations have it all wrong again. Imagine that. Though the details have yet to be released, the U.N. wants to try to force strict small-arms control on the world under the pretense (lie) that such restrictions will make it tougher for terrorists and other assorted subhuman scum to get their hands on guns.

How is that working in Mexico, boys and girls?

Here’s how: If UN bureauweenies or their Democrat coconspirators were concerned with our safety, they would want us to be in a position to defend ourselves. However:

At its core, the U.N. is not about promoting freedom and liberating people by killing bad guys. It is about controlling people by limiting their ability to defend themselves against tyranny and slavery imposed by evil and maniacal regimes.

Tens of millions of people have been slaughtered by notorious gun grabbers. Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and other notorious mass-murderer control nuts all banned guns, and millions upon millions of innocent, helpless people died because they had no ability to defend themselves and their families. And now the U.N. seemingly supports more of the same.

The difference between the genocidal nightmares of the past and future is that Hitler and his fellow socialists listed above didn’t know that every human who is allowed to live contributes to the destruction of the planet through global warming.

A world run by moonbats is no place to live unarmed.

obama clinton gun control works experts agree sad hill news

The history of America’s freedom: HERE

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Obama says, ‘There is going to be a tug-of-war within the US between those who see globalization as a threat, and those who accept it’: HERE

ATF’s ‘Project Gunrunner’: HERE

Gun Owners of America: HERE

h/t: Dave Blount, Jim R

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Classic gun spinning by Sammy Davis Jr. while he sings, ‘Streets of Loredo’ — all from an era when entertainers had talent and weren’t afraid to use it.

Imagine the ‘horror’ of Sammy giving his friends a preview of his act in a Walmart parking lot, today. Bye bye Sammy.

If this is the promise land, I’ve had all I can stand‘ — Hank Williams, Jr.

Team Napolitano labels returning veterans as ‘lone wolf extremists’: HERE

Obama, gun salesman of the year: HERE

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In October 2009 California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed bill #AB962 that would enforce the monitoring of ammunition sales for handgun users. The law which prevented online ammunition sales was to go into effect on February 1, 2011. Local gun shop ammo sales would have required buyer’s fingerprints plus a record of their purchases — all reported to the State.

(Red Tape) Gun rights supporters won a major legal victory last week when a California judge struck down as unconstitutional a law that they say would have effectively banned online sales of handgun ammunition just days before it was to have taken effect.

Given the sheer size of the California market, the law would have had a major impact on national online ammunition sales, and some online ammo sites had already suspended sales to California.

Department of Homeland Security labels Americans as leaders of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists: HERE

Happy Meals and Macy’s Santa Claus banned in San Francisco: HERE and HERE

Washington Post linked to 2,5000 ‘gun crimes’ in DC: HERE

‘Say hello to my little friend’ – the XM25: HERE

2nd Amendment: HERE

How Real Men Shoot Skeet

On 12.10.10, in Fun, Military, Sports, by Sad Hill

California to require fingerprints for all ammo purchases: HERE

‘Say hello to my little friend’ – the XM25: HERE

Hat tip: Tony R

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pass the ammunition poster let's take it back sad hill news

Just a reminder…

In October 2009 California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed bill #AB962 that monitors ammunition sales for handgun users treats buyers of ammunition like criminals. The law goes into effect February 1, 2011. All sales will be outlawed except at local gun shops — your fingerprints and a record of your purchases will be required, then reported to the State.

(KFSNThe new law will require vendors like Bill Mayfield to keep track of all handgun ammunition sales. The goal is to better track the bullets used in crimes, but Mayfield said it won’t work.

Mayfield said, “You’re gonna force every law abiding citizen to go through paper work that these people won’t. The gang-banger, 90% of what their using is probably stolen in the first place.”

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer thinks otherwise. Dyer says similar city ordinances in Los Angeles and Sacramento are proof this law works and captures criminals.

Dyer said, “These laws are never intended to impact the good people. What they are intended to do is keep ammunition out of the hands of those individuals involved in criminal behavior, often times gang members.”

Any violation of this new law and the offender faces a misdemeanor charge. Because all transactions must be face to face that means sales on-line must cease.

Sad Hill 2011 Prediction #1: Government heralds California residents as ‘responsible citizens who reject guns and ammo – as reflected in the significant sales drop.’

Sad Hill 2011 Prediction #2: Government heralds Nevada and Arizona residents as ‘irresponsible right-wing Christian extremists who love guns and ammo – as reflected in the significant sales increase.’

Tammy‘s 2011 Predictions: ’The result of California’s new law will deprive citizens of their Constitutional rights. The law will have zero impact on real criminals, and in fact the state will know less about who has ammunition than before the law, since most gun owners will buy surreptitiously. The law does nothing except express, at a significant dollar cost, the contempt legislators have for legitimate gun owners. This is an ugly, pointless, expensive assault against California’s decent, productive, law-abiding citizens.

Tammy’s Comments: ’When we ask that voters produce identification as they cast a ballot — which would be a reasonable and necessary precaution against the very real and serious crime of election fraud — they tell us no, that’s un-American and racist. But it’s okay to pointlessly harass gun owners who are exercising a legal and Constitutionally-protected activity.

Department of Homeland Security labels Americans as leaders of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists: HERE

Happy Meals and Macy’s Santa Claus banned in San Francisco: HERE and HERE

Washington Post linked to 2,5000 ‘gun crimes’ in DC: HERE

‘Say hello to my little friend’ – the XM25: HERE

2nd Amendment: HERE

Hat tip: Tammy Bruce

glock smith wesson washington post gun crimes sad hill news

This is getting ridiculous. Yesterday The Washington Post continued its endless anti-2nd Amendment campaign by headlining this newsflash with a truckload of sensationalism,

“Realco Guns Tied To 2,500 Crimes In D.C. And Maryland”

Outside a baby shower in Landover three years ago, Erik Kenneth Dixon snapped [gun's fault]. As he argued with his sister [gun's fault] and her boyfriend in a parking lot, the 25-year-old man whipped out a .45-caliber Glock and shot her in the leg [gun's fault]. Then he chased down her boyfriend [gun's fault], firing between cars and at the running man’s feet until he slipped on wet grass [gun's fault]. As the prone man held his hands up in futile defense, Dixon executed him [gun's fault], firing seven times [gun's fault].

By law, Dixon was prohibited from owning a gun [gun's fault]. He had spent almost three years in prison [gun's fault] for shooting at a man. But three months before the baby-shower killing, he gave his girlfriend $335 [gun's fault] and took her to an old brick house on a commercial strip just beyond the District line in Forestville, home to a gun shop called Realco.

See where this is headed, right?

Dixon’s Glock was one of 86 guns sold by Realco that have been linked to homicide cases during the past 18 years, far outstripping the total from any other store in the region, a Washington Post investigation has found. Over that period, police have recovered more than 2,500 guns sold by the shop, including over 300 used in non-fatal shootings, assaults and robberies.

In Maryland, Realco towers over the other 350 handgun dealers in the state as a source of guns confiscated in the District and Prince George’s County, the most violent jurisdictions in the area.

Clearly the Maryland and DC area crimes are non-related to culture, demographics, corruption or government-run brainwashing portals such as, The Washington Post.

Check out this statistic from the same fear-mongering WaPo ‘guns-causing-crime’ article,

Nearly two out of three guns sold in Virginia since 1998 and recovered by local authorities came from about 1 percent of the state’s dealers.

I repeat, “1 percent of the state’s dealers.”

obama firearms salesman of the year sad hill news

WaPo admittedly linked their databases to mine gun traces which, when using Washington Compost reporting tactics, ‘ties’ The Washington Post directly to Realco guns and 2,500 crimes.

Realco has been known as a leading seller of “crime guns” seized by local police, but a year-long Post investigation reveals the magnitude of Realco’s pattern and links the guns sold by the store to specific crimes. The Post compiled its own databases of more than 35,000 gun traces by mining unpublicized state databases and local police evidence logs.

This statement, also in WaPo’s article, destroys their insinuating headline:

“The owners of Realco Guns are cooperative with our detectives and have been compliant with all reporting requirements,” said Maj. Andy Ellis, commander of the public affairs division for Prince George’s police.

Fear not. The Washington Post is a master at backing up its anti-Constitution sensationalism, with what else, more sensationalism

A Taurus .40-caliber pistol sold by the store in March 2004 was put to work in a murder three weeks later at a Popeyes in Oxon Hill, where 20-year-old Robert Garner Jr. killed 22-year-old Kelvin Braxton. Police learned that Garner’s girlfriend had bought the gun [gun's fault].

A Glock .45-caliber the shop sold to Alfred L. Evans in June 2004 was used in October 2005 in Clinton at a busy traffic light to kill 28-year-old Keith Ingaharra. After one driver cut the other off in evening rush-hour traffic, Ingaharra stepped from his car waving his hands. Evans shot Ingaharra in the hip, leg and chest and then drove home [gun's fault].

“He had the gun right there at his fingertips,” said Ingaharra’s mother, Bonnie Rogers. “He just took it out and blew him away.”

A Kel-Tec 9mm sold by Realco in January 2007 was used by Terris T. Luckett seven months later to shoot his wife 20 times, killing her at their Clinton home. He then killed a barber [gun's fault], John Scales III, in his shop. Luckett, who bought the gun, incorrectly thought the two were having an affair [gun's fault], police say.

gun owner gun owners of america t-shirt sad hill news

Washington Post anti-Constitution: HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HEREHERE, HERE, and HERE

Time Magazine mimics Washington Post: HERE

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Top gun salesman: HERE

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