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Florida Today is just one of hundreds of Leftist ‘main’stream rags owned and operated by Gannett Company, Inc. (aka – 1984‘s Ministry of Truth). USA Today is another. If you’re not familiar with Gannett, chances are they publish your local liberal-laced newspaper toilet paper.

Just a wild guess… but perhaps their severe lack of readership due in part to a rapidly awakening public, and dwindling support as a direct result of Gannett’s well documented mantra, “Delete all conservative comments!” somehow inspired Florida Today’s front page headline, “We Recommend Mitt Romney For President“.

With Gannett being 1%ers an’ all – brilliantly disguised by their tireless coverage of the #Occupy movement – well, keeping up appearances requires stuff, ‘evil’ stuff, ‘Capitalist Pig’-type stuff. You know, customers… product… supply and demand… sales… profit… all ‘detestable’ stuff, yet necessary to increase one’s chances of survival despite what Gannett and their government-subsidized counterparts claim.

Fear not, even the most extreme Obamanites – particularly Florida Today and Gannett Company, Inc. – are capable of conveniently and wholly discarding their Socialist ways once their wallet is threatened.

Stay tuned! More ‘news’ outlets are sure to follow…

(…boy, that was fast.)

UPDATE #1 (10.29.2012): The Des Moines Register, which has not endorsed a Republican since Richard Nixon in 1972, folds: HERE

UPDATE #2 (10.29.2012): This just in… “Nation’s Newspapers Abandon Obama”: HERE

Sad Hill’s PREDICTION: If Romney is elected, MSM will again deem photographs of returning dead soldiers, ‘urgent’ and ‘imperative.’

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We Recommend Mitt Romney For President

(Florida Today / Gannett Company, Inc.) Over the next four years, Washington must foster a more competitive economy and balance federal budgets. Florida voters rate jobs and business growth as their No. 1 concern by far.

For those reasons, we endorse former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for president.

Romney has a clearer vision for a modern economy. He has a better understanding than President Barack Obama of what could help manufacturers and service companies grow and hire. And he has executive experience and a record of problem solving that Obama did not have before taking office.

We think Romney would be more effective at setting priorities, pushing business-friendly initiatives through his Cabinet and negotiating solutions across party lines.

“The key to increasing national prosperity is to promote good ideas and create the conditions that can lead them to be fully exploited — in existing businesses as well as new ones,” Romney writes in his 2010 book “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness.”

In a line that bodes well for the Space Coast, he writes: “Government is generally not the source of new ideas, although innovations from NASA and the military have provided frequent exceptions.”

On space, Romney’s views match Obama’s plan for privatizing flights to the International Space Station and refocusing NASA on interplanetary missions. That approach led to a painful downsizing at Kennedy Space Center, but it also prodded our local space industry to become more competitive and productive.

On budget matters, Romney has touted ideas from the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles commission on deficit reduction that Obama appointed but never embraced. Running mate Paul Ryan’s signature plan for balanced budgets calls for sustaining spending on defense, space and science.

Unmet expectations

We endorsed Obama in 2008, but not because he seemed likely to transform the economy. We recommended Obama because he promised to end the war in Iraq, continue NASA’s moon-exploration program and reform health care costs that had outstripped growth in household income for more than a decade.

We also believed Obama would reach out and build new coalitions in Washington to resolve issues mired in partisanship.

Four years later, Obama has failed to satisfy three out of four of those expectations.

We give Obama credit bringing our forces home from Iraq. On defense, we favor his strategy of winding down war costs, modernizing the military and better aligning it to 21st-century threats. That seems promising for technical innovation and sales at defense contractors along Palm Bay Road, NASA Boulevard and State Road A1A.

But Obama’s signature achievement was confusing and ill-timed. The byzantine Affordable Care Act worsened uncertainty for business during a recession and will compound the costs of workplace benefits for four out of five working-age Americans.

We doubt Romney will get his promised repeal of Obamacare past uncooperative Senate Democrats. But of the two candidates, he seems most capable of proposing business-friendly fixes moderate Democrats could support.

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(Image courtesy of WolverineIOTW)

Another brainwashing attempt from the Gannett Propaganda Machine, delivered via Florida Telescreen.

Note how the lead paragraph does not read, ‘People who hate expensive mercury-laced, low-illumination government-mandated light bulbs have come out surprise winners…’

Repeal Of Lightbulb ‘Ban’ A Dim Move

(Florida Today) People who love cheap, energy-hogging light bulbs have come out surprise winners in the budget deal just passed by Congress.

Buried in the spending bill was a talk-radio inspired provision that killed new efficiency standards for light bulbs, due to take effect Jan. 1.

Repealing the so-called ban on incandescent bulbs was pitched as a blow for freedom and for keeping the reach of onerous regulations out of our homes. Republicans, meanwhile, have pushed for more “certainty” and lower costs for business to help the economy grow.

But passage of this bright idea could actually mean less freedom and higher costs for everyone in the long run and in ways that matter profoundly.

The rider has potentially wasted four years and millions of dollars that U.S. corporations have invested in new plant and equipment to meet higher standards.


URGENT: Now. What Gannett, their minions (Florida Today), and their trained sheeple (Matt Reed, the article’s author) ‘fail’ to tell readers is that bankrupt GE – the manufacturers of CFL bulbs – received ‘special arrangements’ from Obama to use $53+ billion in taxpayer funds for high-speed rail, and that’s not including the $30+ billion in taxpayer funds GE is allowed to spend on corporate takeovers in the coming years.

Mighty convenient

QUESTION: How many more $ billions would GE have pocketed from forced taxpayer purchases of toxic CFL light bulbs?

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UPDATE (12.20.2011): The ‘dim’ article was today’s Gannett FT website’s ‘feature story’, but they buried the article shortly after SHN posted this summary. Now on their site’s front page is a ‘feature video’ entitled, ‘Debunking Myths About Light Bulbs.’

What an age we live in, when one is able to witness, then document the Orwellian Effect in real time. — Sad Hill


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