a new study shows we can get you to believe sad hill news

…and don’t get me started on Snopes.com

Regardless, savvy SHN readers (aka Conservatives and Constitutionalists) experiencing Amerika’s Orwellian tyranny, already understand the Leftist trick of calling their gestapo organizations the opposite of what they truly are:

Planned Parenthood‘ = Abortion Department

Military Religious Freedom Foundation‘ = Christian Values Elimination Department

Associated Press‘ = Propaganda Department

ObamaCare‘ = Gas Chamber

…and so forth.

PolitiFact – The Biggest Internet Fraud – Is Rewriting Its Own History

(Breitbart) Thursday, the fraudulent fact-check site PolitiFact awarded its “lie of the Year” to Barack Obama for his, “If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance” ObamaCare sales con. But in order to do so, PolitiFact had to rewrite its own history after they spent three years aiding and abetting Obama by spreading this exact same lie:

[I]n an October 2008 column — just before the election — PolitiFact actually rated Obama’s promise as “true.” It said at the time: “Obama is accurately describing his health care plan here. He advocates a program that seeks to build on the current system, rather than dismantling it and starting over.”

In other words, it rated him on the basis of whether he was accurately stating his own campaign promise, a hurdle no politician could fail to clear.

In an August 2009 column, PolitiFact did pull back, noting: “It’s not realistic for Obama to make blanket statements that ‘you’ will be able to ‘keep your health care plan.’”

Since Obama was making just that blanket claim, it ought to have been rated “false,” but PolitiFact decided against that. “[O]ne of the points of reform is to change the way health care works right now. So we rate Obama’s statement Half True,” it ruled. Rather than hold Obama to account, it moved the goalposts instead.

This wasn’t the worst of it. As Higgins notes, PolitiFact not only rewrote the definition of “fact” to rate Obama’s obvious lies as true, but twice during the 2012 election, the phony fact-check site accused of Mitt Romney of lying with his accurate claim that “up to 20 million Americans could lose their insurance under ObamaCare.”

Romney’s statement was based on analysis by the Congressional Budget Office.

One of those “false” ratings for Romney came in June of 2012, the same month PolitiFact awarded Obama a “half true” for repeating what PolitiFact now acknowledges was the “lie of the year.”

PolitiFact is one of the biggest frauds on the Internet and the biggest in the mainstream media. As we can see with PolitiFact’s ongoing ObamaCare fraud, PolitiFact’s entire purpose is to protect Democrats and their agenda by spinning lies into truth and truth into lies. The media love PolitiFact because the phony fact-checks give the media a false sheen of objectivity.

On the most consequential domestic policy programs passed by our government in a decade, the charlatans at PolitiFact not only helped spread what they knew was a lie; they then awarded their own lie “lie of the year.”

Shameless and dangerous.

Snopes – ‘Free Obama Phone’… No such thing! Oh, wait, yes there is…: HERE

Snopes hides from Muslim Brotherhood facts: HERE

The non-United States – a counter-revolution is on the horizon: HERE

When does America’s ‘tolerance’ become stupidity?!: HERE

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obama if i had birth certificate it'd look like birth certificate sad hill news

Andrew Breitbart, Breitbart’s coroner, SEAL Team 6, Benghazi, Michael Hastings, Obama’s fake birth certificate ‘authenticator’…


Whoopsie Daisy! – Official Who Released Obama’s ‘Birth Certificate’ Dies In Plane Crash

(NPR) Loretta Fuddy, a Hawaiian health official who in 2011 was briefly in the national spotlight when she verified the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate and authorized the release of information about it, died Wednesday in the crash of a small plane off the island of Molokai.

USA Today writes that “the plane, with a pilot and eight passengers aboard, went down Wednesday in the water off the Hawaiian island of Molokai, the Maui Fire Department said.”


Breitbart from the grave, “Obama born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii”: HERE

Obama’s ‘birth certificate’ creator hired by Chinese government: HERE

America’s First Composite President – Barack Hussein ObamaHERE

Obama’s birth certificate a fraud: HERE and HERE

Neil Abercrombie fails to find the birth certificate, again: HERE

Obama and Abercrombie, Marxist pals: HERE

Obama plasters birth certificate on t-shirts, coffee mugs and forehead: HERE

Obama blows $ millions in taxpayer funds to stimulate Indonesia, his boyhood home: HERE

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Behold! – The ‘class’ and world-leader behavior maintained by Amerika’s President and First Lady during Nelson Mandela’s memorial… [notice Michelle's scorn throughout the entire series – Sad Hill]

obama selfie mandela memorial dutch prime minister helle thorning-schmidt michelle pissed sad hill news

If looks could kill. Alas, there is no joy in Mudville tonight.

Michelle Reacts To Obama And Danish Prime Minister ‘Selfies’ During Mandela Memorial

(Beck) After delivering a very egotistical speech at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service in Johannesburg, South Africa earlier today, President Obama was caught taking ‘selfies’ in the stands with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. First Lady Michelle Obama, who was stoically sitting next to the group, did not participate.


You know the Obama Administration is already working on a way to spin the incident, which promoted Stu to question what the excuse would be this time.

Maybe he can blame the Dutch Prime Minister for taking the picture. Or they can claim they were really watching a video of Mandela on the phone.

Hat tip: Mom

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fake interpreter obama mandela barack obama nelson mandela funeral sad hill news

So, everything Obama gets involved in relies on completely fake messaging…

Fake Sign Language Interpreter Used At Nelson Mandela Memorial

(Yahoo) Johannesburg – While millions across the globe were inspired and moved by speeches made at former President Nelson Mandela’s memorial service on Tuesday, the international deaf community expressed outrage over what they say was a fake sign language interpreter.

According to a report on Australian site, SBS News, deaf South African and board member of the World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section Braam Jordaan said the interpreter was simply making up his own signs.

“The structure of his hand, facial expressions and the body movements did not follow what the speaker was saying,” Jordaan was quoted as saying. “What happened at the memorial service is truly disgraceful thing to see – it should not happen at all.”

Jordaan said the interpreter seemed to simply be making up his own hand movements.

A representative for the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters, Sheena Walters also told SBS the hand movements the interpreter was using was not recognisable as any type of sign language:

“Most sign languages across the world share a similar structure and pattern and this person seems to be making a lot of repetitive signs and isn’t displaying the usual facial expression or structure of sign language that you would normally see.”

President Barack Obama waves standing next to the sign language interpreter after making his speech.

As the memorial service for the global icon and leader, affectionately known as Madiba, was streamed across nearly every news channel across the world, more and more members of the deaf community took to social media site Twitter to express their anger:

“ANC-linked interpreter on the stage with dep president of ANC is signing rubbish. He cannot sign. Please get him off,” tweeted Wilma Newhoudt-Druchen, the first deaf woman elected to South African Parliament.

While South African sign language interpreter, Francois Deysel tweeted that the interpreter was “making a mockery of our profession.”

“He was singing rubbish the whole time, meaning he was just throwing his hands around. #SignLanguage” tweeted RIP Mandela.

Hat tip: John G

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shitty shitty bang bang chitty chitty obama chevy volt child catcher sad hill news

As they say, “Gotta spend money to lose money,” or is it, “Gotta print money to spend money?”

Sure, bankrupt GM managers received massive bonuses – up to 50% of their salaries – upon your taxpayer funded bailout (HERE) not long after GM’s ‘restructured’ $9 billion IPO loss (HERE). Then despite GM’s $35,000 Chevy Volt costing taxpayers $250k/vehicle to produce (HERE) while they spent over $500 million in logo placement on British soccer team jerseys (HERE), GM chose to sponsor a pro-communist Chi-Com propaganda film (HERE) as the Obama administration ‘purchased’ 1-in-4 GM hybrid cars sold (HERE).

However, it’s what money-’smart’ Obama-pandering Forbes isn’t telling us about Government Motors that’s disturbing…

Sh*tty Sh*tty Bang Bang: GM Sticks Taxpayers With $10+ Billion Loss

(Forbes) The US Treasury Department announced Monday that it sold its last shares of General Motors GM -1.22% stock, ending the government’s nearly 5-year action to save the auto industry. Treasury recouped a total of $39 billion from their original GM bailout of $49.5 billion, losing just over $10 billion on the initiative.

Despite the overall loss, many consider the program a success… [the rest of mainstream media's article goes on-and-on about how wonderful the massive loss is for all of Amerika's taxpayers – Sad Hill]


ObamaGenius, ‘Since my Chevy Volt won’t sell, I’ll penalize Americans $2,500 more per vehicle: HERE

Chevy Volt Fires!HERE

 – Chevy Volt, ‘The People’s Car’: HERE

Wow! 281 Chevy Volts sold just last month – thank you Mr. Obama!: HERE

Taxpayers – $7,500 on the hook for every Chevy Volt sold: HERE

Boldface lies about GM service and warranties: HERE

Taxpayer funded Communist supporting GM pushes for higher gas tax: HERE

GM spend $4 million in 3 months on lobbyists: HERE

Obama’s Playbook – published by 1940′s General MotorsHERE

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man leaps to death mall girlfriend christmas shopping sale sad hill news

Why you no shop mo’?!

Thanks for linking: I Own The World

Man Leaps To His Death At Shopping Mall After Girlfriend Insists On More Shopping

(Breitbart) [China] A 38-year-old man leaped to his death after an argument with his girlfriend who insisted they continue shopping. CCTV captured Tao Hsiao and his girlfriend in a mall in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, east China where they had reportedly been shopping for five hours or so before he hit his limit.

Eyewitnesses said Hsiao could be heard telling his girlfriend that they already had more bags than they could carry, but she insisted on hitting one more store where there was a sale on shoes.

An eyewitness said: “He told her she already had enough shoes, more shoes that she could wear in a lifetime, and it was pointless buying any more. She started shouting at him, accusing him of being a skinflint, and of spoiling Christmas. It was a really heated argument.”

The argument continued until Hsiao threw the bags on the floor and himself over the balcony, dropping seven stories to his death and smashing Christmas decorations on the way down. He was killed on impact.

A spokesman for the mall said: “His body was removed fairly quickly. He actually landed on one of the stalls below and then fell to the floor so although the store was damaged it meant he didn’t hit anybody.

“This is a tragic incident, but this time of year can be very stressful for many people.”

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obama puppies blender magician spare barabbas give us barabbas sad hill news

It’s amazing how ‘tolerant’ the Left can be when their dictator’s running the show. Like you, I’ve heard many claim, “Obama could put puppies in a blender and it would kick-start the next global trend.” Hence, the illustration above.

No doubt if Obama asked mom’s to throw their babies in microwaves, 12% of his worshipers would ask, “For how long?”…but I’ll refrain from illustrating that scenario.

So, barely a peep out of animal activists over Obama issuing unlimited Bald Eagle (America’s national symbol) killing permits to wind farms for the next 30 years: HERE

And despite Obama’s recent Iran nuclear involvement/support, crickets from the ADL: HERE

PETA – America’s pet slaughterhouse butchers 95% of animals in its ‘care’: HERE

Dog-Eating Obama targets Romney’s dog-on-the-car-roof, again: HERE

Obama, “I am not a crook!”: HERE

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liberal college girl meme hippie dreadlocks sad hill news

In lieu of SHN’s recent ‘Texas School Bans Christmas’ article (HERE), thought it best I turn over a few rocks and see how the ‘tolerant’ mud-dwelling trendy ObamaBots are coping with banning everything they hate. Technically, banning or destroying anything you despise – as long as you’re a Leftist – does not qualify as ‘hate speech’, especially when your offender(s) uses letters such as, ‘c-h-r-i-s-t’, and God forbid in that order.

liberal college girl meme abominable snow monster rudolph sad hill news

Liberal college girl series (Part 1): HERE

Liberal college girl series (Part 2): HERE

Liberal college girl series (Part 3): HERE

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windmill wind farm turbine kill bald eagles birds bats sad hill news

Lucky for token-Obama he’s just another hypocritical fascist Democrat with a giant stack of ‘get out of jail free‘ cards thanks to his half-black, half-Muslim, half-ass, dog-eating ‘heritage’. Now were he a Conservative, we’d have Civil War II on our hands over this eagle-killing spree.

Sure, wind turbines kill 573,000+ birds and 880,000+ crop-pollinating bats every year (HERE and HERE), but try foraging for a few Bald Eagle eggs this weekend to make your kids a breakfast omelet. Please don’t forget to let us all know how that works out for you and your family…

But for a man who completely understands the importance of – and whose only memorable ‘legacy’ will be – a symbol [just like Hitler], it’s rather fitting that Obama would allow encourage the destruction of America’s soon to be endangered (again) national symbol.

Thanks for linking!: Doug Ross and Moonbattery and Citizens News and Facebook Readers

Obama To Sign Rule Allowing Wind Farms To Kill Bald Eagles

(Breitbart) The Obama administration is about to approve a rule that will ensure the death of golden and bald eagles for the next 30 more years.

Hundreds of thousands of birds die each year flying into the deadly turbine blades atop the soaring towers that compose wind farms. The rule that Obama is signing will give wind farms thirty year permits for the “non purposeful take of eagles-that is where the take is associated with but not the purpose of, the activity.’’ The take of eagles is also a euphemism for the slaughter of them.

The wind farms fulfill Obama’s ambitious pursuit of developing renewable energy sources. Unfortunately, some bird species being destroyed by the turbines are not renewable. As a result, Obama finds himself wedged between the ire of opposing green groups. In July, wildlife groups met with administration officials and lobbied against the granting of 30 year permits for energy companies that own the wind farms.


And since windmills exist solely to allow liberals to wallow in their sanctimonious idiocy, the blades will keep chopping away:

California Golden Eagles chopped up by California’s ‘eco-friendly’ windmills: HERE

Green ‘wind-powered’ Scotland relies on French nuclear powerHERE

Indian tribe gets permits to kill Bald Eagles: HERE

Obama, “I am not a crook!”: HERE

Obama’s India Trip: 19 million pounds of CO2: HERE

Dog-Eating Obama targets Romney’s dog-on-the-car-roof, again: HERE

PETA – America’s pet slaughterhouse butchers 95% of animals in its ‘care’: HERE

Buy a Prius, KILL a Mexican: HERE

Green Eggs and Sham: HERE

A unique look at ‘environmentalism’: HERE

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grinch who stole christmas obama christmas tree tax sad hill news

Before proceeding, I thought it wise to share recent related propaganda spewing from Amerika’s hypocritical fascists (aka ‘the media’). You know, those calling the ‘war on Christmas’ a total farce…

TFN Insider December 2, 2013:

The Mythical ‘War On Christmas’ In Texas Schools

Does anyone really believe that Texas schools are overrun with militant atheist teachers and principals trying to destroy Christmas? (snip) “[…] groups like Texas Values trot out the familiar nonsense about a “war on Christmas” every year. They hope to scare money out of the pockets and purses of their gullible supporters. But this year they’re also hoping their “defense” of Christmas will hide their failure to undermine the science education of millions of Texas students. (snip) It turns out that the group prefers to scare its members with myths and fantasies rather than work on serious issues.”

 MSN June 14, 2013:

No One’s Taking Christmas Out Of Schools [So quit worrying folks! – Sad Hill]

“Throw out your “holiday tree” and dust off your Nativity set: Christmas is coming to Texas schools.”

Huffington Post May 23, 2013

Texas Passes ‘Merry Christmas Bill’

For years, Fox News has been warning viewers of a War on Christmas, […] covering it more than the actual wars going on.

Linda Bridges, president of the Texas branch of the American Federation of Teachers, told KTBC that she believed there were more important issues for the legislature to be working on.

The Atheist Experience (via Raw Story) May 21, 2013

Texas ‘Merry Christmas Bill’ Is ‘a Bunch Of Bullsh*t’

“[…] the law is a way for Christian lawmakers to burrow further into their illusion of constant persecution and win the votes of “people who don’t live in Austin. […] The “Merry Christmas Bill sounds like the usual ‘War on Christmas’ nonsense. […] As far as I can tell, nobody has ever actually stopped saying ‘Merry Christmas’ because they’re afraid to get sued […] does anybody sue anyone for saying ‘Merry Christmas?’ Because I think that’s a bunch of bullish*t.”

And this – ignorance – is exactly what causes unquestioning low-information voters to put Communists such as Obama ‘in charge’ of the once ‘United’ States. This ignorance is exactly why Texas ‘had’ to pass a law that ‘permitted’ the celebration of Christmas.

And yet some would argue that weak-kneed Christians are doing it to themselves.” Hard to disagree when politically correct organizations like Campus Crusade for Christ remove ‘Christ’ from their name: HERE

Now, on with the story…

Texas School Bans Christmas Trees, Colors Red And Green

(Fox) An elementary school in Frisco, Texas is believed to be the first in the state to violate “The Merry Christmas Law” after they banned Christmas trees and the colors red & green from an upcoming “winter” party.

Boys and girls who attend the Nichols Elementary School “Winter Party” will not be able to make any reference to Christmas or any other religious holiday. Christmas trees are also banned – along with the colors red and green.

The rules were sent to parents in an email from the school’s PTA and first reported on by MyFoxDFW.com.

This is what it’s come to, America. You’ve got college-educated terrified to put a toy elf on the shelf because she might get sued by the ACLU or some other left wing anti-Christmas group.

Ironically, the school is located in the district of state Rep. Pat Fallon, the author of a bill signed into law in June that codifies the fact that students and staff are permitted to discuss winter holidays as they please.

Fallon tells me he was alerted by an angry parent.

“When Gov. Perry signed ‘The Merry Christmas Bill,’ clearly that didn’t solve the issue,” he said. “The battle rages on. It’s distressing.”

The school district released a statement to MyFoxDFW.comnoting:

“The school was unaware of this and it was not an official PTA correspondence either. There have never been any limitations on what students wear, what they bring to share with their classmates on party days … what greetings people exchange with each other.”

But Fallon said contrary to the school district’s statement, the ban remains in place. He also said he spoke to the superintendent and learned that the school district was letting principals set their own policies regarding holiday celebrations.

“That leads to confusion, misinterpretation and flaunting of the law,” he said.

Fallon said the ban on Christmas trees and traditional holiday colors remains in place and calls it “unnecessary, inappropriate, and quite frankly draconian in nature.”

However, after a meeting between the principal and the PTA, the school decided to keep the draconian rules in place.

“She [the principal] said they didn’t want to offend any families and since each family donates money they feel this is the best policy,” read an email sent to the lawmaker.

What about all the families who might be offended by not being able to call Christmas, Christmas?

“I feel like my calling in life is to protect the students, parents and teachers,” Fallon said. “They have a constitutional right to express themselves. They have freedom of religion.”

Fallon fired off a letter to every school official in the district, reminding them of their yuletide rights under the law.

“Texas law clearly permits Christmas-themed celebrations, events and displays,” Fallon wrote. “The district may also display scenes or symbols with traditional winter holidays (e.g. nativity scenes, Christmas trees, menorahs, etc.)”

The lawmaker said he was shocked at the number of calls his office has received from nervous teachers and principals – wondering what they could and could not do.

“One teacher wanted to do ‘Elf on a Shelf’ and she thought she would get in trouble,” Fallon told me.

So this is what it’s come to, America. You’ve got college-educated teacher terrified to put a toy elf on the shelf because she might get sued by the ACLU or some other left wing anti-Christmas group.


Campus Crusade for Christ removes ‘Christ’ from its name: HERE

Philadelphia’s ‘Christmas Village’ renamed ‘Holiday Village’: HERE

Merry Christmas ObamaNation! 1-in-6 Floridians now depend on food stamps: HERE

‘On the twelfth day of Christmas Obama gave to me…’: HERE

Redefining of ‘Christianity’: HERE

Smithsonian Christmas exhibit features ant-covered Jesus: HERE

Hat tip: Dad

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