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OK, these are just too easy…


See the latest version: HERE

Sad Hill’s 1st version: HERE

Sad Hill’s 2nd version: HERE


Check out The Andrea Shea King Show. She linked to Sad Hill’s Obama ‘skeet shooting’ images: HERE

The Other McCain also linked to SHN. Thanks Robert!: HERE

I Own The World also linked to SHN: HERE

Doug Ross also linked!: HERE

HEY!: Thanks for linking, Atlas ShrugsDaily PaulThe Fine ReportI’m 41Protein Wisdom, Maser Media, Conservative Compendium, The Conservative Treehouse, Swag Bucks, …

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9 Responses to White House Warns: ‘Don’t Photoshop Obama Gun Pic!’ (Part 3)

  1. [...] White House Warns: ‘Don’t Photoshop Obama Gun Pic!’ (Part 3) [...]

  2. jeff says:


    obama’s Skeet targets

  3. [...] posting this image, Robert from The Fine Report immediately contacted Sad Hill, “Just so you know, SHN was just [...]

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