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Good eatin’ tonight…

See the latest version: HERE


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Sad Hill’s 1st submission: HERE

Sad Hill’s 2nd submission: HERE

Sad Hill’s 3rd submission: HERE

Sad Hill’s 4th submission: HERE


Dog-Eating Obama targets Romney’s dog: HERE

Obama is not racist, he’s just discriminatory: HERE

US could stay in Iraq for years – broken Obama promise #498,952 and counting: HERE

Obama eats dog meat memorabilia: HERE

Flood of ‘Obama eats dog’ pics: HERE

Grand Opening: food storage facility: HERE

Purchase limited Obama keepsakes (at full price) while supplies last: HERE

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13 Responses to White House Warns: ‘Don’t Photoshop Obama Gun Pic!’ – Obama Hunts For Supper

  1. Reiuxcat says:

    Thank you for the submissions! MaserMedia is honored to have such a great patriot participating in our fun. Good Luck in the contest!

  2. RandyG says:

    Outstanding as always Sad.

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  4. [...] White House Warns: ‘Don’t Photoshop Obama Gun Pic!’ – Obama Hunts For Supper [...]

  5. Ken says:

    Great Job, please find more…totaly hiarious…thanks…

  6. LA says:

    Still waiting for a pic with Obama shooting all the people he shot in the back lines up in front of him, with their backs facing him.

  7. White House Warns: Don’t Photoshop Obama Gun Pic — Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami says:

    [...] Hunting for supper, compliments of Sad Hill: [...]

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  9. […] the humanity! But when the Pope turns to Putin for help in rounding up stray-dog Obama, then has to tweet to the world “with all his strength” an outright warning for […]

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