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Never mind the 11 million American babies – some at Mom’s 8-month term of pregnancy – Obama and his sheep have slaughtered via abortion. Never mind Obama’s illegal war(s) that have killed 176+ children. We need to ban guns, on ‘behalf of the children.’

Question: Are there any MEN left in this country?!

Being emotionally charged over MSM talking points (i.e. ‘Bushmasters kill children’) does not equate to ‘critical thinking’ or ‘taking action.’ And waiting for a prophetic sign from your favorite alphabet network to ‘inform’ everyone when it’s finally time to stand up against rampant government corruption and lawlessness… well, it ain’t gonna happen.

Unplug from CNN and FOX for a moment, because compromise and gradualism – devoid of critical thinking and/or action (aka ‘political correctness’) – is exactly why we’re in this mess.

It’s a pity, a shame really, that most American’s waited until the 2nd Amendment threat to engage in critical thinking, and perhaps action. Instead, choosing to bitch/gab at the water coolers about our nation’s snowballing sad affairs – comparable to the ‘critical thinking’ required when discussing one’s favorite NFL team that won/lost a game.

‘Better late than never’ goes the cliché. Wrong. It’s become painfully obvious that the majority of lazy American’s will not act until they’re affected. How selfish. How thoughtless.

America’s ‘tolerance’ has become stupidity.

Grab A Bucket

[Dave, had to tighten up your piece a bit since this event just occurred. Cheers! ~ Sad Hill]

(Dave Blount of Moonbattery) When the Community Organizer in Chief announce[d] how he will use executive orders to circumvent Congress and gut the Second Amendment, he [was] surrounded by children used as props. Like his slogan “Forward,” the tactic of dressing up tyranny to look like a daycare center was lifted straight from his fellow oligarchical collectivists Hitler and Stalin:


Not even most Obama voters are dumb enough to think that disarming the law-abiding will make children or anyone else other than criminals any safer. What decent person would take the gun out of the hands of Melinda Herman?

Yet we have to endure the nauseating charade of our rulers pretending they are only snuffing out the liberty that defines us as Americans for our own good — and of course for the good of the children, who can look forward to a lifetime of debt thanks to those same rulers.

More: HERE

UPDATE: Oleg from The People’s Cube just sent this…


Obama responsible for killing 11 million kids: HERE

Obama ‘cries’, with laughter using drones to kill children: HERE

American Holocaust: Obama defends ‘the right’ to exterminate 54+ lives: HERE

Pretend your baby is a tree and save it: HERE

The War Movement: Bush war = BAD, Obama war = GOOD: HERE

‘Republicans’ rush to help Obama destroy America: HERE

Dedication: Brad E

Hat tip: Erik

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14 Responses to Gun Control Is ‘For The Children’

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  4. Dennis Habern says:

    Out of all the people that the Moron that currently resides in the White House as YOUR

    POTUS, has killed by the millions, the author forgot 4 lonely Americans that were permitted

    in Benghazi, to perish because this miserable, no-good, Kenyan misfit, Muslim, acting as

    the Commander-in Chief, decided for some reason that he would not rescue these men,

    when there was sufficient time and resources to do so. This Moron, therefore, must be

    held accountable for his actions on September 11, 2012; to be impeached, indicted,

    arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. This is one issue that this miserable

    Muslim misfit should not receive a pass, as he has in the past. Everything that this

    miserable SOB touches, turns to shit, but he in never held accountable. Why not. Ask

    George Soros how many institutions that he has payed-off to ensure that this Moron

    remains in power long enough for “NEW WORLD ORDER” to disseminate its policies in

    the United States, and globally. We Americans have to remember one thing: The

    billionaire elites are scared shitless that they are going to lose everything that they have

    ever stolen from the public, therefore, they recruited a hapless Black to do their dirty-work,

    and when this hapless Black is on no further use, Soros and his motley crew, will throw

    the Moron under the bus, as if he never existed, if you follow. Therefore, we Americans

    have to act first, by resurrecting “THE FRENCH REVOLUTION OF 1789,” pitchforks and

    all, and storm the Halls of Congress and the White House, similar to the French citizens

    in 1789, when they stormed the Bastille, if you remember your History lessons.

    • LR says:

      Don’t worry Hillary will save us in 2016. Obama will redeem himself by taking credit for DOMA if it is repealed in July even though he did nothing. Blacks and Hispanics are getting screwed the worst now but they love Obama’s shaft. The religion of science still say’s hypnosis doesn’t work……

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