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DANGER! Unhealthy hot air levels detected…

Obama Exploits Children, Again

(The Stir) On Wednesday, President Obama surrounded himself with cute kids to make a speech about gun control and how guns that hold more than 10 bullets are evil, and anyone that says otherwise obviously hates children. And puppies. Then he signed an executive order that is totally going to prevent bad people from doing bad things. He also said that any pundit that disagrees with him is doing so for “monetary gain.”

Or something like that. He didn’t specifically mention puppies, but he did imply that people who do not see the wisdom in his 23-point executive order to limit gun violence in America must not care about the children. It’s always about the children.

Here’s the thing: Second Amendment advocates care about the children too, but don’t parade them around to evoke an emotional reaction to accomplish a political end.

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3 Responses to Balloon Boy’s Dad, “I Fully Support Obama Exploiting Children To Further His Agenda”

  1. Sweets says:

    Won’t someone think of the children ?
    In all seriousness, this is a sickening ploy to cloud common sense by pulling heartstrings.

  2. Dennis Habern says:

    This egotistical narcissistic POTUS, like most Blacks, knows no shame, and therefore, he

    will continue to overwhelm our financial system in the words of Cloward and Piven, his

    former radical professors from Columbia Universit in New York City. A system that the

    Moron in the draws from, each day, because he maintains no original ideas of his own, not

    even any idea how to assist his brethren, the Blacks, and not any idea how to assist his

    charges, the other American citizens, if you follow. The current POTUS, is a worthless

    POS, along with his boyfriend, George Soros and both need to be investigated in the fullest

    extent of the law, if you follow.

  3. […] home of Balloon Boy and homosexual-Jesus supporting ‘pastors’. The same town that killed lucrative […]

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