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  1. Johnnny says:

    Man, you really ARE a hateful racist filth. That’s why you racists love the election! Stop using God to promote your Hate Speech!

    Do I sense a slight bit of anti-semitism on your
    part, or are you just mimicking some ignorant, hateful, hypocrital
    Mullah who doesn’t realize this is the 21st century, not the 12th?

    Is Obama setting up ghettos and removing people
    from their homes? I didn’t realise, I live on the other side of the
    world. Politics are a mystery to me.

    In the minds of people who AREN’T racists and bigots like you, there’s no similar traits to Obama and Hitler! Hitler is fascist and so is the tea party, It was hitler who killed innocent men women and children. Such a toxic combination of ignorance and fear that leads to such destruction, such hatred. It´s clear that the Asheville Tea Party folks are virtually incapable of empathy or common sense, blinded as they are by their ignorance and provincialness.

    Man, you are a sack-of-shit demagogue. You think we, the Non-racist, non-bigoted, non-homopohic American people, are stupid. We realize that the media focused more on gun laws than the children’s family’s welfare.

    How can you or anyone else KNOW he was faking his tears? It’s one thing to say “it seems fake” but it’s another to make an accusation without verifiable evidence.

    Obama stole the election? -- Fail -- Reality crushed the Right on Nov 6th.
    Abortion rates sky-rocket? -- Fail -- ACA insurance covered contraception abortion rate has dropped.

    Obama killed 11,000,000 what?

    Iraq was Bush and Cheney fault. Housing crash Bush and Cheney friends’ fault. Job lost by the millions was Bush fault and Oil price spike to the roof was also Bush and Cheney fault and yet you say nothing about them. Is it because they are white or republicans or both?

    Comparing Obama’s drone attacks in Pakistan to the shooting at Sandy Hook is the most infantile kind of anti-imperialism!

    Why in world should Obama cry for children who die from drones ? How many Pakistani cried for those children or innocents who die from drones ? He is AMERICAN PRESIDENT NOT PAKISTANI PRESIDENT.
    Obama cares for children in his country – at least. Pakistanis should care for their children (and adults) first. Pakistani politicians care for themselves.

    No doubt Someone who should point out that the REAL reason gun sales are up, because the slimeballs who buys them are racist, bigoted black-hating monsters who dreams of shooting the black man in office like the racists that they are! And they are still wondering WHY they lost the election? It wasn’t because of voter fraud! He won fair and square! Why is it hard to accpet that America wants four more years of Obama?

    No one here has said Pres Obama is an evil man. No one has said he is
    attempting to screw over the ENTIRE country. Wow. Shame on you. But maybe his view of how to “help” us is not the same as yours, but that doesn’t mean he’s an evil man, it means you’re an ignorant hateful racist a-hole!

    Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is a Racist A-hole!

    Anyone who calls Obama a coward is a Racist A-hole!

    Anyone who calls Obama a POS is a Racist A-hole!

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