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Thank you America. Good business for me.

Considering Obama’s assault on the hybrid-vehicle power generating coal industry [Liberals believe their 'smart' cars run on unicorn power and their recycled batteries are actually saving Mexicans], and Obama’s solid 4 years of punishing American oil companies — all while bowing down to Muslim petroleum tycoons — his re-election certainly is a tyrannical ‘positive’ us conservatives “just wouldn’t understand.”

The best part is… wait for it…

Muslim Obama and his minions are hijacking US taxpayers to fund $ billions (with a ‘b’) in ‘free’ gas stamps to fastback our unification with Islam which – according to Barack Hussein Obama – “Has always been a part of America.”

No, no, no… It’s not ‘extortion.’ Liberal-Speak has forbidden that word from our eroding Republic’s lexicon — unless it’s ad hominem directed at white male tax-paying Christian business owners, ‘Capitalist Pigs’ and whatnot…

Think of Obama’s Muslim Petroleum Ponzi scam as more of a “love bomb.”

Hey! Let me be the first to congratulate our ‘representatives’ in Washington DC — particularly the budget-conscious ‘conservatives‘ — for connecting the dots, making sure the rest of us knew about the criminal activity, then standing up against the gangsters running our country, oh wait…

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URGENT UPDATE (11.09.2012): This just in…

Obama Administration Shuts Down Oil Drilling Out West

(The Hill) The Interior Department on Friday issued a final plan to close 1.6 million acres of federal land in the West originally slated for oil shale development.

The proposed plan would fence off a majority of the initial blueprint laid out in the final days of the George W. Bush administration. It faces a 30-day protest period and a 60-day process to ensure it is consistent with local and state policies. After that, the department would render a decision for implementation.

The move is sure to rankle Republicans, who say President Obama’s grip on fossil fuel drilling in federal lands is too tight.


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4 Responses to Oh Quit Your Belly-Aching Conservatives! Imagine How Muslims Feel…

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  2. [...] Oh quit your belly-aching Conservatives! Imagine how Muslims feel…:  HERE [...]

  3. Zinkzombee says:

    You deserve the Demoncrat socialist tyranny that you voted for . And you deserve it good and hard. Elections do have consequences. Conservatives , its time to hunker down and go into survival mode.Hide your hard earned money and retirement nest egg from the Obama Regime and the Demoncrats ,because they are conniving and conspiring to tax the billions in 401k’s. Waste fraud and abuse is where it will go if the Government gets its hands on it. Buy a safe now and prepare to put your funds in it. Patriots in exile.

  4. […] Oh quit your belly-aching Conservatives, imagine how Muslims feel: HERE […]

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