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I’m Sean Hannity and I’ve EVOLVED on illegal immigration.”

UPDATED (see below)

Not to be outdone by Eric Holder or Janet Napolitano, less than 48 hours after a majority of Americans demanded four more years of socialism and open borders, Sean Hannity wants to make sure the majority understand he’sevolved‘ on illegal immigration, too.

Considering that an illegal immigrant vote is a Democrat vote, well Mr. Hannity, with ‘evolving’ Republicans like you, your party certainly doesn’t need any more enemies.

And what’s with the loaded liberal-speak, ‘EVOLVED?’ How sophisticated. How timely. Yes please Sean, enlighten everyone on lawlessness that should be rewarded…like with Obama’s illegal evolved family members: HERE

What’s next Sean? Labeling conservatives, constitutionalists and law-abiding citizens that don’t support illegal activity as having extreme cases of ‘Mexiphobia?’

The good news is, your fellow party member John Boehner – the ‘Republican’ bulwark against tyranny – has also ‘evolved’…but on debttaxes and ObamaCare. Miraculously, also within hours of Obama’s re-election.

daddy sovereignty obamacar sean hannity immigration illegal immigrants fox news sad hill news

Hey Sean, Hey John! Your devolution to the Dark Side is not surprising, considering the seductive bribes you must encounter, but please refrain from dragging your colleagues down with you.

Oh. And before any Leftist trolls go to SHN’s comment section and post de facto cut-n-past phrases such as, “I love watching Republicans eat their own” … No. Because what you’re watching is a conservative callout RINOs.


Sean Hannity, “I’ve Evolved On Immigration”

(POLITICO) Sean Hannity said Thursday he has “evolved” on immigration and now supports a “pathway to citizenship.”

Hannity told his radio listeners Thursday afternoon that the United States needs to “get rid of the immigration issue altogether.”

“It’s simple to me to fix it,” Hannity said. “I think you control the border first. You create a pathway for those people that are here — you don’t say you’ve got to go home. And that is a position that I’ve evolved on. Because, you know what, it’s got to be resolved. The majority of people here, if some people have criminal records you can send them home, but if people are here, law-abiding, participating for years, their kids are born here, you know, first secure the border, pathway to citizenship, done.”

URGENT UPDATE (10.09.2012): Well, well, well…

John Boehner Also Calls For Immigration Reform

(The Hill) Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) could be facing a civil war within his party over immigration policy after conservative members of the GOP conference took issue with his call for “comprehensive” reform.

Boehner on Friday wouldn’t offer any additional details on how he would accomplish such a massive policy change.

“I’m not going to get into any of the details of how you would get there — it’s just time to get the job done,” he told reporters at a press conference at the Capitol.

Boehner told ABC News on Thursday that the issue of immigration reform “has been around far too long … a comprehensive approach is long overdue.”

He added that “I’m confident that the president, myself, others can find the common ground to take care of this issue once and for all.”

But several conservative lawmakers took issue with the Speaker’s words.

On Friday morning, Louisiana Rep. John Fleming (R) issued a statement urging Boehner to “talk with House Republicans before making pledges on the national news.”

Fleming said “I’m concerned that Speaker Boehner is getting ahead of House Republicans when he commits to getting a ‘comprehensive approach’ to immigration taken care of ‘once and for all.’ There’s been zero discussion of this issue within the conference.”

And Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), one of the most conservative members of the GOP conference, slammed Republicans for considering citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Obama voters chose dependency over Liberty. Now establishment R’s want citizenship for illegals. You can’t beat Santa Claus with amnesty,” he tweeted on Friday.

More: HERE

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i crossed the border t-shirt all i got was this lousy sad hill news

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17 Responses to ‘Republicans’ Rush To Help Obama Destroy America: Sean Hannity, “I’ve Evolved On Immigration”

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  3. Quercus says:

    This article is a good start.
    There are two items that need to be added to the constitution after the violent throw over.
    1. Lottery, No more elections, elections always go to the one that has power over the votes or the vote counting. Corruption and elections goes hand in hand. A lottery, or better put
    SELECTION DAY, is the way that GOD can allow for HIS choice. If you meet the requirements, you can put your name in the hat, come SELECTION DAY, a name will be pulled out, and you get the job. No more hollywoodie style elections, learn to work in
    the back ground, learn to do the tough job that needs to be done.

    2. FAMILISM -- Like capitalism, but family or small business. Max of 100 employees for any company, no more than 100 employees. The goal is to live life to seek GOD enlightenment, if you have not figured that out, may GOD have mercy on your soul. Making billions by an individual typically puts them in touch with satan, not GOD.
    Small business is the solution, ask any question, and the answer is small business.



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  6. [...] ‘Republicans’ rush to help Obama destroy America – Hannity, “I’ve EVOLVED on immigration”: HERE [...]

  7. Clara says:

    [Hi Sad Hill: Here's an incredible goodie I happened upon on the exciting web.]


    ( I experienced all this while trapped in a large American city.)

    The suburbs are booming, but not fast enough. Yessir, you ghetto folks
    in inner cities have started a good thing, but there are still lots of acres
    outside the cities without any houses on them. So you’ve gotta move into
    “untouched” city blocks and do the following:
    Throw trash everywhere. You’ll insure that your friends who pick up trash
    and distribute free rat poison packets will keep their jobs. And folks can
    predict the weather by the direction the trash is blowing!
    Walk down the street. Better yet, rhythm down it. And when I say street
    I don’t mean sidewalk. Save sidewalks for your friends on cycles. Besides,
    it’s hard to fit many cursing, screaming, drinking, pot-smoking kids on a
    sidewalk, and it’s also hard to spot keys and other things left in cars when
    you’re walking on a sidewalk!
    When walking down a street, turn your head when you hear a car coming
    and stare at the driver. For all you know, it might be one of your enemies
    out to get you. On the other hand, it might be only your neighbor and all
    that hateful staring might make him want to move out.
    Be sure to beget lots of unloved, unsupervised, unwashed two-legged
    “Obama welfare meal tickets” -- either through wedlock or (preferably) out of
    wedlock. And let them often ring doorbells, begging for money.
    Turn quiet streets into noisy jungles. Have a blast -- a
    long blast with your car horn under your neighbor’s window at
    3:00 a.m. Let folks know who the real honkies are! Blow your horn when (1)
    you see the police coming (2) you want to buy some dope (3) you want to sell
    some dope (4) for any other reason. Play your stereo so loudly that folks can’t
    hear sirens going to the latest holdup or arson. Be noisy, man, noisy!
    Be cruel to animals, especially “man’s best friend.” Tie your dog on a
    short chain under a blazing sun with no water or food or love or license or
    dog shots. Make him as mean as you are. Better yet, let your dog run loose.
    Neighbors love to find freshly killed cats (after hearing their screams) and
    other goodies on their lawns. Pit one dog against another in bloody “canine
    cockfights” while friends lounge on car hoods and cheer and make bets! And
    what madness is it where folks move out and abandon pets in the house,
    leaving them nothing to eat but their own droppings? This happens often in the
    ghetto, and almost no one will help the animals.
    Keep a good supply of Saturday Night Specials -- also Sunday, Monday,
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Night Specials. Your criminal
    presence will improve your neighbor’s light bill; when he isn’t watching you
    at night (with his lights off), he will be able to read books at night by
    the light of the police helicopter searchlights!
    Here’s more insanity: Uncle Sam spends millions of our tax money to
    move you into our neighborhoods where we lose much when we sell our homes.
    So you have your nerve when you glare and swear at us when we don’t move
    out quickly; but you’re the reason we can’t find good buyers! I really wonder
    what you and Uncle Sam will do when lots of folks move to the wilderness and
    live off the land and consequently don’t have to pay taxes to support such
    Finally, spread the rumor that all of your troubles are associated with
    skin, even though you and I know that your problem isn’t skin. It’s sin!!!
    What makes a ghetto? It’s not the paint on a house (or lack of it) but all
    of you two-legged pains in the neck!
    For more information on Blockbuster Obama, Google “The Background Obama
    Can’t Cover Up.”

    (anyone is free to copy and air this paper)

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