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Sad Hill is just a small fish attempting to warn others while navigating the polluted waters of a dying Republic.

Alas, the majority has spoken. Again. In even greater numbers. “Entitlement is king!”

And with that I’ll turn this over to my dear friend Walt Henrichsen,

“God punished the human race by giving the human race what it wanted. People wanted idolatry and God let them have their idols. People wanted immorality, and God granted them their wish, etc. God punishes by letting people have what they want. The wickedness that permeates the world flows from the desire of man, not God. Because of their rebellion and hardness of heart, God punishes them by granting them their desire. God punishes wickedness with wickedness.”

Walt Henrichsen

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4 Responses to The Majority Has Spoken

  1. Sweets says:

    My faith in humanity once again crushed ! Sad -- time and energies put into this site are much appreciated.
    Too bad our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and those following will never know the once non-socialistic Nation we once knew and loved. R.I.P. America

  2. grayjohn says:

    Take the most sacred special thing you have, put it on the floor an squat down and take a huge dump on it, then wipe your ass with it, then stand up and stomp on it until you can’t tell what it was anymore. If you voted for Obama yesterday, that’s what you did to your country.

  3. [...] to be outdone by Eric Holder, less than 48 hours after a majority of Americans demanded four more years of socialism and open borders, Sean Hannity wants to make sure the majority understand he’s [...]

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