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(h/t: The People’s Cube)

Obama’s Ministry Of Truth

Any competent reporter working for government-subsidized lamestream media could win a Pulitzer by simply turning over one (as in single) of the rocks our bottom-dwelling president has used to construct his shallow empire.

Alas, rampant inbreeding amongst this unique colony of jellyfish – devoid of brain, heart, blood and soul – does not render it purposeless… for it exists merely to poison, then devour those gullible enough to swim in their global current of propaganda.

Jellyfish Journolist Fact: The same opening under the body that serves as its mouth is used for releasing excreta.


70% of Obama’s ’18 million’ Twitter followers are fake: HERE

Obama birth certificate 100% fraudulent: HERE

Chinese government hires Obama’s birth certificate creatorHERE

CIA Forensics proves authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate: HERE

America’s First Composite President – Barack Hussein ObamaHERE

Obama’s birth certificate a fraud: HERE

MSM, ‘Never mind Obama’s fishy birth certificate, help us investigate Sarah Palin’s emails: HERE

Neil Abercrombie fails to find the birth certificate, again: HERE

Obama and Abercrombie, Marxist pals: HERE

Michelle says, ‘Obama’s home is Kenya’: HERE and HERE

Obama blows $ millions in taxpayer funds to stimulate Indonesia, his boyhood home: HERE

Obama ‘Born in Kenya’ – Breitbart from the grave: HERE

Our nation cannot survive treason from withinHERE

Obama jellyfish: HERE

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4 Responses to 47% Of Obama Voters Have No Idea What A PDF Is…

  1. [...] Mehr… Gefällt mir:Gefällt mirSei der Erste dem dies gefällt. Dieser Beitrag wurde unter Geld Kohle Money Kapitalismus, Obama USA abgelegt und mit Mitt Romney, PDF, US-Wahlen verschlagwortet. Setze ein Lesezeichen auf den Permalink. ← Muslimin versucht in Ost-Jerusalem einen Polizisten zu erstechen in Wut über Anti-Islam-Film [...]

  2. LR says:

    Are you frickin serious??? 47% LOL! I don’t know why I come back here to read these posts but that title got me. LMAO!

  3. LR says:

    PS your site is loading slow. Make sure you have W3 total cache on good VPN and keep your plugins to a minimum.

  4. […] Oleg, one of my colleagues in the ‘underground’ Conservative movement wrote the following article for my friends at American Thinker. Both have carried/published Sad Hill art (satire) from time-to-time, for which I am grateful. […]

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