Hope In Colorado

On 09.20.12, in Censorship, Economy, Government, Regime, by Sad Hill

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Dear readers,

I’ve been immersed in a rather time consuming project, hence the infrequent posts on SHN. Fortunately business required field testing in beautiful Colorado, during which I spotted this sign planted firmly along I-25 just north of Denver. Can’t miss it. Not counting rush hour – assuming 1 car per second – it’s plausible that 85,000 see it every day.

Duty calls. And like this fella, I’ll keep doing what I can.

God bless America, or what’s left of it anyway.

Sad Hill

h/t: Rhonda

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14 Responses to Hope In Colorado

  1. The Doktor says:

    Here’s a trailer placed at the intersection of Chicago Road and Granart Road in Little Rock, IL (west of Aurora).

    Your Choice!

  2. Jim Hlavac says:

    I always bless the whole thing — especially the idiots who like this Obama dude. For they have beam and mot in their eyes, and rose colored glasses and blinders. I heard Jesus spit in some dirt one day, cleared a blind fellow right up. I have faith, Sad, that we’ll come out OK.

  3. A.Men says:

    Love the trailer banner!

    Romney/Ryan 2012.

  4. Don’t believe the polls. Don’t believe what the Enemedia™ says. Be strong — stay the course. We have the socialists on the run and they know it so they are fabricating 0bama’s popularity. Just like his birth narrative.

    Signs like this will bring the message to the thousands on a daily basis. Some simple numbers would be good too. Such as 23,000,000 out of work. Or use the wreckovery.gov emblem. Always good for a laugh, otherwise you’d be crying.

  5. RandyG says:

    That is classic, there are still some with IQ’s over six after all!

  6. Superb Sad, and linked

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