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Thanks to Dear Leader and the nearly-complete maturation of a politically correct society where ‘life’ has become a crime, zombies thriving on big government fodder will soon be the new ‘American.’

Devoid of purpose and thought, eagerly awaiting their next instruction as to ensnare the few producers remaining on this once great land, fear not Zombies Leftists, this order comes straight from your State Department’s Chief Diversity Officer, John Robinson.

Fortunately the Ministry of Truth has published the new meme in their latest edition of “State Magazine” which clearly outlines other potentially offensive ‘bombshells.’

Hey Zombies! Be sure to call-out the next co-’worker’ who utters “hold down the fort” at one of your company meetings. Trendy.

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Big Brother Says, Remove ‘Hold Down The Fort’ From Lexicon

(Fox) Robinson ticked off several common phrases and went on to explain why their roots are racially or culturally insensitive. The result was a list of no-nos that could easily result in some tongue-tied U.S. diplomats, particularly in an administration that swaps “war on terror” for “overseas contingency operation” and once shied away from using the word “terrorism.”

For instance, Robinson warned, “hold down the fort” is a potentially insulting reference to American Indian stereotypes.

“How many times have you or a colleague asked if someone could ‘hold down the fort?’” he wrote. “You were likely asking someone to watch the office while you go and do something else, but the phrase’s historical connotation to some is negative and racially offensive.”

He explained: “To ‘hold down the fort’ originally meant to watch and protect against the vicious Native American intruders. In the territories of the West, Army soldiers or settlers saw the ‘fort’ as their refuge from their perceived ‘enemy,’ the stereotypical ‘savage’ Native American tribes.”

He singled out another phrase, “Going Dutch,” as a “negative stereotype portraying the Dutch as cheap.”


I’d continue, but most of the words I’d use would be deemed offensive…


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4 Responses to Big Brother Says, Remove ‘Hold Down The Fort’ From Lexicon

  1. Jim Hlavac says:

    People have been “holding down the fort” in many a language since the Romans, maybe before, probably elsewhere than ancient Latinium, too, They were also heading them off at passes, and dodging bows and arrows. What do they think was going on at the Great Wall of CHina? Certainly none of this having anything to do with American Indians or Europeans for sure. These people always drive me nuts. And I’ll help you hold the fort with you against the onslaught of reason. .

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