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With America’s fraudulent president granting amnesty to 800,000+ illegal aliens, the IRS awarding illegal immigrants $4.2 billion in tax credits, California all set to issue 400,000+ law-breaking aliens their driver’s licenses, actual unemployment figures hovering well above 20%, 1-in-6 Floridians now dependent on Food Stamps, a fresh $1 trillion added to our national debt, and US Taxpayers unknowingly on the hook for over $250 trillion (with a “T”) in global derivatives,… well, the politically correct European ‘Utopia’ – aka ‘road to ruin’ – that our entitled Democrats and Leftists forced America to adopt has brought ‘decision time‘ much sooner than anticipated.

And let’s hope in this specific case – protecting America’s sovereignty, what remains anyway – we actually follow in Greece’s footsteps.

But as with most issues that confront our ‘Republican’ bulwarks against tyranny, it’s just more comfortable for them to roll over and ignore our dying republic. “Not my problem…”

Friends, SHN readers and supporters, it’s time for an old fashion round-up, and not just for the illegals…

illegal immigrants illegal aliens greece round up financial crisis sad hill news

Financial Crisis And Lack Of Jobs Forces Greece To Roundup Illegal Aliens

(Yahoo) Greece’s remote Evros region has turned into Europe’s main battleground against illegal immigration; more than two-thirds of people making the clandestine journey into the European Union pass through here from neighboring Turkey.

Greece launched an aggressive campaign this month to try to seal its 200-kilometer (130-mile) northeastern border, as it faces a debilitating financial crisis that has caused a swell in joblessness and a surge in racist attacks against immigrants with dark skin.

The police operation has brought nearly 2,000 additional border guards to the Turkish frontier previously manned by about 500 officers. They fanned out with dogs, night vision equipment and flat-bottomed boats for 24-hour patrols of the Evros River that forms a natural border. At least 21 people have drowned or died of exposure crossing the river this year, while several have been listed as missing.

In Athens, the operation is being bolstered by mass roundups of suspected illegal immigrants. They are seen lined up on the streets of the capital every day, many in handcuffs, waiting to be put in detention until they can be deported. In the first week of the crackdown in early August, police said they apprehended nearly 7,000 people for identification checks; nearly 1,700 were slated for deportation.

Anwar, a 22-year-old man from Bangladesh, walked across the border near Orestiada, a small town wedged between Turkey and Bulgaria. Unaware of the immigration clampdown, he said he is looking for police so he can turn himself in. It’s a well-worn ploy: Migrants have actively tried to get themselves taken to detention centers near Athens, assuming they will be released due to overcrowding and allowed to blend into the chaotic capital.

“I’ve come here to work,” Anwar, who declined to give his full name because of his illegal status, said moments after crossing the border. “I know what will happen to me: They might keep me in detention for around three months, but then they’ll let me out and I’ll go to Athens.”

Now, however, authorities are determined to swiftly deport illegal migrants they round up.


Meanwhile, back in America…

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