biofuel global warming killing people corn shortage sad hill news

When liberals rule the planet, easily convincing brain-dead mainstream media subscribers to purchase Mexican-killing hybrid vehicles (…you think I’m kidding: HERE) that run on coal- and gas-generated ‘electric’ power in order to ’save’ the overpopulated and exponentially-increasing Arctic Circle polar bear domain on behalf of Al Gore, well, the byproduct of unchecked globull environmentalism is ‘excusable‘ genocide.

And the smug biofuel gods – thanks to the EPA Nazis – are about to ratchet things up a notch.

“So what’s the bad news?”

Oh, there is none according to the Godless [with a capital 'G'] LSD-trippin’ non-producing pro-choice 70′s hippies – now in power – siphoning off business-created tax dollars in the form of ‘government’ checks to pay their salaries and welfare.

See. The road less travelled is travelled less for a reason.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…

“The Church of Liberalism permits and encourages its congregation to reinterpret, or revise God’s ‘inconvenient’ Commandments with the hope of making one’s journey along their fatal path of escapism more pleasurable. How convenient. How deadly.

With false gods such as ‘environmentalism’ and ‘same-sex relationships’ built on the crumbling foundation of an ‘it’s all good’ Liberal lifestyle, America has put the Nazi WWII atrocities to shame.

Consider this, the United States has exterminated 54+ million American lives since 1973 (Roe vs. Wade). Every 3 years America murders the same number of would-be children that were put to death during the entire Holocaust.

Hey! With all the smug talk about leaving a better planet for the children, maybe we should focus better on leaving children for the planet…”

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Boy, you know things are bad when liberal ‘main’stream media is forced to report on its own government-subsidized hypocrisy; blame-free, of course…

Biofuels Killing People? Corn Shortage To Cause World Food Crisis

(Yahoo) The U.N.’s food agency stepped up the pressure on the United States on Friday to change its biofuel policies because of the danger of a world food crisis, arguing the importance of growing crops for food over their use for fuel.

Global alarm over the potential for a food crisis of the kind seen in 2007/08 has escalated as drought in the U.S. Midwest has sent grain prices to record highs, fuelling a 6 percent surge in the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s July food price index.

The FAO’s Director-General Jose Graziano Da Silva wrote in the Financial Times on Friday that competition for a U.S. corn crop that has been ravaged by the worst drought in 56 years was only going to intensify.

Much of the reduced crop will be claimed by biofuel production in line with U.S. federal mandates, leaving even less for food and feed markets,” he wrote in an editorial.

“An immediate, temporary suspension of that mandate would give some respite to the market and allow more of the crop to be channeled towards food and feed uses,” he said in the high profile yet indirect message to Washington.

Under the five-year-old Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS), U.S. fuel companies are required to ensure that 9 percent of their gasoline pools are made up of ethanol this year, which means converting some 40 percent of the corn crop into the biofuel.

biofuel global warming killing people corn shortage sad hill news

The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Friday slashed its estimates for the size of the corn crop by more than expected, sending corn futures prices, already up 60 percent since June, to a fresh all-time high.

A mix of high oil prices, growing use of biofuels, speculation on commodity markets and export restrictions pushed up prices of food in 2007/08, sparking violent protests in countries including Egypt, Cameroon and Haiti.

[...] The FAO has joined a growing and diverse chorus calling for an unprecedented waiver or suspension of the RFS. This week, 25 U.S. Senators urged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to adjust the mandate, while the chief executive of grains giant Cargill said the free market should dictate biofuels use.

Livestock producers, which are forced to bid against ethanol producers to secure costlier grain for feed, were first to ask for relief. However, the EPA has yet to receive an official petition for a waiver, which can only come from a fuel blender or a state governor, according to the legislation.

FAO officials have warned of the potential for a food crisis to develop if countries resort to the kind of export restraints and panic buying that aggravated price surges in 2007/08.

“It is vitally important that any unilateral policy reactions from countries, whether importers or exporters, do not further destabilize the situation,” Graziano Da Silva wrote in the newspaper.

Charity Oxfam has warned that rising food prices could drag millions of people around the world into conditions of hunger and malnourishment, in addition to nearly one billion who are already too poor to feed themselves.

While the RFS program faces growing criticism, it also has strong support from Farm Belt politicians in an election year and has been a core part of President Obama’s energy plan. Some say suspending it would do little to relax demand.

Waiving the mandate could have several unintended effects, such as dampening investment in cellulosic and other advanced biofuels that could cut dependence on food crops for making fuel, or damage the market for dried distillers’ grains, an ethanol byproduct sold as a livestock feed.

In 2008, Texas Governor Rick Perry petitioned the EPA to cut the mandate in half for that year. The EPA refused, but in doing so it made clear that future petitions would have to prove that the RFS itself was causing severe economic harm.

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6 Responses to Biofuels Killing People? Corn Shortage To Cause World Food Crisis

  1. admin says:

    OK so you are right on with the corn conspiracy. We already knew that. But:

    “in addition to nearly one billion who are already too poor to feed themselves.”

    How is the “54+ Million American lives since 1973″ going to help the poor starving people in Manilla if they didn’t get coat-hangered???

    Thanks to the catholic church those baby’s don’t get coat-hangered in Manilla. Instead the babies grow up living in garbage dumps eating garbage and breading more babies and more babies so they can fight over who eats the best garbage. What’s the solution??? God’s “providence”??? Seriously.

  2. rjp says:


    The U.N.’s food agency stepped up the pressure on the United States on Friday to change its biofuel policies because of the danger of a world food crisis, arguing the importance of growing crops for food over their use for fuel.

    The U.N. is siding with me!

    I have been ranting about how the U.S. food supply should not be in competition with the energy supply since 2006. This is not really that bad of a corn crisis it is just mandates must go to ethanol producers.

  3. [...] cars are killing people!: HERE and [...]

  4. Sebastian Yanish says:

    For experiment purpose, Virgin’s eco-plane ran only three engine with that fuel & the other three engines were filled with standard jet fuel. In addition the Biofuel-powered engine was using a blend of conventional jet fuel & Biofuel: 80/20 in favor of the regular stuff. In sum 5% of the 49,000-lb (22,000 kg) fuel load consisted of the novelty: a special mix of coconut oil & oil from the Brazilian babassu plant, prepared by Seattle-based Imperium Renewable over the last 18 months & tested by General Electric Aviation in Ohio…

    Head to our very own online site too

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