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(Neil Abercrombie, Hawaii’s Governor and Obama’s Marxist pal locates the birth certificate)


Breitbart may never have been a ‘birther’, but that was no copy of Obama’s birth certificate the White House released last year – it was nothing more than a composite, from America’s First Composite President.

Obama “Born In Kenya” And “Raised In Indonesia And Hawaii’ – Breitbart From The Grave, ‘The Vetting Begins”

(Breitbart) Note from Breitbart Senior Management:

Andrew Breitbart was never a “Birther,” and Breitbart News is a site that has never advocated the narrative of “Birtherism.” In fact, Andrew believed, as we do, that President Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 4, 1961.

Yet Andrew also believed that the complicit mainstream media had refused to examine President Obama’s ideological past, or the carefully crafted persona he and his advisers had constructed for him.

It is for that reason that we launched “The Vetting,” an ongoing series in which we explore the ideological background of President Obama (and other presidential candidates)–not to re-litigate 2008, but because ideas and actions have consequences.

It is also in that spirit that we discovered, and now present, the booklet described below–one that includes a marketing pitch for a forthcoming book by a then-young, otherwise unknown former president of the Harvard Law Review.

It is evidence–not of the President’s foreign origin, but that Barack Obama’s public persona has perhaps been presented differently at different times.


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The Vetting Of Obama

(BreitbartBreitbart News has obtained a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, which touts Obama as “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

The booklet, which was distributed to “business colleagues” in the publishing industry, includes a brief biography of Obama among the biographies of eighty-nine other authors represented by Acton & Dystel.

It also promotes Obama’s anticipated first book, Journeys in Black and White–which Obama abandoned, later publishing Dreams from My Father instead.

Obama’s biography in the booklet is as follows (image and text below):

barack obama born in kenya breitbart vetting literary agent 1991 sad hill news

Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor for Business International Corporation. He served as project coordinator in Harlem for the New York Public Interest Research Group, and was Executive Director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago’s South Side. His commitment to social and racial issues will be evident in his first book, Journeys in Black and White.


David Maraniss’s forthcoming biography of Obama has reportedly confirmed, for example, that a girlfriend Obama described in Dreams from My Father was, in fact, an amalgam of several separate individuals.

In addition, Obama and his handlers have a history of redefining his identity when expedient. In March 2008, for example, he famously declared: “I can no more disown [Jeremiah Wright] than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother.”

Several weeks later, Obama left Wright’s church–and, according to Edward Klein’s new biography, The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House, allegedly attempted to persuade Wright not to “do any more public speaking until after the November [2008] election” (51).

Obama has been known frequently to fictionalize aspects of his own life. During his 2008 campaign, for instance, Obama claimed that his dying mother had fought with insurance companies over coverage for her cancer treatments. That turned out to be untrue, but Obama has repeated the story–which even the Washington Post called “misleading”–in a campaign video for the 2012 election.

The Acton & Dystel biography could also reflect how Obama was seen by his associates, or transitions in his own identity. He is said, for instance, to have cultivated an “international” identity until well into his adulthood, according to Maraniss.

Regardless of the reason for Obama’s odd biography, the Acton & Dystel booklet raises new questions as part of ongoing efforts to understand Barack Obama–who, despite four years in office remains a mystery to many Americans, thanks to the mainstream media.

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Hat tip: Erik

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20 Responses to Obama “Born In Kenya” And “Raised In Indonesia And Hawaii” – Breitbart From The Grave, ‘The Vetting Begins’

  1. John says:

    Just how long will it take for this to be swept under the rug and forgotten? What a very sad day for America. If this is proof he was born in Kenya, won’t every bill and every executive order be null and void?

    • Sad Hill says:

      The good news is ‘conservative’ FOX News and their ‘investigative journalists’ are ALL over this one… not!

      When the White House released Obama’s heavily composited birth certificate, they rolled over like every other ‘main’stream media outlet. “Case closed! We were told it’s real, therefore it is. Next story.”

      Yet those with even limited Adobe PDF and scanning experience that actually bothered to spend more than 5 minutes looking closely at the 2nd rate Photoshop® amalgam were crying ‘foul’ as loud as they could – and NOT BECAUSE THE COMPOSITE WAS IN LAYERS.

      Yeah, I could run circles around the amateur that put said ‘birth certificate’ together.

      Funny (ha, ha) how so many will jump on certain Obama composites (‘girlfriend’, ‘father in WWII’, ‘mom’s cancer’, etc., etc., etc.), but other Obama composites, like the birth certificate, are off limits. You know, like this article that all of MSM conveniently failed to ‘unearth’ during the last 5+ years.

      “Toe the line America. We’ll tell you what’s real and what’s not, what you can investigate and what you can’t. Cross that line, and we’ll label you.”

      As Breitbart’s article stated, “Despite four years in office [Barack Hussein Obama-Who?] remains a mystery to many Americans, thanks to the mainstream media.”

      • MJ says:

        NOBODY said a word… They are scared to death of being called racists, its pathetic.

        I would never have covered black on white crime as vigorously as I do if they had not called me all of these names.

        Defending oneself against idiocy is insane. So, I become their worst nitemare. Everything they call me and more, is what I want to be. Why? Because they perceive it as ‘evil.’ And in the liberal world, good is evil and evil is good.

        So, God bless me, and God d-mn them.

  2. Erik says:

    This nation is so far gone, that I don’t think even if Barry Soetoro, or whatever his name is, admitted being a foreign born citizen, that anything would be done. This is one of the largest cover ups in american history, on par with the 9/11 false flag or fake bin Laden raid. Too many on both sides of the political aisle have invested far too much to see this exposed. God is giving this nation what it deserves. Exposing Obama would cause a Constitutional crisis that would make watergate look like a picnic. It would then expose dozens of other lies. TPTB will ensure that we are thoroughly distracted. Got War?

    • Sad Hill says:

      …oh yeah, I completely forgot to mention the heavily-documented and proven Barry Soetoro aspect of Obama-Who?’s composite.

      Thanks Erik!

      It’s getting hard to keep up with all of Barry’s lives/lies.

      Gee, if only Breitbart hadn’t died of ‘natural causes’ at such a young age…

      • Erik says:

        Yup, Now I wonder how long it will be before the internet is shut down, or Matt Drudge mysterioulsy disappears?

        We shall soon see the spin and the disinformation bots from the MSM in all their glory.

        Will Obama be removed from power anytime soon? Don’t count on it. But as surely as the grass withers, so will his days be numbered.

        Reminds me of the movie line from Maximus, as he walks away from the emperor Commodus:

        “The time for honoring yourself, will soon be at an end. Highness.”

        • Sad Hill says:

          Love how many ‘conservative’ colleagues, bloggers and sites are now stating, “I’m not and never was a ‘birther’, but…”

          My, how bold. Guess, better late than (fill in the blank).

          Way to fall prey to the MSM and liberal agenda: “HEY, if we keep labeling our enemies as ‘birthers’, soon they’ll start labeling themselves ‘birthers’; pretty cool, huh?! Ya racists, ya tea baggers, ya homophobes, ya tin foil hat wearing,…”

        • MJ says:

          AMEN to that quote from Gladiator, Erik

  3. MJ says:

    <<100% BIRTHER.

    Thanks for all of those links, SHN.
    I HATE the media

  4. MJ says:

    BTW: I would love if you were on radio.
    I am going to be going on radio at the end of the summer :)

  5. MJ says:

    You can come on as a guest, you will see that I am a SWEETIE!
    (evil grin) ;P

  6. Joey CIA insider says:

    Barry was groomed for this position. The fact that he is Kenyan is a big part of the conspiracy that is Soeterro and his cast of communist czars. You see a real American could never destroy the constitution, fleece America’s wallets and turn America over to the global elite and UN. His job is to usher in the end-of-America and phase 1 (his first term) he sets up martial law, (NDAA) and has 30K drones ready to take those of us who resist-out. The next false flag before the election will be a fake attack on the first family by a redneck, some racist white patsy (remember the guy who shot an AK at the WH?-test run) and if that does not work, then he will go much bigger and suspend the elections. He will not be removed; and Romney is not as “dedicated” to the cause as Barry is-so the global power that runs everything will make sure he get’s in-in fact, the election may already be rigged. Unless Romney gets 65% or more, the dead and illegal immigrants will make up 10%. We have a true manchurian candidate in the WH and we all know he was born in Kenya. We are the resistance and I don’t think they realize how many guns we have. Anyway-watch for a false flag attempt on the 1st fam in order for Barry to get the blacks galvanized to vote-they don’t want to vote right now, because they just like the rest of us, are hurting and depressed. People don’t vote when they don’t care. America was taken over by a global coup installing an anti-American president. So if he can’t win the election, there will be no election-his job is not done, not until he destroys our country. They warned us, there is a reason that the constitutional requirements for prez said must be a US citizen. Ask yourself, if you were installed as say Egypts PM, what would you do? Make Islam a crime, get cozy with Israel, make Christianity the official religion, make girls wear bikinis not burkas, maybe have an NFL and MLB team…get my point? He could care less about the country and that is by design.

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  8. All politics aside… that’s a great Pistols tune lol

  9. [...] Obama ‘Born in Kenya’ – Breitbart from the grave: HERE [...]

  10. [...] Obama ‘Born in Kenya’ – Breitbart from the grave: HERE [...]

  11. [...] Obama ‘Born in Kenya’ – Breitbart from the grave: HERE [...]

  12. Mike Bence says:

    Two years after graduating, Obama was hired in Chicago as director of the Developing Communities Project (DCP), a church-based community organization originally comprising eight Catholic parishes in Roseland, West Pullman, and Riverdale on Chicago’s South Side. He worked there as a community organizer from June 1985 to May 1988.,

    Please do look into our very own blog

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