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Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.

Let’s pray that the human race never escapes from Earth to spread its iniquity elsewhere.

C.S. Lewis (1898-1963)


I quoted CS Lewis to complement this snippet from an Ivy League commencement speech that never was. – Sad Hill

Commencement Speech for an Ivy League School

(Pakaluk) “But worse than the damage [academia's agenda] that has been done to you is the damage you are prepared to inflict on society, because great care has been taken to see that you continue to view violence against unborn children as the expression of a fundamental right, and you have been successfully trained to view marriage (which exists in reality only between a man and a woman) as an intolerable and insufferable discrimination.  So you are about to go out into society thinking that you are doing good while you do everything in your power, in those domains closest to you, to tear down human dignity and the dignity of spousal love and the family — no doubt remaining fully convinced that you are a great champion of human rights and that you love humanity.”


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Hat tip: Dennis [May this 'arrow of light' find its target. – Sad Hill]

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15 Responses to The Problem With America Is… ‘Americans’

  1. Charles Maze says:

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    Please contact us at charlesmaze3515@hotmail.com

  2. rjp says:

    Ann Barnhardt says “Apparently this is National Offend a Feminist Week”.
    And nothing would offend a feminist more than letting bunches of White babies live.

  3. Lentenlands says:

    This is a great insight. The more I visit your blog, the more I respect your insight and wisdom into today’s issues.

    Thanks very much!

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  11. Jim Hlavac says:

    Well, since you brought this to my attention, I’ll comment now, though the post was made on my birthday some weeks ago — gay marriage, to which this man refers, does not tear down marriage or society. Nor do we claim that anyone’s marriage discriminates against anyone. Indeed, it is those opposed to civil marriage for gays by claiming, without evidence beyond faith, that our very existence is “tearing” apart something which they can’t define more than “tradition” and “normal” or “society” or something. When in fact, the fear is that somehow by saying anything nice ever about gay folks every last hetero will run down to a gay bar to find a boy friend. And this is because heteros seem to be very unsure of themselves about their sexuality — you all seem to think it is very mutable, and just a “choice.” The idea is absurd. We stand here, and scream at the tops of our lungs, “Only we are gay.” and you poor pitiful heteros worry that you’ll all wake up the next AM with a desire to be gay if you accept what we say. It’s bizarre, and frankly, we don’t understand it. You all are so blind to gay reality I can’t even explain it anymore. Meanwhile, this man forget to mention that it has been heteros who have abandoned marriage, created masses of unwed mothers, hordes of fathers who abandon their kids, the divorce, adultery, and wife swapping -- -heteros are killing marriage — and not a single one of you can point to one case where some hetero got a divorce because a gay couple down the block consider themselves married. Still, again comes the absurd idea that gay marriage, or gay anything, affects remotely what heteros do. We 5% or less are apparently responsible for the deeds of the 95% — and frankly you all have a hell of a nerve of shifting it to us.

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