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In 2008 at a Philadelphia fundraiser, Barack Hussein Obama told supporters that if the opposition “brings a knife to the fight, we bring a gun!

Then in 2010 while contemplating ‘whose ass to kick‘ next – yes, Obama said that, too – he and his administration had no problem using phrases like, “keep our boot on the neck of” and so forth…

The man behind those ‘threatening‘ remarks is still President of the United States.

Yet in 2012 at a St. Louis NRA convention, Ted Nugent told supporters that he would be “dead or in jail” next year if Obama is re-elected.

Mr. Nugent was just fired for his remarks by Obama’s US Army.

I’ll say it again, ‘The good news is, technically speaking, a double-standard is a standard.’

Poor Ted Nugent. Like the rest of us anti-Nazis, he’s too stupid to know when our Führer’s double-standards apply.

US Army Dumps Ted Nugent

(OS) The U.S. Army cut rock musician and gun-rights advocate Ted Nugent from a summer concert program at Fort Knox, Kentucky, on the same day he met with two U.S. Secret Service agents over recent comments he made about President Barack Obama.

Nugent was scheduled to perform on June 23, but officials at Fort Knox said on Thursday the singer and guitarist would not be in the lineup with co-headliners REO Speedwagon and Styx.

After learning of opening act Ted Nugent’s recent public comments about the president of the United States, Fort Knox leadership decided to cancel his performance on the installation,” the Fort Knox family and morale, welfare and recreation group said on its Facebook page.

Nugent, who is best known for hit 1970s songs including “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Motor City Madhouse,” drew attention from the U.S. Secret Service because of remarks he made about Obama and administration officials at a National Rifle Association convention last week.

Imagine that… Secret Service kept their pants on long enough to speak with Ted Nugent. – Sad Hill

Nugent, 63, told NRA supporters in St. Louis that he would be “dead or in jail” next year if Obama is re-elected in the November 6 election.

[...] On Thursday, Nugent said he had a “solid” meeting with the Secret Service agents and the Secret Service said the matter had been resolved with no further action expected.


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13 Responses to Ted Nugent Fired By US Army For Saying, “I’ll Be Dead Or In Jail.” Barack Hussein Obama Still US President After Saying, “If They Bring A Knife, We Bring A Gun!”

  1. I'm Your Huckleberry says:

    this doesn’t surprise me in the least..if they think by firing Nuge, will shut him up, they’re dumber than I thought…

  2. Erik says:

    Go Ted! Just went and started listening to a couple tracks. I recommend everyone rock out to ‘Stranglehold’ in support of the Nuge.

  3. ooneal says:

    Are you criticizing our military for following the orders of the “commander in chief”?? It is THE CITIZENS job to put obama in check and to vote for him out. This criticize is NO DIFFERENT from how the left trashes our military.

  4. Timothy Breunig says:

    An expression like this is all the more reason that we must band together and get this pawn out of this country and back to Kenya.

  5. TaterSalad says:

    Logan, The Sky Angel Cowboy!

  6. One Guy 2012 says:

    Speaking as a former military fella, I find it extremely hypocritical and asinine that this whole issue hinges on the military being ‘apolitical’. If that was truly the case, then no service member should be allowed to cast a political vote as an individual, since as individuals we make up the military. You cannot have it both ways, leftist scum.

    While it is truer than true that each military member must obey the orders of the CiC, this in no way implies that said service members become mindless drones and robots with no free-thinking capabilities. It’s a dichotomy that is a fine line unspoken.

    So Ft. Knox has removed Ted Nugent from playing for our soldiers. Hm. That kind of nonsense would not happen at Ft. Benning, I can tell you right now.

    • Sad Hill says:


      I grow weary of explaining to Leftists and neo-Cons the gradualism they knowingly/unknowingly promote.

      As a military brat, I’m watching my father (military pilot, POW and board member) rip his hair out over the rapid infiltration of said double-standards and immorality.

      Plan to share your insightful comment with him, if he hasn’t read it already, since those refusing to swallow the blue pill tend to ‘feel’ lonely at times – like individuals – as we walk amongst the Zombies.

      I salute you!

      From Johnny (over on Facebook):

      “If the military was doing it’s job rather then bending over to accommodate the homosexual agenda and wearing fake breasts and women’s clothing to see how pregnant soldiers feel, the military would be defending the constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. Obama is both, a foreign and a domestic enemy.”

      • One Guy 2012 says:


        You honor me. Thank you.

        Please tell your Father that I wish to thank him, as well, for his service to our Nation, albeit right about now it is not a Nation I, or many of us, really recognize any longer.

        Your blog makes sense, SHN. And man, do we freaking need some sense right about now.

  7. TaterSalad says:

    To the Residents of the great state of Michigan:

    We’ll get to your Obama comments Ted………but first………..

  8. [...] Ted Nugent fired by US Army for saying, “I’ll be dead or in jail.” Barack Obama still US President after saying, “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun!”: HERE [...]

  9. mark r burns says:

    wow we signed our death warrent voteing that monster back in office if we counted every vote per person he would have lost no body in there right minds did not want obama
    in office by the time hes out of his term the would will not be here its all putting 2 in to 2 together ads
    mathmatics these days old ted a good guy . me i think its a dog eat dog world out there but cat scratch fever bit the dog in the ass …… you bet we got something to worry about obama going to give you’ that; a lot more. there more to obama that meatS the eye and we are going to find out the hard way NOW i live in irons mi and im glad at least ill be wondering trails looking for fred bear. lol . i seen ted nugent 24 years ago wing stadium wow from what i seen ted needs to run for office we need to clean up the US go get em ted obama nuthing of a man with out a gun he dont even look like the type that even know how to load a gun. it seems the only thing he knows how to load it seems is the first lady lol

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