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Having successfully warped millions of women’s minds, let’s hope this dying ‘star’ isn’t actually a phoenix.

Oprah Trapped By Her Own Network Of ‘Philosophy’: ‘Won’t Be Out There’ For Obama

(Breitbart) Apparently, Oprah Winfrey regrets launching OWN, her TV network.  Appearing on “CBS This Morning,” Winfrey said, “The idea of creating a network was something that I wanted to do. Had I known that it was this difficult, I might have done something else.”

The network is struggling; Rosie O’Donnell’s show was canceled and 30 employees have been fired. Just as importantly, Winfrey said she is so busy she won’t be “out there” working for President Obama’s reelection.

[...] Now, with her media empire known as OWN on life support, Oprah might have decided that publicly backing a unpopular and divisive president might not be the best move for her struggling network.

Yet Winfrey still doesn’t get it. She thinks that her perspective rather than her personality is what really draws viewers: “I said from the beginning, this channel can’t be based on me. It has to be based on my philosophy and ideas.”

[...] The problem for Oprah is her central philosophy. After Winfrey endorsed Obama in 2007, her favorability rating dropped from 74% to 55%. No wonder she’s now shying away from political involvement in 2012.

More: HERE

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Oprah – ‘Must Not See TV’: HERE

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Hat tip: Screwy Puppy, Robert Fine

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10 Responses to D’Oprah Trapped By Her Own Network: ‘Won’t Be Out There’ For Obama

  1. TaterSalad says:

    Sorry Oprah but we ain’t buying it! You are a true blue Obama supporter and watching your program just gives you more ratings and then you will funnel your profits to Barack Obama. He is a pure socialist and you must be also if you support him. We, the People are not socialist and since YOU have placed yourself into politics we will now exercise our right to NOT watch your programs! Besides, they are boring anyhow!

  2. TaterSalad says:

    Barack Obama’s Occidental Transcripts have now been found and made available. Check about half way down the list of grades and what Barack Obama received from the instructor for the class…….”Job Creation”. “F”……………how appropriate is that one?



  3. TaterSalad says:


    Barack Obama’s Re-Distribution of the Wealth

  4. TaterSalad says:

    Does Oprah know something we don’t?

    Is the 2012 election already in the bag for Barack Obama?


  5. TaterSalad says:

    Our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton making an ass of herself in front of the world. Next door, secret Service agents having fun with hookers. This is what our administration is doing while the citizens of America are paying $4 to $5..00 for gas and 9% unemployment. Sad and Pathetic!


  6. admin says:

    Even I hate Oprah.

  7. Wake up white people!!

  8. spitfire says:

    Very good. Im now a follower…of yur website! NOT FOLLOWER as in scientology, obama or Oprah! #idontdrinkkoolaid #aah-haa moment here.

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