obama two face racial murder black white crime in the US race of victim sad hill news

…and by ‘Crackers‘ I mean anyone that’s not black.

Since George Zimmerman – a Hispanic – is [now] a ‘Cracker’ (racial slur for ‘whites’), then technically Obama the half-black, half-white, half-muslim president is also a ‘Cracker.’

Wrong. He’s ‘America’s first black president.’ Oh…

OK, think I’m getting the hang of this.

So, if someone has any black in them – preferably half (?) – then they qualify as ‘black’ and are therefore not a ‘Cracker.’

Whatever. Most of us could care less who’s black, who’s white, etc. But not our race-baiting president, nor our ‘post-racial’ government. The US Census Bureau, and just about every other federal organization must know our ethnicity so they can use Microsoft Excel® to produce ‘race-based‘ homicide charts such as this one (see below), courtesy of the FBI.

Before you read it, consider this. ‘Black’ people account for 12.6% (2010 Census) of America’s population.

‘But Sad Hill, this chart would suggest – based on percentages – that blacks are doing the lion’s share of the killing, particularly to themselves?!’


fbi racial murder black white crime in the US race of victim sad hill news

* This post is dedicated to my father, who coincidentally mentioned shortly after I prepared it, ‘Someone should look at the number of ‘racial murders’ committed each year in the United States, I’ll bet the figures tell a completely different story than ‘mainstream’ media would have us believe.’


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Hat tip: Dave Blount

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28 Responses to ‘Racial Murder’ Chart Courtesy The FBI: ‘Crackers’ Are Losing The Homicide Competition

  1. John says:

    H/T to Drudge Report and the Orlando Sentinel


    H/T to Wikipedia


    Florida Cracker: The term “cracker” in Florida usage relates to the whip that cowboys used to “crack” cattle out of the swamps and scrub.

  2. [...] (mug shots from their online article. They eventual [...]

    • Sad Hill says:

      From the link LadyLiberty posted (further driving the point home):

      ‘“The result is that the violent crime rates for whites are inflated and the black rates are deflated in these studies,” says Steffensmeier.


      “Studies that purport to show declines in black violent crimes may also rely on timelines that are too short to be effective.”

  3. Gary says:

    I’m 56 years old and I have to tell you I’ve never met a liberal bigot!

  4. Michael Collins, Esq says:

    I wonder when will somebody will use the term “Collective Black Guilt”, to express all the black on black violence. The death toll every weekend in Chicago and Miami exceeds the weekly US casualties in the Afganistan War. I guess it does not fit the Liberal Media’s narrative, they are only looking to rewrite the book “to Kill a Mockingbird”.

  5. [...] — The night Trayvon Martin was shot to death, George Zimmerman was one of 1,903 residents in his Sanford ZIP code with permits to carry concealed handguns, state records [...]

  6. [...] (the race of the victim was censored on purpose, and that it is the policy of the newspaper to censor race in crime stories. Also, shortly after re-posted the mug shots probably because so many [...]

  7. Aaron Burr says:

    What the fudge sadford? If anyone is actually profiting off this kids death it’s me and the wicked awesome “shittles’ tshirt I’m selling.

    Granted a hoodie would make the best political statement but whatever, it’s hot.


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  9. Jacob says:

    OUT OF 100% Homicide
    whites murder whites 84% of the time
    blacks murder blacks 90% of the time
    whites murder blacks 7% of the time
    blacks murder whites 13% of the time

    moral of the story…blacks are more violent.

    • jen says:

      your stupid

      • jen says:

        I use to help this low income area filled with “trailer trash white people” and they tired to steal from me and not work when I bust my ass trying to get them a job …..ps

        • jen says:

          I am white by the way 100% born and raised in Texas I am a nurse and I do community services and have traveled to other countries and lower income areas for over 20 years

  10. DEFINE WHITE. Let’s not make any assumptions. Our definitions may NOT even be the same as the U.S. Government .

    Now Ask yourself WHY The U.S. Government STILL appears to classify Latino’s even though they NOW outnumber Blacks in the USA into the Caucasian/White demography. WHY DON’T Latinos have THEIR OWN demographic when it comes to RECORDED CRIME statistics ?

    The STATES Record many Latinos as WHITE especially when they RECORD crimes.

    Perhaps, to cover up the fact Whites are already a lot closer to being in a minority status in the USA then THE Government wants Whites to realize. The way race is recoreded certainly would distort and cover-up how serious BLACK crime is in America on paper keeping the REAL facts from all the brain dead masses.


    Currently it appears our State Governments Lumps Caucasians and Latinos into the SAME demographic when it comes to CRIME reporting and THEN they or others like to compare that statistic to BLACK CRIME. IS this distortion reported anywhere on line ? Can you get a straight answer Why the Government is reporting it this way? NO.

    So next time you’re in the Federal Post Office or State Liquor Store or Stop in at a Police State Station TAKE A GOOD LOOK at the wanted posters shown and mug shots. Latinos pictured with Latino names YET they ARE typically listed on paper under the demographic “Caucasian”/White. I have even seen Multi-racial criminals occasionally listed as “Caucasian”/White. Why? I have observed enough oddities in recorded racial demographics that I can see it is NOT AT ALL correct.

    Why do you think the mainstream media reported on the news that George Zimmerman a half Jew/Latino was Caucasian/White ? Are they stupid? Incompetent? Blind?

    And yet if this is how Latinos, Jews and who knows who else are actually reported ON PAPER (as Caucasian/White) when recording State Crime Statistics in the U.S., it makes perfect sense. Why does the CIA list Argentina as 95% White? Have you ever been to Argentina? Clearly are definitions of White are NOT the same.

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