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The ‘racists’ – primarily BigFurHat - over at I Own The World have been a horrible influence on Sad Hill. Yet once in a while they manage to break exclusives such as this gem.

Figures. Mainstream media is refusing to report on it.

Michelle Obama, ‘My Next Vacation Will Be In Outer Space’

(I Own The World) With nowhere else left on the planet for Michelle Obama to vacation, the Whitehouse has announced that Michelle will be heading for Mars. The cost was not yet released, but no expense will be spared for Empress Moose.


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7 Responses to Michelle Obama, ‘My Next Vacation Will Be In Outer Space’

  1. bobdog says:

    I’ll kick in for half the fuel she needs, but only half.

  2. [...] Michelle Obama, ‘My Next Vacation Will Be In Outer Space’ [...]

  3. Danne says:


  4. Dan Bye says:

    Great website.

  5. CalicoGirl says:

    ….to the moon……PLEASE!

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