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I’m trying to imagine, or rather, visualize a scenario in which a bible study group would be praised by the People’s Republic of Boulder – ever – then issued US Fish and Wildlife Service permits to kill Bald Eagles, you know, out of respect for sovereignty and their religious beliefs.

…trying… still trying.

Guess law-trumping ‘visions’ and ‘religious rights’ in Amerika are reserved only for Indians, Muslims, Atheists, Environmentalists and California windmills.

Indian Tribe Gets Permits To Kill Bald Eagles

(Fox) The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has taken the unusual step of issuing a permit allowing an American Indian tribe in Wyoming to kill two bald eagles for religious purposes.

The agency’s decision comes after the Northern Arapaho Tribe filed a federal lawsuit last year contending the refusal to issue such permits violates tribal members’ religious freedom. Although thousands of American Indians apply for eagle feathers and carcasses from a federal repository, permits allowing the killing of bald eagles are exceedingly rare, according to both tribal and legal experts on the matter.

“I’ve not heard of a take permit for a bald eagle,” Steve Moore, lawyer with the Native American Rights Fund, or NARF, in Boulder, Colo., said Tuesday. “I see it and NARF would see it as a legitimate expression of sovereignty by the tribe, and respect for that sovereignty by the Fish and Wildlife Service.”

Federal law prohibits the killing of bald eagles in almost all cases. The government keeps eagle feathers and body parts in a federal repository and tribal members can apply for them for use in religious ceremonies.


Of course any form of construction on US soil ‘threatening the eagle population‘ would be shutdown immediately. But since hypocrisy and windmills permit liberals to wallow in their sanctimonious idiocy, the blade-wielding ‘green’ Gods of prejudice will keep chopping away at life.

California Windmills: The Green Killer

The death count along the ridgelines of the Bay Area’s Altamount Pass Wind Resource Area has averaged 67 a year for three decades.

Nationwide, about 440,000 birds are said to be accidentally killed at wind farms each year, as well as thousands more bats. With the government pushing for more wind energy farms, that statistic is likely to rise.

Another recovering species, the California Condor, is also said to be at risk from the giant blades.

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8 Responses to Indian Tribe Gets Permits To Kill Bald Eagles

  1. John says:

    If anyone is interested, here is a live bald eagle nest camera in Decorah, IA. I try to watch a few minutes every day. There are three eggs and they should start hatching around March 25.

    Hopefully we will see three new bald eagles this year.

  2. Sickened says:

    I suppose this means we must end the sovereignity of “Native American” tribes if it means they are allowed to do things that are illegal for others.

    Let’s not fail to notice that now it’s Indians killing the symbol of our nation, soon it will be muslims arguing that they need to slaughter their religious-holiday sheep themselves in their driveways or that they must have the option to have four wives.

    We are descending into India, where there is no national culture, but a geographic area in which competing factions fight for goods and power.

  3. Moonbattery » Open Thread says:

    [...] Compliments of Sad Hill News. [...]

  4. AngelsAmongUs says:

    This is what Hypocracy looks like!

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