cut down all the trees print bailout money green jobs save the environment sad hill news

Calling all tree huggers! 2,223 Innocent trees lost their lives to print Obama’s budget proposal:HERE

Green ‘wind-powered’ Scotland relies on French nuclear power: HERE

California’s Golden Eagles chopped up by California’s ‘eco-friendly’ windmills: HERE

Polar Bear saving internet creator, Al Gore, set to become world’s first carbon billionaire: HERE

Buy a hybrid, kill a Mexican: HERE

A unique look at environmentalism: HERE

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5 Responses to If Only The Lorax Knew…

  1. John says:

    Why aren’t all the eco-fascists screaming bloody murder for killing Golden Eagles, other raptors, and bats? Where is PETA? Oh, they just want publicity and money. My mistake.

  2. Wut says:

    Really, ”ecofacists”-- where do you guys get this shit? Do you just sit their and think about hitler and facism all day and anyone who you don’t agree with automatically becomes a ___-facist?

    I hope you realize that it was Nixon (Republican) who created the EPA and passed the majority of environmental legislation that is currently on the books.

    When your water can be lit on fire because it’s been so polluted from natural gas fracking, don’t come crying to me.

    Btw, only dumbasses think that money is created with paper, It’s made out of cotton.

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