Regardless, candidates have decided to continue their campaigns.


Ben Bernanke tells everyone how ‘screwed the US economy really is’: HERE

The revolutionary MacBook wheel – no keyboard required: HERE

hat tip: Winston

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5 Responses to Election Spoiler: Voting Machines Accidentally Reveal 2012 President

  1. [...] Election Spoiler – voting machines accidentally reveal 2012 president: HERE [...]

  2. mike says:

    Moron -- That is an onion story. Understand? Satire

    • Sad Hill says:

      Who’s the moron, Mike?

      Guess you missed SHN’s tagline in the header – first thing everyone sees when visiting the site – ‘Sprinkled In Satire’. It’s been there for over a year. So has the image of the baby shaving in the upper-right column that no one misses.

      But your hate-spewing vile is appreciated.

    • Winston Smith says:


      If you are that stupid , I feel sorry for you. Of course its satire. The onion does an excellent job at pointing out sometimes obvious truths through the use of ridiculousness. If you can’t figure out that many national elections are rigged, then you will continue to fall for the false paradigm that is this amerikan democracy.

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