five dollar bill this coupon good for one gallon of gas sad hill news

Obama, ‘This was the moment when gas prices began to rise, and Michelle would begin her 20+ vacations’: HERE

Merry Christmas ObamaNation: 1-in-6 Floridians now depend on food stamps: HERE

Welfare debit cards used in casinos, strip clubs: HERE

$69 Million of California welfare spent around the globe: HERE

Federal Workers – America’s 17th highest paid employees owe $ billions in back taxes: HERE

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5 Responses to Federal Agency Issues $ Billions In Gas Stamps

  1. Jim Hlavac says:

    And gay folks pay taxes with nary a federal benefit for being “crazy” “demented” “Infertile” “sick” blah blah, cover us by the American With Disabilities Act if we’re that, um, disabled. And we don’t produce unwanted children or children out of wedlock to add to the list of recipients or dependents, nor any candidate for abortion, and we scream, absolutely scream -- we are gay, you folks are not. Don’t worry. We must ask, we must — what do you all know about heteros that we do not? Will you really all go gay if politicians say a nice word about us? Are you serious? Are you serious?

    And then we’re told we’re the end of the country, for paying taxes, not contributing to the public expense, taking in the kids no one else wants to adopt, and owning our own businesses because we’ve all been fired one too many times.

    And people wonder why I’m a conservative? And why I’m cranky? Egad, E-fu’&^^$%$$inggad :) (fret not, I can handle it.)

  2. John says:

    Here in Florida, we might need another one dollar gas stamp to go along with the five dollar gas stamp:

  3. [...] Obama and his minions are hijacking US taxpayers to fund $ billions in ‘free’ gas coupons to fastback our unification with Islam which – according to Barack Hussein Obama – “Has [...]

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