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Mr. Barack (flip-flop) Obama – completely opposed to super PAC’s but not opposed to super PAC’s – is opposed to ‘unilaterally disarming’ his ability to receive large amounts of re-election cash, but is not opposed to ‘unilaterally disarming’ America.

Remember now, Obama does ‘these things in the name of Jesus!’

Obama #1: I Won’t ‘Unilaterally Disarm’ On Super PACs

(USA Today) President Obama says he doesn’t like the idea of super PACs, but won’t oppose Democrats using them in his re-election campaign to fight off the spending of the Republicans.

“We’ve got some of these (Republican) super PACs that have pledged to spend up to half a billion dollars to try to buy this election,” Obama said yesterday in an interview with WBTV, the CBS affiliate in Charlotte, N.C.

“And what I’ve said consistently is, we’re not going to just unilaterally disarm.”


Obama #2: I Will ‘Unilaterally Disarm’ 80 Percent Of America’s Nuclear Arsenal

(NewsMax) The Obama administration is weighing options for sharp new cuts to the U.S. nuclear force, including a reduction of up to 80 percent in the number of deployed weapons, The Associated Press has learned.

Even the most modest option now under consideration would be an historic and politically bold disarmament step in a presidential election year, although the plan is in line with President Barack Obama’s 2009 pledge to pursue the elimination of nuclear weapons.

No final decision has been made, but the administration is considering at least three options for lower total numbers of deployed strategic nuclear weapons cutting to: 1,000 to 1,100; 700 to 800, and 300 to 400, according to a former government official and a congressional staffer. Both spoke on condition of anonymity in order to reveal internal administration deliberations.

The potential cuts would be from a current treaty limit of 1,550 deployed strategic warheads.

A level of 300 deployed strategic nuclear weapons would take the U.S. back to levels not seen since 1950 when the nation was ramping up production in an arms race with the Soviet Union. The U.S. numbers peaked at above 12,000 in the late 1980s and first dropped below 5,000 in 2003.

[...] Even small proposed cuts are likely to draw heavy criticism from Republicans who have argued that a smaller nuclear force would weaken the U.S. at a time when Russia, China and others are strengthening their nuclear capabilities. They also argue that shrinking the American arsenal would undermine the credibility of the nuclear “umbrella” that the United States provides for allies such as Japan, South Korea and Turkey, who might otherwise build their own nuclear forces.

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Hat tip: Robert Fine

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