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Sad Hill just won another award. The 2011 ‘PUK Finalist‘ Award, to be exact. And Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs was the judge.

Pamela, a regular guest of CNN, Fox News, The Washington Post and The New York Times had this to say about the contest finalists and winner:

(IOTW) Really great stuff. I hate that liberal feel good crap, ‘you are all winners!’, but there was more than one that deserved the crown. The importance of the message was a consideration I took into account as well. The Meesh art was particularly biting …. but this is an election year and that is a fight. And I mean knock-down-drag-out-save-the-free-world fight.

In a just world, these artists/illustrators would be influencing the culture and media in a much wider, far larger national arena, but the culture is under siege given the low state of the world. These talented readers are guerrilla fighters in the information battle-space. Hey, it’s what we do. And their talents were never so desperately needed. If I had the dough I’d be running these posters on the back of Time, Newsweak, Rolling Stone etc.

Go to IOTW to see the ’2011 PUK Award Winner’: HERE


Of course none of this would be possible without SHN’s loyal readers and the nomination from ‘rightwingfeather‘. Thank you wherever, whomever you are.

SHN UPDATE: Now might be a good time to mention that Sad Hill News, a 1.3-year-old conservative ‘racist’ news site, hit the 2,000,000 mark a couple months back. I’m mighty grateful to you (the reader), those lurking on Facebook and the numerous sites that carry SHN (see ‘Sites Featuring Sad Hill News‘ in the right-hand column; scroll down).

An interesting phenomenon has taken place, and it started just before Thanksgiving. Life has required more of my time, reducing the frequency of posts I’m able to produce and therefore the number of comments folks leave behind – yet readership has increased (DBKP also noticed – Thanks!). So, for now I will continue thinking of SHN as my ‘community service’, or way of ‘writing my Congressman’ while hoping, praying it’s more effective.

Thank you all for growing Sad Hill News!

I’ll leave you with last year’s 2 most popular (linked/shared/ripped-off) SHN graphics:

project gunrunner operation gunrunner gunwalker fast and furious barack obama eric holder janet napolitano atf doj dhs sad hill news


we're a culture not a costume this is not who iam and this is not okay janet napolitano sad hill news

SHN hits 500,000 mark: HERE

Dude, what’s with the name, ‘Sad Hill’? Go: HERE

About Sad Hill: HERE

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11 Responses to Sad Hill Wins 2011 PUK Award – Receives Huge $$$ Bonus: Important SHN ‘Update’ Added

  1. RandyG says:

    linked, shared/ripped off? Heh. Only the best. Well done and well deserved Sad.

  2. sweets says:

    Kudos Sad -- well deserved :)

  3. plemmen says:

    You produce great stuff and it is no wonder you received a nomination. I really enjoy your wit and satirical bent. best of luck in the future and I’ll be visiting/reading (and perhaps stealing, with attribution of course, your best bits!).

    • Sad Hill says:

      Steal away plemmen! Every bit helps.

      Perhaps The Resistance is stronger than we know.

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  6. me says:

    congratulations on your made up blog award, might want to stick that on your webring lol

  7. author says:


  8. Johng702 says:

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