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Another brainwashing attempt from the Gannett Propaganda Machine, delivered via Florida Telescreen.

Note how the lead paragraph does not read, ‘People who hate expensive mercury-laced, low-illumination government-mandated light bulbs have come out surprise winners…’

Repeal Of Lightbulb ‘Ban’ A Dim Move

(Florida Today) People who love cheap, energy-hogging light bulbs have come out surprise winners in the budget deal just passed by Congress.

Buried in the spending bill was a talk-radio inspired provision that killed new efficiency standards for light bulbs, due to take effect Jan. 1.

Repealing the so-called ban on incandescent bulbs was pitched as a blow for freedom and for keeping the reach of onerous regulations out of our homes. Republicans, meanwhile, have pushed for more “certainty” and lower costs for business to help the economy grow.

But passage of this bright idea could actually mean less freedom and higher costs for everyone in the long run and in ways that matter profoundly.

The rider has potentially wasted four years and millions of dollars that U.S. corporations have invested in new plant and equipment to meet higher standards.


URGENT: Now. What Gannett, their minions (Florida Today), and their trained sheeple (Matt Reed, the article’s author) ‘fail’ to tell readers is that bankrupt GE – the manufacturers of CFL bulbs – received ‘special arrangements’ from Obama to use $53+ billion in taxpayer funds for high-speed rail, and that’s not including the $30+ billion in taxpayer funds GE is allowed to spend on corporate takeovers in the coming years.

Mighty convenient

QUESTION: How many more $ billions would GE have pocketed from forced taxpayer purchases of toxic CFL light bulbs?

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UPDATE (12.20.2011): The ‘dim’ article was today’s Gannett FT website’s ‘feature story’, but they buried the article shortly after SHN posted this summary. Now on their site’s front page is a ‘feature video’ entitled, ‘Debunking Myths About Light Bulbs.’

What an age we live in, when one is able to witness, then document the Orwellian Effect in real time. — Sad Hill


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