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This is a follow-up to last month’s SHN ‘convenient victim‘ article entitled, ‘Special Privileges For Special People – Teenage Transsexual Demands Access To Girls’ Bathroom‘. Dave Blount of Moonbattery pitched in immensely: HERE

Brief recap:

(SHN) “A young man named Dionne Malikowski likes to show up at Fort Collins High School dressed like a girl, so to prevent other kids from sniggering at him when he uses the facilities, he gets access to the seven staff bathrooms spread across the school. But this isn’t good enough for Master Malikowski [...]. In its never-ending quest to find members of privileged special interest groups they can portray as oppressed, this is the best “mainstream” journalists can do:”

‘[Mr Malikowski] said she [sic] was suspended about a month ago for violating the policy by using a girls’ restroom instead of a staff facility. Malikowski had previously received a warning for a similar violation but said she [sic] still believes the rule to be unfair and discriminating.’


Fast-Forward to today. Keep in mind, recent redistricting places Fort Collins, CO in Jared Polis’ District – Boulder, Colorado’s current Congressman. Polis is mentioned as one of the ‘Top 3′ in ‘The Blueprint: How The Democrats Won Colorado (and why Republicans everywhere should care)‘:

Congressman Jared Polis Reintroduces Student Non-Discrimination Act To Provide Protection For GLBT Students

SHN Side Note: “Notice how moonbats use key words like ‘Non-Discrimination Act’ to distort reality. It’s discriminatory not to grant even more special privileges to Dionne to reward him for being a pervert. Not letting him do whatever he wants would be unsafe. [...] A little self-examination might reveal a dysfunctional personality putting a new mask on a deep problem. The problems don’t go away, they just spread and multiply.’

(Coloradoan) Congressman Jared Polis, who is drafting the Student Non-Discrimination Act to provide protection for GLBT students, said actions this week by the Poudre School District could have unintended consequences.

Calling a Tuesday decision by PSD leaders about the treatment of transgender students and their use of restrooms at schools “good faith” and legal under Colorado law, Polis, of the 2nd congressional district, also questioned the practice of selective treatment of students.

The issue came to light locally in November when Dionne Malikowski, 16, a transgender student who identifies and was registered as a girl at Fort Collins High School, was suspended for using the girls’ restroom after being told she must use staff facilities.

“Where we’re heading as a society is that we’ll not be thinking of people like Dionne as transgender, but accept her as the young woman she is,” said Polis who served six years on the Colorado State Board of Education as vice chairman and chairman and is openly gay. “Whatever is in her past in regards to gender should not be a factor. … By singling out a student as transgender, it could make her environment at school less safe and secure.”

PSD leaders received legal counsel and chose to stand behind the district’s current policy requiring transgender students to use staff restrooms instead of student restrooms.

“Poudre School District will continue to offer the use of private restrooms for transgender students, which appears to be consistent with the practices of other districts in Colorado,” Superintendent Jerry Wilson said in a Wednesday media statement.

Mindy Barton, legal director at the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Colorado, said that while the safety of all students, transgender and nontransgender alike, is important, many districts tend to show a preference to nontransgender students and safety interests collide.

“The safety of all students is key,” Barton said. “Sometimes, our concern is that school districts may put the concerns of nontransgender students ahead of the safety of transgender students.”

In this instance, she questions PSD’s decision to require transgender students to use staff facilities, a policy that could be viewed as discriminatory without an express agreement by the students and their family.

Few schools have policies regarding transgender students, whether written or otherwise, Barton said, preferring to handle situations on a case-by-case basis by talking with each student, family members and the staff of the school.

“The best practice, under guidance from the Colorado Civil Rights Division, is to allow transgender students to use gender-segregated facilities that match their gender identification,” Barton said. “They should not be discriminated against in access to gender-segregated facilities.”


Corporate Ladyboys – Increasing number of US companies covering transgender surgeries: HERE

Buffalo, NY teachers spend $9 million of taxpayer funds on cosmetic surgery: HERE

h/t: Jim, Winston, Dad

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  9. Daphne says:

    This article is discriminatory.

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