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Sure, Obama is sending $ millions of our hard-earned tax dollars to ‘stimulate’ Indonesia (his boyhood home) while spending $ billions on Illegal wars and the Soros’ Brazilian land & sea oil adventure, not to mention funding the Taliban — all unchecked. Yet when combined, their tally falls short of matching the $ trillions used to ‘secretly’ bail out foreign banks, foreign industries and overseas job outsourcing GE.

ObamaNation: Florida Park To Become Tent City For The Homeless

(ForidaToday) An isolated county park in Mims could become the future site of a “tent city” to house some of Brevard County’s homeless population.

Brevard County Commission Chairman Robin Fisher and advocates for the homeless are pushing a plan to convert a section of Hatbill Park in Mims into a tent city for people without a permanent place to live, in a plan modeled after a site in Pinellas County.

The renewed push to find a legal alternative to homeless people illegally camping on private property was triggered by a recent Titusville Police Department initiative to clear out homeless camps in the city in advance of the last shuttle launch.

George Taylor Sr., an advocate for homeless veterans, has criticized police officials for how they handled the detail, including how he said they discarded items found at the camps, such as clothing, supplies and various personal mementos. Police defended the action, saying they gave residents of the camps repeated notice that they had to leave the camps, gave them a list of some community resources, and informed them of when their deadline was.


There are thousands of people in Brevard County who are homeless. The latest organized countywide census of homeless people, taken Jan. 27, found that 1,889 people in Brevard were sleeping in a place not meant for human habitation or in an emergency shelter, including 450 children. An additional 839 people fell into an expanded Florida Statutes definition of homelessness because they were living in a motel, camping ground, travel trailer park or someone else’s residence because of economic hardship or loss of their previous housing.

Liz Lee, director of community impact for the United Way of Brevard, said those numbers understate the true scope of the homeless problem in Brevard. Many homeless people hide, rather than be counted, either out of embarrassment or because of fear of legal repercussions. Others live in areas so isolated that people doing the census never find them.

Lee also expects the county’s homeless population to increase, because of the end of the space shuttle program and the related layoffs.

“A lot more people are unemployed for the first time in their lives and lost their homes,” Lee said. This includes former space workers and people in other jobs that are tied to business from the space program and its workers.

“They are going to be the new homeless,” Lee said.

But, but,… but nobody warned us…

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Neil Armstrong Blasts Obama In April 2010

(Times Online) Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon, has launched an unprecedented attack on President Obama’s plans to dismantle Nasa’s manned space exploration programme.

The world’s best-known astronaut, who has traditionally avoided controversy and rarely seeks the limelight despite his feat 41 years ago, warned that Mr Obama risks blasting American space superiority on a “long downhill slide to mediocrity”.

(MSNBC) Canceling Constellation could lead to thousands of layoffs at some of America’s biggest aerospace contractors, including Lockheed Martin, the Boeing Co. and ATK. Such job losses are among the factors behind congressional opposition to the cancellation. Armstrong and his fellow astronauts emphasize the bigger implications, however, and say in their letter that the decision would put the nation on a “long downhill slide to mediocrity.”

The letter notes that the U.S. space effort will be dependent for years to come on the Russians for transport to the International Space Station, at a cost of more than $50 million per seat.

The good news is, Obama’s NASA Administrator  can finally get on with their ‘foremost mission‘ – to ensure that members of the Muslim world ‘feel good about their historic contribution to science‘.

UPDATE (07.25.2011): GE Moves X-Ray Headquarters To China

(WSJ) General Electric Co. said it is moving its X-ray business headquarters to China to accelerate sales in the country’s fast-growing health-care market, the latest sign of China’s growing importance to the giant U.S. conglomerate.

The X-ray unit will be the company’s first business to be based in China.

The business has already begun the move—which includes the unit’s chief executive and three other members of its executive team—and expects to complete the process by year end, said Anne LeGrand, vice president and general manager of GE Healthcare Global X-Ray.


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  10. LR says:

    2 years ago people where living in there cars in Florida because Americans love Talmudic usury short term gain. Gotta keep up with the Jone’s. Veterans are dumber then dog shit for not paying attention to history and sacrificing individualism for collectivist blind nationalism, expecting praise. Should have read Rand. Welcome to the new reservation (http://youtu.be/-LA-S64QY3o)! Ask the Iroquois confederacy founders for sympathy. I live in a cave. I have no bills (minimal), no stress, and no debt….but I have a future! Maybe not in Amer(k)a.

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