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Not to flog mainstream media’s ‘dead horse‘, but conveniently they still haven’t ‘heard’ about Project Gunrunner — yet another lawbreaking treasonous scandal that involves Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder AND Janet Napolitano.

Project Gunrunner (aka ‘Fast and Furious’) Goes Straight To The Top

(I Own The World) Big Government is reporting that Gunrunner is Obama’s Watergate. I don’t think so, this is bigger than Watergate. No one died at Watergate.

We will soon see just how spineless and complicit the Republicans are in the destruction of America. Everything that Obama stands for is a danger to what conservatives stand for. Allowing Obama to go on, uncharged in these crimes, would mean there is no hope for America. We’re done. The fix is in.


Project Gunrunner Tied Directly To President Obama

(Big Government) That initiative — which could go down in the annals of presidential history as “Obama’s Watergate“— goes by the name, “Operation Fast and Furious,” and it’s an offshoot of “Project Gunrunner.”

Ogden is shown in the video that resurfaced Friday as he addresses reporters at a Department of Justice briefing,

“The president has directed us to take action to fight these cartels,” Ogden begins, “and Attorney General Holder and I are taking several new and aggressive steps as part of the Administration’s comprehensive plan.”

He goes on to outline that plan, using the exact words below:

“DOJ’s Drug Enforcement Administration, which already has the largest U.S. drug enforcement presence in Mexico with 11 offices in that country, is placing 16 new DEA positions in Southwest border field operations specifically to target Mexican trafficking and associated violence.”

“The DEA is also deploying four new mobile enforcement teams to specifically target Mexican methamphetamine trafficking, both along the border and in U.S. cities impacted by the cartels.”

“DOJ’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is increasing its efforts by adding 37 new employees in three new offices, using $10 million in Recovery Act funds and redeploying 100 personnel to the Southwest border in the next 45 days to fortify its Project Gunrunner which is aimed at disrupting arms trafficking between the United States and Mexico.”

“ATF is doubling its presence in Mexico itself, from five to nine personnel working with the Mexicans, specifically to facilitate gun-tracing activity which targets the illegal weapons and their sources in the United States.”

After watching this video, the reasons behind Ogden’s resignation after working for Attorney General Eric Holder for less than a year, appear seem clear: He wanted to reduce his chances of becoming the “fall guy” for the Obama Administration after news of this doomed-from-the-start gun-running operation became public. Nineteen months later, the “cat” that is Project Gunrunner is out of the proverbial bag:

• Sen. Chuck Grassley: Guns in ATF sting tied to agent’s death (USA TODAY, 2/01/2011)

• U.S. urged dealer to continue gun sales despite concerns, inquiry finds (Los Angeles Times, 4/15/2011)

• Gun program deserves inquiry (San, 6/16/2011)

• Acting ATF Director to Resign Over Sting (, 6/20/2011)

• Another scandal that could take Obama down (World Net Daily, 7/9/2011)

• Issa, ATF Agent Warn of ATF Cover-up (, 7/11/2011)

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h/t: Pete

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29 Responses to Fast And Furious Justice For Project Gunrunner Culprits

  1. AlaskaKathryn says:

    Great piece. I have been following this story since January. You should add at least one more person to the Thank You list of journalists and bloggers working to advance this story: David Codrea of Gun Rights Examiner and He, along with Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey have done more to advance this story than any one else. They broke it together. David is on Armed American Radio every Sunday giving an update and generates new work almost daily.

  2. jw benson says:

    I believe the new term for MSM is more properly OPNS®: Obama Protective News Services.

    That said, you have been a great source to follow this story and have become part of my daily blogjog.

  3. RandyG says:

    I keep waiting to see this on the evening news(or hear about it), since I rarely watch it. Waiting,waiting, hmmm, still waiting.
    Holder should be indicted, and if there was ever a impeachable offense, this is it!
    Keep up the great work Sad!

  4. Sad Hill says:

    Will do Randy.


  5. rebel cracker says:

    Great piece! I have been reading bits on this for months and have yet to see this headline any news network. If this information is at our fingertips then you know any investigative committee can find it. I’m not sure what disgusts me worse. The flagrant abuse of an executive office or the lack of congessional assertion to take action to prosecute the constitutional evasion and near treasonous actions.

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  19. Before It's News says:

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