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And by the looks of it, Queen Michelle is simply delighted to have another opportunity to learn something, anything, about her Manchurian Moonbat’s ‘history’ and hometown.

(Yahoo!) Michelle Obama announced Friday that she’s heading to Africa on an official visit later this month, stopping in South Africa and Botswana to continue her work encouraging young people around the world to become active in their countries.

The first lady will visit Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa and Gaborone, Botswana, during the June 21-26 trip.

Besides youth leadership, Mrs. Obama will also focus on education, health and wellness.

Officials said the visit will highlight the important stake the U.S. has in the success of Africa’s many nations, as well as the historic ties between Americans and people who live in Africa. President Barack Obama’s late father was Kenyan.

No. I did not photoshop this sign from Kenya:

welcome to kenya birthplace of barack obama sign sad hill news

Nor did I make Queen Michelle share with the world that Kenya is Barack Hussein’s ‘home country’:

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22 Responses to Michelle Obama Announces Official Trip To Africa

  1. Zilla says:

    Yay, we get to pay for ANOTHER extravagant excessive vacation for that out of touch elitist sow.

  2. Jim Hlavac says:

    Whom do we blame if she comes back?

  3. Winston Smith says:

    Its amazing how the truth comes out at such subtle times. I mean, who could have known the birthplace of the POTUS would be an issue. Of course this “lawyer”, who is supposed to know the Constitution, wasn’t thinking at the the time that her husband Barry was going to have to make the story up months later, about being born in Hawaii.

    Nothing seems to matter anymore. Down is up and up is down. The administration can say whatever it wants, reverse course the very next day, and rewrite history like it never happened. 2+2= 5 because I said so.

    Awful jobs reports = continued growth in the economy. Dropping bombs of peace on Libya = humanitarianism (and its not a war by the way). It goes on and on and on………

    America is about to have a sobering wake up call. Severe depression or inflation will hit in the next year. Expect QE3 from Ben by September.

  4. Buzz says:

    I love sadhillnews, bookmarked.

  5. Meanwhile some of us are still taking an official visit to the unemployment office as B Hussein Obama has cancelled his daily economic report meeting………

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