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Aye, fertile lands fed by the enchanted winds of Ireland are often mysterious as they are menacing; Michelle Obama falling prey this time ’round.

A haunting spell of wicked winds cast forced America’s unsuspecting First Lassie to birth Ireland’s latest native son. Compounded by ensuing clouds of volcanic ash sent once again from the tempestuous gods of global warming, the Obama dynasty hastily departed Barry’s birthplace, alas, not before the hospital provided their newborn with something his father never coulda legitimate birth certificate.


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Neil Abercrombie fails to find the birth certificate, again: HERE

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Corsi releasing evidence Obama’s ‘birth certificate’ is a forgery: HERE

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15 Responses to Windswept Spawn Of Michelle Obama

  1. Randy G says:


  2. Andrea Mitchell: Obama Will Not Bow To Queen Because “It’s Not Proper For Americans” says:

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  4. Zonga says:

    At least her wig stayed on.

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