Michelle Obama Crashes Royal Wedding

On 04.30.11, in Fun, Regime, by Sad Hill

michelle obama crashes royal wedding on balcomy motus sad hill news

Having been banned from (not invited to) the royal wedding, Michelle Obama crashed the event, making unexpected cameos here-and-there at just the right moments. Yet only the quickest of paparazzi were able to capture the fleeting split second pop-ins of a lifetime.

Much more here: MOTUS

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13 Responses to Michelle Obama Crashes Royal Wedding

  1. MOTUS says:

    Thank you soooo much for the linkie! Usually, Lady M gets all the attention she needs from our lapdogs in the LSM. But, for some reason, there’s been nothing in the NY Times, WaPo or even at Mrs. O about her at the big event.

  2. Frosteetoes says:

    LOL She heard they were serving fish and chips in the buffet. Never miss an opportunity to pad her fat ass even more.

  3. Teh Plague Fairy says:

    Someday there will be an entire installation at the Smithsonian dedicated to our MOTUS. She’s a national treasure and the world will celebrate her contribution to understanding the life of the first *ahem* “lady”.

  4. Cracker Annie Mouse says:

    Are you sure that was her? The person in the photo almost looks appropriately dressed!

  5. Aaron Burr says:

    What the fug Sad Man? Didn’t you hear? The Chicago Slasher struck again and whacked Osama. You gonna’ let the scoop of the century pass you by?

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