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Libyans want a new Muslim leader. Why not give ‘em ours? Solves 2 problems.

don't blame me i voted for the american obama muslim sad hill news

Barack Hussein Obama, ‘Islam has always been a part of America’: HERE

Obama ‘forcefully’ backs Ground Zero Mosque: HERE

‘Groundbreaking’ (photos) of Ground Zero Mosque: HERE

Cambridge public schools initiate Muslim holiday: HERE

Islam infiltrates American classrooms: HERE

Obama’s illegal war: HERE

Obama in exile: HERE

Islamophobia in theaters, now: HERE

h/t: PK

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11 Responses to Libya Solution

  1. Randy G says:

    I like that idea. A lot.

  2. John says:

    How soon can we send him over there? How much do we have to pay for them to take him? Doesn’t matter. I’m sure the truly patriotic Americans would gladly donate to the cause.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Soon isn’t soon enough!

  4. Amigo Burr says:

    I do like that pimp cane though….I should get one. Apparently all dictators have one.

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