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Attention America, Obama just praised a revolution:

(The Hill) President Obama on Friday hailed the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak as a moment for history, but warned of “difficult days ahead” in Egypt.

There are few moments in our lives where we have the privilege to witness history taking place,” Obama said. “This is one of those moments. This is one of those times.”

The people of Egypt have spoken, their voices have been heard and Egypt will never be the same.”


“This is not the end of Egypt’s transition,” the president said. “It’s a beginning.”

With the military now in power in Egypt, U.S. officials are watching with a wary and hopeful eye that a new government will honor Mubarak’s treaties, especially with regard to Israel.

Obama praised the non-violent efforts of the Egyptian protesters [What channel was he watching? — Sad Hill] and the restraint of the military, and pressed the new regime to continue with a transition fully representative of the Egyptian people that would include “free and fair” elections for a new president.

The protesters made clear, Obama said, that “nothing less than genuine democracy will carry the day.”

The ‘History of Freedom’: HERE

Democrat Official credits Obama with Mubarak resignation: HERE

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23 Responses to Obama Praises The Tea Party! Oops, I Meant ‘Praises The Egyptian Protestors’

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    • Wakeup says:

      He’s a constitutional lawyer? Well then he should know that we are a Republic!!! What Socrates said of democracy was that it is idiots grouped and controlled by a false image, a cult of personality, blind mice following the flute of a piper using bullying by massing the indoctrinated morons together and taking freedoms away from anyone who values being independent! John Adams said democracy is the act of a country committing suicide, Jefferson said democracy is 51% of the population taking the other 49′s rights away. Democracy isn’t in the constitution and anyone who peddles it is either a brain washed moron or a total traitor! Look in the index of your constitution: No democracy!!!! Not one none, not a mention of it even not even to call our voting system democratic!!!

      • Robert Steele says:

        Right!We are declared a Democracy everyday by our idiot mainstream news media that are being controlled by Corporate interests.What do we do ?We continue to buy their products and we complain,but do nothing about it!The time for real change is due!Voting does not accomplish a thing.We need actual physical action that will jolt everyone into action.May the Republic live once again!!!!!

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  6. [...] Moore called for all students to join a Friday afternoon school walkout, suggesting that high school students across the nation leave class at 2:00 pm in protest. [...]

  7. Keith in Seattle says:

    Remember to vote this clown and all the other sideshows out come 2012…

    • Robert Steele says:

      Will not work.Because what the other side puts up is no different from Obama.Only action in the physical sense will change things.We must bite the bullet and embrace the ideas of our founding fathers.Only pain and sacrifice can bring about change!The Constitution provides these means for us!!The Republic will rise again with your assistance.God bless you all!!!

  8. [...] will drag the country into total chaos if they don’t stop, here’s your answer. Obama et al. want it to collapse, and they plan to be ready when it [...]

    • Robert Steele says:

      Theres an answer for this:Oath Keepers.These people will stand up when the time is right and will make sure that the Republic once again stands tall among the people.Join us and others like us in the fight against tyranny.May God bless this Republic again!!

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    • Robert Steele says:

      Biden is an idiot that should resign his office and go back to his state and be what he is :a nobody of insignificance!

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  12. [...] night it hit me. There is something all too familiar about Obama’s zeal for praising rebellion and aligning himself with it. Egypt. I called him on it. So did every other conservative out there, [...]

  13. [...] night it hit me. There is something all too familiar about Obama’s zeal for praising rebellion and aligning himself with it. Egypt. I called him on it. So did every other conservative out [...]

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