Where’s the Muslim half? Anyway, CBS News, part of the liberal mainstream media network that hides behind the NAACP every chance they get in order to ‘blamelessly’ label Tea Party members as ‘racists,’ ran this peculiarly divisive image yesterday to convey ‘gridlock.’ Brilliant.

obama black white democrat republican cbs sad hill news

There was no reason for CBS News to go through all the trouble of Photoshopping a two-faced Obama when so many non-racial Two-Face images exist.

two face obama tommy lee jones batman racist sad hill news

Compliments of boocherhix

Just a few of the countless CBS News ‘racist’ headlines: ‘NAACP Passes Tea Party Racism Resolution‘, ‘NAACP Links Tea Party Factions To Racist Hate Groups‘, ‘NAACP Says Tea Party Tolerates Racism‘, ‘Tea Party Racism Rift Reveals Fissures‘, and ‘Tea Party Blogger Accused of Racism.’

UPDATE #1: After ‘exhaustive’ research, we found this image of a Tea Party racist right here on Sad Hill News: HERE

UPDATE #2: We also found this clip of Michelle Obama using the NAACP to ‘blamelessly’ label Tea Party members as ‘racist’: HERE

Before It’s News explains the CBS News phenomenon in further detail: HERE

Washington Post tactics: HERE

Time Magazine tactics: HERE

Associated Press tactics: HERE

The Economist tactics: HERE

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