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This is getting ridiculous. Yesterday The Washington Post continued its endless anti-2nd Amendment campaign by headlining this newsflash with a truckload of sensationalism,

“Realco Guns Tied To 2,500 Crimes In D.C. And Maryland”

Outside a baby shower in Landover three years ago, Erik Kenneth Dixon snapped [gun's fault]. As he argued with his sister [gun's fault] and her boyfriend in a parking lot, the 25-year-old man whipped out a .45-caliber Glock and shot her in the leg [gun's fault]. Then he chased down her boyfriend [gun's fault], firing between cars and at the running man’s feet until he slipped on wet grass [gun's fault]. As the prone man held his hands up in futile defense, Dixon executed him [gun's fault], firing seven times [gun's fault].

By law, Dixon was prohibited from owning a gun [gun's fault]. He had spent almost three years in prison [gun's fault] for shooting at a man. But three months before the baby-shower killing, he gave his girlfriend $335 [gun's fault] and took her to an old brick house on a commercial strip just beyond the District line in Forestville, home to a gun shop called Realco.

See where this is headed, right?

Dixon’s Glock was one of 86 guns sold by Realco that have been linked to homicide cases during the past 18 years, far outstripping the total from any other store in the region, a Washington Post investigation has found. Over that period, police have recovered more than 2,500 guns sold by the shop, including over 300 used in non-fatal shootings, assaults and robberies.

In Maryland, Realco towers over the other 350 handgun dealers in the state as a source of guns confiscated in the District and Prince George’s County, the most violent jurisdictions in the area.

Clearly the Maryland and DC area crimes are non-related to culture, demographics, corruption or government-run brainwashing portals such as, The Washington Post.

Check out this statistic from the same fear-mongering WaPo ‘guns-causing-crime’ article,

Nearly two out of three guns sold in Virginia since 1998 and recovered by local authorities came from about 1 percent of the state’s dealers.

I repeat, “1 percent of the state’s dealers.”

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WaPo admittedly linked their databases to mine gun traces which, when using Washington Compost reporting tactics, ‘ties’ The Washington Post directly to Realco guns and 2,500 crimes.

Realco has been known as a leading seller of “crime guns” seized by local police, but a year-long Post investigation reveals the magnitude of Realco’s pattern and links the guns sold by the store to specific crimes. The Post compiled its own databases of more than 35,000 gun traces by mining unpublicized state databases and local police evidence logs.

This statement, also in WaPo’s article, destroys their insinuating headline:

“The owners of Realco Guns are cooperative with our detectives and have been compliant with all reporting requirements,” said Maj. Andy Ellis, commander of the public affairs division for Prince George’s police.

Fear not. The Washington Post is a master at backing up its anti-Constitution sensationalism, with what else, more sensationalism

A Taurus .40-caliber pistol sold by the store in March 2004 was put to work in a murder three weeks later at a Popeyes in Oxon Hill, where 20-year-old Robert Garner Jr. killed 22-year-old Kelvin Braxton. Police learned that Garner’s girlfriend had bought the gun [gun's fault].

A Glock .45-caliber the shop sold to Alfred L. Evans in June 2004 was used in October 2005 in Clinton at a busy traffic light to kill 28-year-old Keith Ingaharra. After one driver cut the other off in evening rush-hour traffic, Ingaharra stepped from his car waving his hands. Evans shot Ingaharra in the hip, leg and chest and then drove home [gun's fault].

“He had the gun right there at his fingertips,” said Ingaharra’s mother, Bonnie Rogers. “He just took it out and blew him away.”

A Kel-Tec 9mm sold by Realco in January 2007 was used by Terris T. Luckett seven months later to shoot his wife 20 times, killing her at their Clinton home. He then killed a barber [gun's fault], John Scales III, in his shop. Luckett, who bought the gun, incorrectly thought the two were having an affair [gun's fault], police say.

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  9. Maalik Evans says:

    and that’s why bonnie rogers son is dead, what the hell are you suppose to do if someone is trying to kill you. my father defended himself.

  10. Maalik Evans says:

    o one last thing mrs. rogers you are not so sweet and innocent, you stabbed your son and you tried to kill my family, u crazy b………..

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  12. guts says:

    I have a website that has been up and running for some time now, and for numerous reasons I want to replace it with a WordPress site.. . So, how do I start building the WordPress site -- in a seperate folder from the “public_html” folder? Then when …

    How to switch WordPress menu from right side to the left?…

  13. JT says:

    That’s a Springfield Armory on the right, not a Glock

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