Barry Soetoro History

On 07.16.10, in Censorship, by Sad Hill

Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, is merely a symptom of America’s problems. The information about Barry was available long before he was elected to office. This video clip, filled with Barry’s history, has been pulled numerous times from YouTube, aka Google, to reset its “hit count” — yet it is currently (was) hovering around 1.8 million views.

UPDATE: The video was pulled again by Google. As of 08.08.10; []. We will attempt to find it elsewhere.

Found it! Someone copied it and posted it to YouTube with music. Won’t be up for long.

FOX News — “Nine people have been indicated in federal court on charges they accessed President Barack Obama’s student loan records while employed for a Department of Education contractor in Iowa.”

“They are accused of gaining access to a computer at a Coralville, Iowa, office where they worked between July 2007 and March 2009, and accessing Obama’s student loan records while he was either a candidate for president, president-elect or president.”

Read more: HERE

Another video that ran BEFORE the election: BELOW

This video has also been removed from YouTube (i.e. Google) countless times.

More on Google censorship: HERE and HERE

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